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Outer Banks Cottage Names

The naming of beach houses on the Outer Banks began during the nineteenth century. Since there were so few roads (and so few houses) at the beginning of Outer Banks development, it was much easier to identify houses by a name than by a street address (that in many cases did not exist). Some early cottages were identified by the owner's name, or a similarly obvious label, but it wasn't too long before more creative titles were applied to vacation homes.

Today the practice of naming beach houses continues, not from necessity but more as a form of personal expression. Cottage monikers range from obvious to creative, and house signs bearing these names range from simple to elaborate. Below are stories related to names of a few Joe Lamb vacation rental properties. Recognize your favorite vacation house?

BAMA Breeze (622) Owners of this house named it after a Jimmy Buffett song. The name and the beachy decor of the house reflect the owners' love of both the Caribbean islands and the Outer Banks. BAMA Breeze is their carefree getaway. Are you a Parrothead? Or just need a place to relax? Property 622 is the vacation house for you.

Blue Danube (249) This yellow house on the corner of E. Danube was named by its builder. Was he thinking of music or the ocean or a bright summer sky when he named the house? Waltz through a wonderful vacation in property 249 any time of year.

Bobcat's Lair (127) This 6 bedroom, 3 bath, home began as a 5 bedroom, 1 bath around 1928! The current owner named the house after his fishing boat Bobcat, which he kept at the house. While the Bobcat will not be at the house during your stay, you can enjoy fishing in the surf, and then walk back across the street to relax in this comfortable vacation lair.

Bondi North (395) The home owner created the name of this house as a connection to the most famous beach in his new home country of Australia. (Remember the volleyball tournaments of the Sydney Olympics?- held at Bondi Beach) He added "north" to indicate the house location in the northern hemisphere. Enjoy your vacation in Bondi North where you can bury your feet "down under" the sand at your back door.

Brigadune (823) Owners of this house are reminded of their daughters' performance in a 1980's Washington DC performance of Brigadoon. The name of the house, to them, "captures the image of a time-lost paradise, not in the highlands of Scotland, but in the dunes of the Outer Banks." Come to Brigadune and enjoy this enchanted vacation place as you retreat from the hectic pace of life.

Celtic Sunset (783) The name of this house is a proud tribute to the owners' Irish heritage and to spectacular sunsets seen from the house. The owners have decorated with comfort in mind; their personal touches include photography from Ireland, Maine, and the Outer Banks. This Celtic couple hopes you will enjoy your dream vacation in their dream beach house.

Cheez n Paradise (787) The owner of this house is nicknamed -you guessed it -Cheese. The house sign, a first anniversary gift from wife to husband, reminds the owners that time at the beach is paradise. Experience your own vacation paradise in property 787.

Club Bev (741) Named for the owners' mother Beverly, the name of this vacation property is also a play on Club Med. The owners of house 741 take advantage of the many activities within walking distance of the property, and hope you will find Club Bev offers resort-like convenience for a fun vacation.

Flamingo Palace (614) The owner of property 614 hopes you will feel you are staying at a palace as you take in the incredible ocean views from the house. And, perhaps you share the owner's love for flamingos? Pink flamingo fan or not, have fun wading in our blue and green ocean!

Fo'c's'le (114) The main part of property 114 was built as an oceanfront house in 1934! It has been enlarged and modernized through the years, and, obviously, relocated. (Today's beach access takes you across the original location of the house.) Fo'c's'le (pronounced foksul) is a contraction for forecastle. This nautical term refers to the compartment in the bow of a ship where the crew lived. Come live in a bit of "Old Nags Head" surrounded by nautical decor as you enjoy your vacation at our seashore.

Four Horsemen (681) This house retains the name it had when the current owners bought it in 2009. Though named by another, Four Horsemen reminds the current owner of 4 horses she has had and loved: Doc, a retired race horse; BB, a gentle Quarter horse; and Hawk and Dove, two formerly abused miniature horses adopted and loved back into health and happiness. The home owners hope Four Horsemen will claim your heart as it has theirs.

Four Roses (238) Though there is a bourbon named Four Roses, property 238 was named for the 4 members of the immediate Rose family - original owners of this house built in 1949. According to the owner, local legend of the house name referring to four cottages built about the same time is not true. Made beautiful with a combination of modern amenities and historic charm, Four Roses presents you with a vacation more special than a garden of four hundred roses.

High Cotton (271) This owner's family was in the cotton mill business from 1895 to 2009. Upon discovering how much money was being borrowed to build property 271, the owner's father told him he was "living in high cotton"- above his means. Thus, the name of this oceanfront cottage was born. You are sure to enjoy such good times and make such wonderful memories you will feel as though you are "living in high cotton" during your vacation at High Cotton!

