Who’s Bad Brings Michael Jackson to Lost Colony

Joe Bell (Jobel) as Michael Jackson on stage at the Lost Colony's Waterside Theatre.
Joe Bell (Jobel) as Michael Jackson on stage at the Lost Colony’s Waterside Theatre.

Now that was a concert for the Outer Banks to remember!

Performing at The Lost Colony’s Waterside Theatre, Who’s Bad brought the genius on Michael Jackson to the Outer Banks. Sheer energy, great choreography, excellent musicians and a show stopping performance by Joe Bell—Jobel as he is known on stage.

The range of Jackson’s music and choreography really come alive in a production of this caliber. What really seemed to bring everything together, though was Jobel. His vocals were on pitch, his dancing had the same fluid yet crisp, precise moves associated with Jackson and teamed up with a band that seemed to be able to do it all and two stellar dancers recreating the Jackson choreography, Waterside Theatre was jumpin’.

With so much of Jackson’s’ repertoire brought to life, it’s difficult to pick out any one performance that was the best. Jobel included a set of Jackson 5 hits— and he did amazingly well. What seemed to make that set work, was the genuine effort he put into bringing those songs to life.

If pressed, the last set that featured Jackson’s best known and earliest hits, would be the pick as best—although given how good everything else was, that’s a tough argument to make.

But Billy Jean, Thriller and Man in the Mirror carry a certain mystique with them to this day.

Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony and we’re looking forward to next year’s Live at the Waterside Concert Theatre.


Nags Head Roll & Stroll-A Summer Tradition

Flaming hula hoop performance in front of Seagreen Gallery.
Flaming hula hoop performance in front of Seagreen Gallery.

Nags Head’s Roll and Stroll has become a great summertime tradition. Held the second Thursday of July annually, it’s a great introduction to the offbeat, high art and funky stores of the Gallery Row District of the town.

The 2016 version had a fair number of strollers about but probably not quite as many as last year—something about Outer Banks temperatures still hovering around 94  or 95 at 5:30 when the stroll began had something to do with it.

Nonetheless, it was great seeing some old friends in the galleries. Glenn Eure made an appearance at his Ghost Fleet Gallery. Glenn has had some health issues lately so ti was great to see him.

As usual he had a number of stories to tell, all of them sounding factual and real, none of them actually coming within a country mile of true.

There were a number of stores and galleries open along the Beach Road and as the sun set and the temperatures began to fall, a few more people did come out.

The Seagreen Gallery is a wonderful place to wander through and see how many what may be junk to one person can become art when a person with he right vision comes along.

As evening set out front there was a mesmerizing fire hula hoop demonstration—flames burning from four wicks, as the hoop spun it seemed like a solid streak of light.

Perfect for the evening.


Children’s Theatre at The Lost Colony


Here at Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. we work with a number of Outer Banks organizations, but one of the organizations we are most proud of sponsoring is The Lost Colony.

With a national, actually international reputation, as one of the premier outdoor theatre companies anywhere and the oldest continual outdoor show in North America, The Lost Colony is well-known for telling the story of the 115 English colonists who came to the New World in 1587 and disappeared into the wilderness.

Not as well-known are the children’s productions The Lost Colony actors present.

This summer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, The Lost Colony presents matinee performances of Stella Luna and Other Tales.

Based on the children’s books of Janell Cannon, the stories follow young animals as they experience how important it is to be different and true to themselves.

The production values and acting of the Lost Colony children’s theatre is outstanding—the acting especially is a great introduction to how exciting live theatre can be.

The plays are musicals, so there’s lots for kids to keep a child’s attention during the shows. Shows last about an hour.

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19th Annual Mollie Fearing Art Show Looks Great

Mary Ann Remer's tribute to astronaut Scott Kelly, Best in Show.
Mary Ann Remer’s tribute to astronaut Scott Kelly, Best in Show.

There are some great traditions on the Outer Banks for artists and it’s always great to see who turns out for the art shows.

Sponsored by the Dare County Arts Council (DCAC) the Molly Fearing Art Show is one of the best around. Open to DCAC members and Dare County Residents, it is a wonderful mix of art styles and media.

There whimsical paintings and sculpture; startling photography—a personal favorite was Daniel Pullen’s  “Blood Moon”—symbolic art, still life, modern art all blending into a wonderful kaleidoscope of creativity.

Mary Ann Remer’s tribute to astronaut Scott Kelly was the judge’s choice as Best in Show, and they were still tallying the votes for People’s Choice when we left a little before 4:00.

This was the best attended in years, with estimates putting the number between 125-150 coming to the old Dare County Courthouse, now the DCAC Gallery, for the opening reception.

According to Program Director Fay Edwards, there were 84 entries this year, topping last years 75.

A shout out should go to Mike Kelly and Kelly’s Caters. The food was excellent and the staff did a great job of keeping the buffet table full and the wine flowing.

Mollie Fearing was a founding member and first president of the DCAC in 1975. In addition to her contribution to the arts, Mollie was the mayor of Manteo and sat on a number of boards addressing the needs of Manteo.



Painting Party with Amy Redford


A 7th grade social studies teacher, published author and artist, Amy Redford is an interesting person.

Although she is a very good teacher and her books are very readable, it’s Amy as the artist that most people on the Outer Banks are getting to know her.

That’s because Amy hosts art parties. There are two kinds—the Adult Painting Parties and the Children’s Parties . . . although there are subdivisions within the Adult Parties.

About once a month she hosts a painting party at La Dolce Vita in Manteo, but she will also stop by a rental home or a house to host a party.  She’s even done a couple of parties for bridal parties.

Amy has had a lot of training although she is somewhat of an accidental artist. While teaching in Germany in 2000 she took an art class. “I picked up art for the fun of it,” she said. “I discovered that I loved art.”

