Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates Vacation Rental Policies

For information about payment methods, trip insurance, cancellations and other matters, please refer to the 2016 Vacation Rental Agreement. Click here to Print Page.

Thank you for choosing the Outer Banks of North Carolina as your vacation destination.  We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.

All homes rented by this company are privately owned.  They range from traditional cottages to luxury homes.  They are furnished and equipped according to each individual owner's taste.  Our Company assists the owners of these homes to locate people who would like to rent their homes.  We hope you find what you are looking for.

When you reserve a home through our company you agree to comply with these policies.  These policies supplement and address matters not already addressed in your Vacation Rental Agreement.  These policies are incorporated as a part of your Vacation Rental Agreement with the owner.  Therefore you should read the Vacation Rental Agreement and these policies. 


Our office is located at 4607 North Croatan Highway (2.7 Mile Post) in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 27949.  We are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm seven (7) days a week.  If the office is closed due to inclement weather or a holiday it will be posted on our website  


You can make your reservation on our website @ 24 hours a day. You can make your Reservation at our office or by phone at 1-800-552-6257 during normal business hours. Our reservationists will be glad to help you find the right property for you. If you have any questions after you make your reservation, please call (252) 261-4444 or e-mail us at

You may request an advance reservation during a future year in any home that we rent.  An advance reservation request can be made by phone, e-mail, returning a completed Advance Reservation Request Form, or Online.  An Advance Reservation Request is tentative and subject to an Owner’s return of the property to our program as well as the Owner’s choice of weeks, changes in amenities, and rates.  Once you receive the approval of your request, a signed rental agreement and deposit is required.  You may have first priority position to repeat a reservation in the same home you stay in during the same rental week of the following year as long as you make your advance reservation request no later than the Monday after your departure. 

All homes can be reserved in weekly increments.  Most odd-numbered (1, 3, 5, etc.) rental homes are rented from Saturday to Saturday. Most even-numbered (2, 4, 6, etc.) rental homes are rented from Sunday to Sunday. Some of our homes can be rented for less than a full week. Such partial week reservations will be accepted in advance of arrival for the time period starting January 1 through April 30, and the third full week of October through December 31 excluding Holiday Weeks (for example: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).  Otherwise they will be accepted no sooner than the Monday prior to the reservation date except that partial week reservations will not be accepted from the third full week of June until the third full week of August. Some homes allow the addition of extra nights to your current reservation. The additional nights can be added the Monday prior to your reservation date on a prorated basis for days that occur prior to your stay. Any additional nights following your scheduled departure day can be added on a prorated basis on the Wednesday of your current reservation.

A signed Vacation Rental Agreement between you and the owner of the home you choose must be received with your Advance Rent Payment. We encourage an e-signature on the Vacation Rental Agreement which you can make by going to our website @, clicking on Guest Log In and typing in your reservation number and zip code. Thereafter you should e-sign your Vacation Rental Agreement and then continue to the Make a Payment section of Guest Web.  If your signed Vacation Rental Agreement and Advance Rent Payment is not received your reservation may be cancelled without further notice. A sample Vacation Rental Agreement is located on our website and in our Brochure. A personalized Vacation Rental Agreement can be mailed or faxed if you do not have internet access. 


Check-in is at our office located at 4607 N. Croatan Hwy in Kitty Hawk (MP 2.7) or at other locations designated by our company prior to check-in.  For homes with keyless entry, keyless entry codes are e-mailed 16 days prior to check-in, the lock will not open until 4:00 pm.  For homes with a traditional lock, check-in packets should not be expected until 4:00 pm.  In extreme situations check-in time may be delayed for special cleaning and/or maintenance.  We cannot allow entry until we know your vacation home has been inspected, necessary repairs made, and otherwise prepared for your arrival.  Please do not expect early check-in and plan your trip accordingly.  Do not go to or park at your property prior to check-in as this may delay your occupancy.  No check-in will be allowed until all rent, taxes, and fees have been paid in full.

Some of our homes are advertised as “handicap friendly”.  However, they may not meet Americans With Disabilities Act requirements.  If you need handicap accessibility or have special age or mobility concerns please contact our office for a detailed description of the home in which you are interested before making your reservation.