Indigo Run (190) While watching fishing boats dock at Pirates Cove, the owner of property 190 imagined pirates roaming seas and anchoring in inky blue waters off exotic isles. Hence, while the house was being built she dubbed it Indigo Run. Along the same vein, the owner named companion houses Rum Cove (186) and Whalebone Beach (072). Don't the names of these houses conjure images of pirates and deep sea adventures? Schedule a stay at any one of these vacation houses and let your imagination run.

Just-Joken-Ann (418) The family who owns Just-Joken-Ann named it after their members using parts from each person's name. All members of your family are sure to have "just" a wonderful vacation at property 418, "an" --- "no jokin'."

Kastara Reef (632) The two families who own this property have enjoyed the Outer Banks together for 17 years. Kastara is made up of the first letter of the first name of each person in each family. Reef was added to reflect the location and the ocean theme of the house. Each member of the Kastara Reef crew helped design and paint a starfish in the house. Each time you vacation at property 632 you should notice a new mural since these are added each year. (And, no, it's not your imagination that the ship in the den comes alive at night!)

Katie-Ru (151) Having spent their childhoods vacationing on the Outer Banks, these owners named property 151 after the nickname given to their daughter by her grandmother. They hope their daughter and her children will carry on the tradition of loving the Outer Banks as they have. We know you, too, will come to love our area and Katie-Ru the more you vacation here.

La Dolce Vita (016) and La Dolce Vita Due (298) La Dolce Vita translates from Italian into "the sweet life." The owners of properties 016 and 298 think the Outer Banks is the sweet thing in their life. They hope you will find life is sweet as you view the ocean from the porch swing at La Dolce Vita, and equally sweet when you vacation at the perfect location between the sound and the ocean of La Dolce Vita Due.

Luckie Lady (446) Current owners feel both they and property 446 were lucky to have found each other. The had-been-neglected house was enlarged then completely rebuilt inside. Notice the carved sign salvaged from the back of the original property? It hangs from the beam installed to bear the weight of the new extension, and it signifies the rebirth ("luckie") of the house. How lucky you, too, will be enjoying your vacation from property 446's comfortable home and private oceanfront deck!

Miss T View (112) Property 112 is named for the owners' show-quality dog "Miss Ti Amo at Twilight." Translated from Italian Ti amo means "I love you," and the name of the house represents the owners' love for both their dog and their completely refurbished beach house. From the crow's nest on cloudy days there is a beautiful misty view of the ocean. Come fall in love with the Outer Banks at Miss T View.

Morningside (434) Property 434 faces east toward the ocean, which is the "morning side" of the house. The name of the house also reminds the owner of the town Morningside: seeing the exit on the George Washington Parkway, and listening to a radio station that served the town when he was growing up in Arlington. You are bound to experience some incredible ocean sunrises as you enjoy a cup of coffee from a deck at Morningside.

My Girls (743) The owner of property 743 labeled this house with multiple meanings in mind. It is a play on one of the greatest hits of Motown (his second favorite genre after beach music); a tribute to his wife's work in all stages of the house construction from planning through decorating; and a way for him to honor his wife and two daughters. Bring your girls (and boys) for a vacation stay in My Girls, where you are sure to love the beach as much as the home owners do.

Name This House (408) Despite running a contest for cottage name submissions, the owners of property 408 still have not found the perfect name for their vacation house. The owner, one of 9 children, understands the importance of family vacations and hopes your family will love the comfortable feel of this house (and the direct access to the beach!). And, perhaps, your family will be the one to "name this house!"

No Problem (157) The owners bought property 157 soon after moving back from the Caribbean and took the name from the positive island phrase "no problem." The owners hope you heed the name by leaving any problems behind and enjoying good times, love, and laughter during your stay on the Outer Banks. They invite you to watch ocean sunrises, passing dolphins, and entertaining mockingbirds from the deck of No Problem.

No Sniveling (353) Straight from Old Town Key West comes this owner's reminder! "No Sniveling" is the motto at the Green Parrot Bar built in 1890 and still active at mile marker 0 in Key West. The bar refers to itself as the "1st and last bar on US 1," and guests enjoy the fun atmosphere there day and night If this is your first time staying at No Sniveling, it is sure to be the last time you have to search for a vacation house - tropical decor with the beach only steps away = fun times day and night with "no sniveling"!