That love for art comes through in her classes . . . or parties. “I get to brin out the creative in people who really don’t think they have it,” she said.

Children or adults, it doesn’t seem to matter to her.

“Children are a little more demonstrative,” she said. “But I like them all.”



Contact info:



Painting Party info-the basics

Adult Painting Parties

Amy will arrive 15 minutes before the party to set up the painting area. The two hour class includes the art materials and the instruction. 

Party Fees

Adult two hour classes are $35.  Adult classes are for people ages 18 or older.  A minimum of 10 is required for the party/event.

Children Parties

The ages are 5 to 12.   You and your child need to select a picture from my gallery and sign up for the 1 hour  30 minute class.  The class includes art instructions and supplies.

Party Fees

There is a 10-child limit and $250 for the celebration class and a $20 fee for each additional child.

Books by Amy Redford (available at Amazon)

Once You Have Flown

Massenet’s Duet

79th Season of Lost Colony Coming Soon


What a wonderful day we had today on the Outer Banks. The temperature climbed to the mid 70, there was a wonderful breeze from the south and the sun shone all day. That kind of day brings the yearning for summer to the top of the list.

With thoughts of summer, one summer activity that Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. has been sponsoring for years and takes a lot of pride in supporting is the Lost Colony.

This is theatre at its best—great acting, wonderful songs, a little bit of dancing and a compelling story based on based on a historic puzzle that has remained unanswered for 430 years.

The 79th Anniversary of the Paul Green classic outdoor theatre also includes production design with great special effects and lighting from six time Tony award winner William Ivey Long.

Performed at the Waterside Theatre on Roanoke Island, the Lost Colony is the longest running outdoor drama in North America—and the outdoor feature of the performance is something to keep in mind. Generally evening temperatures are very pleasant, but for the first two weeks, it can get a little bit chilly at times. Bug spray might be good to have as well.

A performance of the Lost Colony is a grand evening of entertainment, though. So pick an evening, reserve some tickets and take in the show.

The play runs from May 27-August 20

An Art Thing to Do

Creating spin art with Brad Price at Hang 12 Art Gallery.
Creating spin art with Brad Price at Hang 12 Art Gallery.

Artist Brad Price is having a blast at his Kill Devil Hills Hang 12 Art Gallery. There are eight kids gathered around a spin art machine that he built. This isn’t the puny little spinner twirling a 6” square of paper while paint is poured on it.

There’s a 12”x24” piece of stretched canvas sitting in the spinner and the kids are calling out suggestions to the artist—an earnest and little bit shy blond-haired boy who is grinning ear to ear as his creation comes to life.

It’s Spin Art Pizza Party night at the gallery—two hours of fun on a Friday night, and the kids are taking advantage of every moment of it.

Mixed in with the fun is some real advice about art—Brad telling kids to use long strokes to paint a solid background color on their canvas. At one point he tell them they are creating abstract art, and from the many times the phrase is repeated, it’s clear the kids like it.

Brad’s Spin Art Pizza Party is just one of his weekly classes. The other ones are more for adults since they include wine or beer.

On Wednesday he hosts his Wine & Paint night and on Thursdays it’s Paint a Pup—which is a BYOB.

A very talented artist in his own right, Brad’s paintings of beach life on the Outer Banks carry an impressionistic style but do a great job of depicting the joy of everyday living.

Hang 12 Art Gallery is in the Seagate North Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills. For more information go online or call Brad (252)-255–2314.

Dare County Art Show Highlights Student Creativity

childs drawing of a cat with butterfly wings
Happy Cat with Fangs & Butterfly Wings. According to the artist the cat has butterfly wings because she likes butterflies.

One of the most remarkable facets of life on the Outer Banks is how strong the art community is and how much a part of everyday life artists, musicians and writers seem to be.

This past Sunday there was a great example of that at Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head where Glenn and his wife Pat hosted the annual Dare County Schools Art Show.

An art show of a very different type, the Gallery is given over to the art of Dare County students . . . all students . . . from first grade to seniors in high school. And every school is represented.

The reception was Sunday afternoon, although the show will remain on display through January 24. The reception is amazing as every child who has a picture hanging brings at least one parent, usually both as well as assorted aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends. The kids are always excited, but there is every possibility that the parents are even more excited about what their child has accomplished.

The show is a remarkable display of the talents of the kids. Some of the work of the youngest artists is striking in the joy they depict in their paintings, giving way over time to a much more nuanced and sophisticated view of the world.

The Eure’s have been putting the show on for a number of years. Glenn wasn’t sure if it was 28 or 29 years, although he was certain it was less than 30. The number of years doesn’t really matter, though—what is important is the generosity of the couple and the spirit of creativity of the kids.

33rd Annual New World Festival of the Arts

David Graves and his hand-crafted spriral flutes.

The 33rd Annual New World Festival of the Arts was yesterday and today in Manteo, and it would be tough to imagine a more perfect setting or perfect day for an outdoor art exhibition.

Located in Manteo where the town meets Shallow Bag Bay, it looked like there was a good 80 or 85 exhibiters on hand showing everything from original art, to jewelry, pottery and even a booth with handcrafted flutes.

Although the overall quality and creativity of the art a the show was outstanding, there is always something that stands out as truly different, and this year the spiral flutes by David Graves fell into that category.

A simple, almost primitive design, the flutes are patterned after Native American concepts. Hand-crafted by Graves who lives in the Gainesville, Florida area, the flutes are made from river cane, a North American bamboo.

The sound of the flutes is haunting and beautiful and although there area only six finger holes, as David explained the variety of notes runs into the 100s.

For the previous 32 years, Eddie Greene of the Christmas Shop has been the driving force behind the show, but over the winter he approached the winter he approached the Dare County Arts Council and asked if they would take the reins.