Each unit is equipped with the following standard amenities: A/C & Heat (unless otherwise noted), television, telephone, coffee maker, blender, mixer, toaster, pots, pans, service dishes, dishes, silverware, can opener, assorted glassware, furniture, appliances, brooms, and vacuums.  Houses should have bedspreads and pillows. Blankets may not be in the unit so you may want to bring your own. You must furnish your own paper products and cleaning supplies.  You should also bring any items that you feel are indispensable for an enjoyable vacation. Many houses have cable or satellite TV service, and internet access. Our company is not responsible for the malfunction of utilities, equipment, or an owner changing furnishings or equipment. You cannot rearrange furniture or take furniture to the beach.  You may not relocate, disconnect or modify the electronic equipment through the use of personal gaming devices or computers. 


Please refer to the individual home descriptions in our brochure and on our website for owners that do provide bed linens and/or towels. Please plan on either bringing your own bed linens and/or towels if they are not provided. Alternatively, you can choose to rent these items weekly. The cost includes beds being made for your arrival (expect sleep sofas, futons, trundles, and top bunks but the sheets will be provided) and stripped at your departure. Please note that linen packages for cribs or pac-n-plays are not provided, please plan accordingly. If you need linens and/or towels more than a week, please contact our office directly to make arrangements.


Homes that prohibit smoking are indicated in the descriptions found in our brochure or our website  No home is guaranteed to be smoke free and no refunds can be given if past smoking is detected in any home.


Fireplaces are typically available from January 1 to Easter and the third week of October to December 31.  Fireplaces are not to be used while the air conditioning is operating.  No refunds are to be made for non-functioning fireplaces. 


The owner of the home that you rent may keep personal items in one or more locked areas.  Please respect the wishes of the owner and do not enter those areas.  Access to these areas is not included in your rental.

Some homes are in neighborhoods with community pools and/or hot tubs.  Community pools and hot tubs are open seasonally and maintained by the neighborhood home owners associations.  Some homes have private pools or hot tubs.  The private pools are open seasonally, usually from May to Mid October.  Please inquire through the reservation department about individual open and close dates.  Some pools have heaters that cannot operate unless the outside air temperature is above 60 degrees.  Some of the heaters require an additional fee that is indicated in the individual description of the home.  The pools or hot tubs are cleaned on the date of your arrival by independent contractors hired by the owner.  They are visited by the contractor during the week of your stay in order to monitor water quality and provide necessary maintenance.  Our company does not supervise the existence, frequency, or adequacy of this maintenance.  Please do not tamper with or remove devices in the pool or hot tub left by the contractors.  Do not tamper with any pool equipment such as pumps, vacuums and heaters. Please do not let dogs in the pool.  If a cleaning is required during your stay due to misuse, the cost will be charged to you.  Use of any pool or hot tub can pose risks ranging from infections to drowning.  Please use them with care and at your own risk.


You should not charge any long distance calls, internet downloads, or pay-per-view shows to the home that you rent.  More importantly you should not use the telephone, internet, or cable to access inappropriate material.  Please use your cellular phone to make long distance calls.  If you must use the phone in the home you rent please place collect calls or use a phone card.  Also pay for any internet acquisitions that you make.  If you do not, you will be billed for the charges made during your stay plus an additional $40.00. 

No mail or faxes can be delivered to your rental home. If you are expecting any of these please check with our office periodically. Any mail should be addressed to you c/o our office address and include the rental property ID number, reservation number, and cell number so we can notify you of the package arrival. Our mailing address is Post Office Box 1030, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 27949 for letters sent through the post office. For packages or overnight deliveries our address is 4607 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949.

Parking is permitted only on paved surfaces or designated parking areas located on the property. If you park in other areas you may damage the septic tank, drain fields, water lines, irrigation lines, or other buried utilities. Any damages will be charged to you. If you park in the right of way adjacent to your rental home you may violate a municipal ordinance. Any fines will be your responsibility.

Outdoor grilling is permitted only on concrete or designated areas at least 25 Feet away from your home. Grilling on decks, porches, or wooden walkways is prohibited.  Please leave the grill clean and ashes dumped upon your departure. No refunds are made for non-functioning grills.  Guests must have propane tanks refilled as needed and are responsible for supplying their own grilling utensils.

Trash must be placed in the proper receptacle provided, kept in the containers provided and stored away from the street on non-collection days.  Roll carts with accumulated trash to the edge of the street on the night before the scheduled pick up day.  The schedule of pick up times is provided on your check-in packet.   If trash is not placed in the garbage receptacle and must be removed by our maintenance staff, a fee will be charged to you.