Octopus's Garden (335) If you are a Beatles' fan you are sure to recognize the name of this house as a title from an Abbey Road song. The owners of property 335 wanted a cottage name that paid tribute to their favorite band and connected to the Outer Banks beach location. Have a great vacation in this "hideaway [near] the waves / Resting [your] head, on [a] bed / In an octopus' garden . . . ."

Pack N Pirates (649) Good old college rivalry exists in the name of Pack N Pirates where one home owner graduated from North Carolina State University with a Wolfpack mascot, and the other owner graduated from East Carolina University, the Pirates. The owner's mother, who has vacationed at the Outer Banks since 1914, was surprised when such things as heat and air conditioning were included in the 1976 construction of a beach house! Today, this house includes all sorts of modern amenities for your "pack" (and your little "pirates") to enjoy.

Rise-N-Shine (241) Every time this owner has stayed on the Outer Banks he has risen early and made his way to the beach to watch the sun rise. At the time these owners purchased property 241 the dark, dreary house needed a lot of work. After much time and effort the owners made the house "rise-n-shine" as it does today. The owners of this home hope you, too, will rise-n-shine to enjoy each day of your vacation stay at the beach.

Straight Up With A Twist (724) During construction of this house, the family noticed, compared with neighboring houses, this one was going "straight up." Combining this observation with the purpose of the house - enjoying friends and family, good times, and (just maybe) a martini or margarita - the name of property 724 evolved. At Straight Up With A Twist, enjoy bike riding, beaching, relaxing, and (just maybe) having a drink straight up with a twist!

Tengerhaz (228) In the owner's native country of Hungary, tengerhaz means "ocean house." No matter where you are from, we know you will enjoy your ocean house vacation at Tengerhaz What incredible views you will enjoy from this ocean front home! (And, you'll return to your home being able to speak Hungarian!)

Terra Mar (047) Current owners purchased this house exactly three weeks before Hurricane Isabel hit the Outer Banks. When they arrived after the storm, the owners were surprised and thankful their ocean front home had stood strong through the waves and wind. In Spanish, terra mar means "land and sea." The owners want guests to enjoy the Outer Banks - the land, the sea, and good times from both. Today Terra Mar welcomes families of families who first vacationed at property 047 following her 1950 construction.

Three Weeks (348) The history of property 348's name dates back to 1920's Outer Banks. Around 1920, the current owner's grandfather bought lots in a sandy area across the street from the ocean (at that time, there were no side streets), and the original family cottage was built by Grandfather Weeks in 1928. Many years later one of the Weeks's sons built on another lot; later still, nearer the end of the century, the current owners built Three Weeks. By name, the house refers to being house number 3 in a row built a member of the Weeks family. Also, the owners hope you will enjoy your vacation so much that next year you will decide to stay for at least "three weeks"!

Under Toad (837) Thanks go to the property owners' granddaughter for the cute name of this vacation house. In all the fuss and bother that went into lectures about being caught by under tow (rip current), adults didn't realize a little girl thought she was being warned about an ocean toad! Enjoy your time at the beach and in the water--- but do be careful not be caught up by an under tow, or an under toad! (I'll never again think of under tow as anything but a giant toad; will you?)

Why Not (365) Very simply, the name of property 365 reflects the owner's anxiety about purchasing a vacation home. Weighing pros and cons as they walked along the beach, the husband finally said, "Why not?" The purchase was made, the house was named, the vacations were begun. "Why not" schedule your next Outer Banks stay at property 365; to vacation here should be an easy decision.

Woodmere (454) Constructed in 1945, the original house was about 1/3 of its present size, and was built with lumber from the owner's own mill. Since the father wanted only sand around the house, no grass, shrubs, trees, etc., the children made their own yard by standing collected driftwood in the sand! Through time, both the yard and the house have seen many additions and updates. The current owners used the name Woodmere to reflect the nearby beach access. With today's 16 bedrooms, The Woodmere will be a grand place for your family reunion!

WOW House (337) The WOW in the name of this house stands for Wilber and Orville Wright. From the kitchen window, you can see the hill-top Wright Brothers Memorial! The view of this famous monument is made absolutely spectacular by some of our evening sunsets. Additionally, as soon as you stay in property 337 you will realize the house name also refers to the WOW vacation experience you are having here on the Outer Banks!


While maps and GPS systems have taken the challenge out of finding a specific location, it's fun to think back to days when there were very few roads and even fewer addresses here on the Outer Banks. The name of and cottage and a description of the house were necessary identifying properties. Today's cottage names offer a touch of the owner's personality or hints of an interesting story. Some owners take as much pride in selecting the perfect name for their house as they do in providing perfect amenities for their guests. Now that you know why you see names on so many vacation homes, watch for your Outer Banks favorite and guess at the story behind the name.


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