An Outer Banks Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a remarkable holiday requiring nothing more than spending time with the people who are most important in our lives and eating a wonderful meal. It is in concept and at its heart, the very definition of fellowship.

Yet not everyone has a family or close friends with whom they can sit down to a meal of turkey and ham with all the trimmings; not every family can afford those things. It was that realization, the knowledge that there were people in need of friendship and a special meal that led Liberty Church in Colington to open it’s hall to serve any who come to their door on Thanksgiving.

Started five years ago, the annual feast has grown until today, the church pastor's estimate they will serve somewhere around 300 meal, most of them at the church, although starting last year they took to bringing meals to people who had to work or couldn’t get out.

Watching the volunteers prepare the meals and get ready to serve, it’s difficult to tell who gets more from the event-the diners or the volunteers.

Thanksgiving is about family, friends and the security that comes from knowing there are people who truly care. Sometimes that’s family and friends; sometimes it’s the spirit of caring that carries the day.