Sandy One Year Later

Here it is, the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. ItâåÛåªs not a fond memory, by any means, but still itâåÛåªs passing should be noted. Remembering the flooded roadways, the destroyed streets and highways and the massive cleanup that is involved when seawater invades a home or business is not something that can be forgotten. … Continue reading Sandy One Year Later

Frisco Pier to be Demolished

Most of what we write about here at Joe Lamb is about the northern Outer Banks, but sometimes news filters up from Hatteras Island that catches our attention. This is one of those times. Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier, usually just Frisco Pier, is the southernmost of the Outer Banks fishing piers. ItâåÛåªs been around for … Continue reading Frisco Pier to be Demolished

Outer Banks Seafood Fest

Some things just keep getting better and better, although after just two years, it is a bit difficult to predict just how big and good the Outer Banks Seafood Festival will become. There is no doubt though, that the festival has become the biggest single autumn draw on the Outer Banks. ItâåÛåªs all centered around … Continue reading Outer Banks Seafood Fest

The Outer Banks, Loggerheads and Other Things

Working with the turtle rehab center at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island N.E.S.T. released two more turtles into the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday morning. Loggerheads this time–at the end of July it was a KempâåÛåªs Ridley. This is a good way to lead into what's happening on the Outer Banks with the Federal Government … Continue reading The Outer Banks, Loggerheads and Other Things

Autumn Perfection on the Outer Banks

  An amazing weekend here on the Outer Banks. The weather is ideal–really . . . low to mid 80s, very scattered clouds, low humidity. It contains all the reasons we keep telling people fall may be the best time of the year to visit. But more than that, there is so much to do … Continue reading Autumn Perfection on the Outer Banks