Posted on 6/22/2013

An Outer Banks Saturday

Ok, I admit it. Sometimes IâåÛåªm not half as smart as I should be.

IâåÛåªve lived on the Outer Banks for almost 20 years and I should certainly know by this time that between the hours of 12 and 5:00 in the afternoon, I should not be going out because all IâåÛåªll be doing is adding to the traffic woes. So at 3:00 oâåÛåªclock in the afternoon, there I was on the Bypass, crawling along, wondering, âåÛåÏWhat was I thinking?âåÛå

Which is a round about way of saying, you donâåÛåªt have to show up on the Outer Banks immediately at 4:00 p.m.--which is a pretty standard check-in time.

There is nothing to stop a family from crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge at noon and spending a few hours at the beach. Or shopping--the real crush in the grocery stores begins about 5:30, just about the time folks get to their homes, see what they need and head back out.

Just a thought, but what would it be like to go shopping first, pick up the keys, get to the house, unpack the car and have the evening to do nothing but relax?

So, for your next visit to the Outer Banks, think about how you can rearrange your time a bit and be a little more relaxed when you dig your toes into the sand.

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