33rd Annual New World Festival of the Arts

David Graves and his hand-crafted spriral flutes.

The 33rd Annual New World Festival of the Arts was yesterday and today in Manteo, and it would be tough to imagine a more perfect setting or perfect day for an outdoor art exhibition.

Located in Manteo where the town meets Shallow Bag Bay, it looked like there was a good 80 or 85 exhibiters on hand showing everything from original art, to jewelry, pottery and even a booth with handcrafted flutes.

Although the overall quality and creativity of the art a the show was outstanding, there is always something that stands out as truly different, and this year the spiral flutes by David Graves fell into that category.

A simple, almost primitive design, the flutes are patterned after Native American concepts. Hand-crafted by Graves who lives in the Gainesville, Florida area, the flutes are made from river cane, a North American bamboo.

The sound of the flutes is haunting and beautiful and although there area only six finger holes, as David explained the variety of notes runs into the 100s.

For the previous 32 years, Eddie Greene of the Christmas Shop has been the driving force behind the show, but over the winter he approached the winter he approached the Dare County Arts Council and asked if they would take the reins.