Back to Outer Banks Normal

Things are getting back to normal here on the Outer Banks. We had a great day to be out in the surf–provided of course you had the right equipment. The waves were small but definitely rideable with a long, even and very predictable break. Seems it wasnâåÛåªt only the humans that thought it was a … Continue reading Back to Outer Banks Normal

The Outer Banks at Christmas

Like any place, the Outer Banks has itâåÛåªs share of Christmas traditions. WeâåÛåªve already talked about one of two of them–the Manteo Tree Lighting and the Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens–and thereâåÛåªs a few more weâåÛåªll probably touch on, but there is one in particular that deserves special notice. For more than 40 years … Continue reading The Outer Banks at Christmas

An Outer Banks Gathering

Sometimes youâåÛåªre just lucky enough to stumble onto something special or unique and that certainly the case tonight. A friend told me to stop by Farmdog Surf School on the Beach Road in Nags Head. Seems Farmdog was sponsoring a night for local artists to show their wares inside the store. Farmdog Surf School is … Continue reading An Outer Banks Gathering

Jennette’s Pier Earns Environmental Award

  Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head is one of the most exciting places to visit on the Outer Banks. Extending 1000′ into the Atlantic Ocean, a walk to the end seems to bring the natural world of the sea a little closer. It’s a great fishing platform; an outstanding place to just check out the … Continue reading Jennette’s Pier Earns Environmental Award

A Different Kind of Christmas Pageant

Hats off to the First Flight High School Drama Club for their after school performance, 200 Years Late, an original Christmas play by students JJ Tyson and Jessie Runnells. Performed for an Outer Banks after school crowd of maybe 100 elementary school children, the play hit all the right notes of humor and message. It … Continue reading A Different Kind of Christmas Pageant

Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens

Christmas on the Outer Banks is a time of tradition. Maybe the traditions arenâåÛåªt 50, 100 or even 500 years old, but they are still a part of what makes this such a great place to live and everyone looks forward to them just like any other community. WeâåÛåªre not sure exactly when the Elizabethan … Continue reading Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens

The Price of Paradise

For the third time in recent years, the emergency ferry route from Stumpy Point to Rodanthe has been activated, due to the Bonner Bridge closing. This may come as a shock to most landlubbers, but to natives, incidents like this come with the turf. Having been born and raised on Colington Island, IâåÛåªve witnessed firsthand … Continue reading The Price of Paradise

The Sounds of Christmas

Sometimes itâåÛåªs the little things that make holidays so special. That was certainly the case at Duck Woods Country Club Monday night when the First Flight High School Advanced Choir came to dinner and brought the beauty of traditional Christmas Carols to life for diners. Yes, this is a high school choir, but when they … Continue reading The Sounds of Christmas