41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show a Tribute to Outer Banks Community

This year's Frank Stick Memorial Art Show will celebrate the legacy of Glenn Eure.
This year’s Frank Stick Memorial Art Show will celebrate the legacy of Glenn Eure.

The Outer Banks has one of the most dynamic art communities to be found anywhere. It is one of the parts of life for those of us who live here that make this such a wonderful place to live.

During the summer, the examples of art are everywhere—it is, after all, how so many of our painter, jewelry makers and sculptures earn a living.

But, during the winter, it’s time to bring out some of the works that take a bit longer to create and may not have quite the appeal to our visitors that other works would have. Those are the pieces that end up in the art shows.

At the end of the month, the longest continually running show will be open at the Dare County Arts Council on Sunday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. in Manteo.

The 41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show was a way for Stick’s son David, in collaboration with gallery owner and artist Glenn Eure, to commemorate the remarkable artistic achievements of his father.

For about 20 years during the early years of the 20th century, Frank Stick was the most sought after illustrator of hunting, camping and outdoor magazines. To this day, his artwork is still highly collectable.

Stick eventually soured on the world of illustrations and magazines. He was always a passionate advocate for conservation and the out of doors and it was largely through his efforts that Cape Hatteras National Seashore was created.

Always a celebration of the talent of local artists, this year’s show will be missing an important ingredient—Glenn Eure, who passed away in September of last year.

Glenn’s wife, Pat, however, will be on hand this year as the artistic judge. Glenn and Pat believed in giving back to the community—both the art community and the overall Outer Banks community. 

That the Frank Stick Memorial Art Show is still an important part of local culture is a wonderful testament to their vision.

The show will run through February 26.

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