Posted on 10/19/2014

3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival-Amazing, again!

Crowd at the 3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Festival. Photo, Matt Artz,

There's no point in even trying to figure out which of the three Outer Banks Seafood Festivals was the best.

The 3rd Annual one was held on Saturday at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Event Site in Nags Head, beautiful weather again-we'll cross our fingers for that to continue next year-there were thousands of people there . . . just how many thousands, we'll have to wait for the official count . . . the music was great, the seafood dishes from local restaurants amazing.

In short, about as close to a perfect day for a seafood festival as there could be.

A highlight? That's tough. The music was great from beginning to end. Mojo Collins really rocked it this year. Mojo has been around for a while, and he knows how to get a crowd going.

After the first seafood festival we gave up even trying to say what was the best of the seafood. It was fun, though, seeing Mike Kelly from Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern in the mix, serving up platters with everyone else.

If there was a highlight, maybe it's as simple as letting the world know how great the fishermen who live on the Outer Banks are and how good they are at keeping us fed.
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