Most homes are on septic systems. Therefore, please do not flush or pour down the drains anything that is not biodegradable. Also, most homes do not provide a trash disposal. You should not dispose of grease, oils, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, diapers, cigarette butts, tissues, cotton swabs, coffee grounds, paper towels or chemicals down the drains. To reduce slow drain issues rinse sand from yourself and clothes prior to showering or bathing. It is preferred that your dog or dogs be bathed outdoors.

Outer Banks beaches are public and accesses are at recurring locations. Nevertheless, no representations can be made concerning public access availability or beach conditions. Some homes have private beach accesses. No refunds or transfers shall be made for any accesses that become damaged prior to or during your stay. 

We want your vacation to be just as you anticipated but sometimes repairs are necessary.  If that happens please call us calmly and politely to report the problem.  Further, work orders may be pending as a result of a previous report of the Owner or earlier Tenant.  Please be aware that most repair calls require us to contact outside independent contractors to make the requested repairs.  Sometimes the availability of these contractors is limited so repairs cannot be made as quickly as we may desire.  We cannot be responsible for delays.  It may be necessary for the contractor or us to enter the home at reasonable times to make the repairs without your knowledge or presence

Our company experiences repeated calls for repairs that are due to guest misuse or unfamiliarity with amenities. Often the problem can be solved by following the phone instructions of our maintenance personnel.  If you represent that the problem persists after being given instructions a repairman will be dispatched.  If the repairman discovers that the problem could have been solved by following the instructions you will be responsible for the repair bill.

If you are locked out of your home you may borrow a key during office hours without charge.  After office hours please call the emergency number.  A key will be supplied to you for a fee of $45.00.

There may be construction activity near your vacation home.  We cannot be responsible for such activity so please do not request a refund or to be moved.


Please familiarize yourself and observe our laws.  Local ordinances vary from town to town including, but not limited to those related to beach driving, beach fires, beach equipment, pets on the beach, and noise

When you depart try to leave the home in the condition that you expected to find it when you arrived.  Remember that as your vacation ends, another family’s vacation will begin.  Our company has a very short period of time to prepare the home for the next tenant.  The following should be completed: 1) All dishes must be washed and put away in cabinets; 2) All food and trash should be removed; 3) Place trash in a proper receptacle and roll carts to the edge of the street; 4) Wipe all appliances, counters, etc.; 5) Sweep carpets and floors; 6) Make the beds in a tidy fashion with all rented linens in place. Leave towels in the bathtubs; and 7) Clean wood fireplace or grill if used. Failure to complete these requirements could result in a reduction of your security deposit refund and/or additional billing.

You must vacate your home on the last day of your stay by 10:00 am. Rental items should be bundled and placed according to the instructions of the company from which they were rented.  Any keys must be returned to our office or at such other locations designated by Agent.  For after hours, a key drop is available on the outside of the return location.  When you check-out make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked, the thermostat is set at 60 degrees in winter or 75 degrees during the summer and the lights are turned off

We can not be responsible for any personal items left in the home you rented.  Please be sure to thoroughly check the home before you leave for any personal items.  If after check-out you request us to search the home for a forgotten item and the item is found, the item will be returned by mail for a fee. Items found and not requested to be returned within 30 days after your departure will be discarded or donated to charity

Some of the vacation homes that we rent are listed for sale during your stay.  The listing may be with us or another real estate company.  If your home is for sale a listing agent may call to request an appointment to show the property

Our company distributes third party vendor pamphlets and brochures and maintains a list of services, area events and activities on our website.   We are not responsible for printing errors, service agreements, damages or injuries resulting from participation with third-party vendors and service providers including but not limited to restaurants, transportation services, recreation services and tour operators. Our Company does not own, operate or control these third-party vendors and service providers

Our company brochure and web site depict participation in various area activities including but not limited to fishing, swimming, surfing and hang gliding. If you choose to participate please understand that they require skills and abilities that not everyone possesses. We do not advocate participation in any activity but if you choose to participate please do so with care and at your own risk.

We have tried to make sure that all home descriptions, photographs, distances to ocean and accesses, ocean views, and prices listed in our rental brochure and on our website or any third party website are accurate; however, we are not responsible for errors or owner changes.


Rev. 12/01/15