A Restaurant Tour Worth Taking


I’m still stuffed . . . I went on the Outer Banks Restaurant Tour with Terry Bell yesterday, and after visiting five restaurants and one confectioner, I can honestly say I was too full at the end of it and I’m still not sure if I’ve completely recovered.

But if you’re going to eat too much and be uncomfortable, this is the way to do it.

It’s not like the portion sizes were all that large-they weren’t, but even so five half portions equals more than two full servings, so it’s a lot of food.

Most importantly . . . it’s fun and the food is great.

We started at Trio in Kitty Hawk-great appetizer platter with samplings of cheese and sausage, then off to Coastal Provisions in Southern Shores where Chef and owner Dan Lewis did a great job of talking about oysters, why certain ones taste certain ways. Not a big fan of raw oysters, but Dan did an outstanding job of preparing them.

We headed back to the Salt Box in Colington next where Randolph Sprinkle and his soon-to-be-wife, Amanda Wolf served a perfect crab salad with thinly sliced tomatoes, beef tenderloin over beans and rice and a peanut butter chocolate cheese cake.

Off to Baja Grill at Seagate North in KDH where we went for their marvelous strawberry margarita and pork belly taco, followed by a quick trip to the seaside seating at Beachside Bistro at the Sea Ranch Resort-excellent smoked tuna salad.

We finished up at Zen Pops, where Cheryl creates what may be the best ice cream and popsicles imaginable. The key lime cucumber popsicle was refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

A highly recommended way to spend a day.

You also get wine with everything, so for anyone going on the tour, pace yourself.