Southern Shores Fireworks

Southern Shores has never been thought of as a center for hard fought political stance but a February vote by the town council came at the end of a contentious council meeting. Although the town has no plans to undertake beach nourishment at this time, town council was concerned that if, in the future, it … Continue reading Southern Shores Fireworks

Jarvisburg Colored School

Anyone coming to the Outer Banks from the north will pass a plain looking wooden building with a small belfry and a sign out front that reads, âåÛåÏJarvisburg Colored School.âåÛå It is remarkable that such a nondescript building could say so much about the history of our nation, yet it does and it for that … Continue reading Jarvisburg Colored School

Outer Banks Model UN Club Travels to Norfolk

Very few things in life are as gratifying as seeing 1200 high school kids gathered together of the sole purpose of using their brains. That happened this weekend in Norfolk when the First Flight High School Model UN Club traveled north to take place in the Model UN Conference at the Norfolk Sheraton. ItâåÛåªs a … Continue reading Outer Banks Model UN Club Travels to Norfolk

Blues Jam on the Outer Banks

  The blues is one of the most unique and recognizable forms of American music and that will be on full display tomorrow night at the 10th Annual Freedman’s Colony Blues Jam in the COA auditorium at Manteo. Tracing its roots back to the slaves who were brought to southern plantations through the 18th and … Continue reading Blues Jam on the Outer Banks

Here Comes the (Outer Banks) Sun

At long last . . . the sun! It’s still a little bit chilly here on the Outer Banks but there is something about a deep blue sky and a clean, fresh breeze that puts everyone in a great mood. This, of course, is either Valentine’s Day weekend or President’s Day weekend–it all depends if … Continue reading Here Comes the (Outer Banks) Sun

An Outer Banks Love Story…

When describing Joe and Ann Lamb, Antoine de Saint put it best…"Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction." With Valentines Day just around the corner; warm your hearts and enjoy Eve Turek’s piece about a true Outer Banks love story… "When Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates and his … Continue reading An Outer Banks Love Story…

Outer Banks Civil War History-The Freedmen‰Ûªs Colony

There is a tendency when thinking of the Outer Banks to view them as a once and only tourist destination. And why not? The setting is beautiful, the beach is wonderful and it would be hard to imagine a better place for a vacation getaway. Yet the history of the Outer Banks is filled with … Continue reading Outer Banks Civil War History-The Freedmen‰Ûªs Colony