Almost Maine on the Outer Banks

Maiah Tabb as Hope in the "Story of Hope" Almost, Maine

Life is becoming village-like again on the Outer Banks. It does that every year beginning in mid November through mid March. There are a couple of spikes in population when our visitors come back over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for the most part for the next four months, life slows down a bit and we can concentrate on those things that make life so wonderful.

First Flight High School put on the play Almost, Maine this weekend. A real departure from the shows they have been doing, this play tackled some mature themes of love and relationships, and the kids did an absolutely superb job of handling their parts.

In the play love is a very tangible thing-a physical manifestation that has substance. In the first vignette a wife shows up in Almost, ME to witness the northern lights and say good by to her husband who died three days ago. In a small bag she carries the broken pieces of her heart, that, when they fall, sound like shards of shale that they have become.

As the story of her relationship with her husband emerges, the skit is actually much more lighthearted than it sounds and the kids did a great job of keeping it sweet, funny and romantic.

The full range of the emotions of the human heart came alive on stage; there are stories of relationships just beginning, of a marriage ending and what it means to fall in love-literally . . . the actors fell down when they realized they were in love.

The “Story of Hope” is a skit about the loss of hope, how lost opportunity may never be regained. Poignant and evocative, the piece tells a story of lost through one person’s attempt to regain a lost love.

Next up for the First Flight actors-The Drowsy Chaperone in April.