The Real Outer Banks Adventure

The Outer Banks are a string of barrier islands spanning more than 200 miles along North Carolina’s northeast coast. A piece of paradise you may call it. As the series “Outer Banks” has grown in popularity on Netflix, viewers may notice some differences from the show. The real Outer Banks is not too far from what is depicted in the show. We are here to show you how you can relive some of the most iconic adventures.

Shipwrecked on a Sandbar

In the show, John B follows the hunt his father once conducted to locate the treasure of the Royal Merchant. John and his friends discover a clue that leads them to the treasure his father never found.

The Graveyard of the Atlantic is another name for the Outer Banks. As a result of more than 3,000 shipwrecks off the Outer Banks coast, the area has earned its title. The Royal Merchant is not one of the lost ships. The many people who owned these ships included explorers, fishermen, and pirates. The Outer Banks was once home to Blackbeard, and legend says he buried his treasure here! No treasure has been found… yet.

Visit The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum to see shipwrecked souvenirs.

The Ferry Ride

A ferry is used in the show to transport Sarah and John B. to UNC-Chapel Hill. On the island, there is a ferry, but it doesn’t run to Chapel Hill. You can access the central portions of the island by driving over the bridges. The only part of the island that is not accessible by vehicle is Ocracoke. There is only one way to reach Ocracoke island and it is by ferry. A 60-minute scenic ride (weather permitting) that will keep you entertained. To learn more about the ferry schedule, please visit here.

The Surf

During the episode, John B and his friends are seen taking their surfboards out on the water for a moment of peace. The OBX is one of the premier surfing spots on the east coast. The Atlantic waters provide constantly shifting sandbars that create incredible swells that make for a memorable story. Surfers from all over the country flock to the Outer Banks to paddle out. We have the most ideal surf check spot at one of Joe Lamb Jr. oceanfront homes.

Lighthouse Clues

The Redfield Lighthouse provides a crucial clue for John B and his friends during their hunt. There are a total of five lighthouses located on the OBX that you can visit. As far as the Redfield Lighthouse is concerned, it doesn’t exist on the Outer Banks. On the island, you will find the tallest lighthouse in America, which stands over 200 feet tall. A few lighthouses still function to guide those on the waters.

Outer Banks Valentine’s Day Getaway

outer banks valentine beach

‘Tis the season for love! Valentine’s Day this year is all about romance on the Outer Banks. Your favorite seaside destination is perfect for a romantic couples’ getaway. Whatever you plan to do on Valentine’s Day, we know all the things to do to make it extra special.

Rent a beach house

To start off your Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better than a scenic view from your front porch. With one of Joe Lamb Jr.’s beach houses, everyone is welcome, whether it is with a partner or the whole family.  The beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina are the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. Whether you’re staying for a long weekend or an entire week, you’ll have a great time.

Watch Sunrise on the Beach

outer banks sunrise

The sunrise on the Outer Banks is unmatched. Stroll the island’s eastern side to watch a spectacular display of light shine across the Atlantic. Give your date a lifetime memory by sharing this experience! Enjoy the sunrise from the romantic comfort of one of our oceanfront homes while you catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

Watch Sunset at Jockeys Ridge

outer banks sunset

Jockeys Ridge is the largest sand dune on the east coast. Allowing for panoramic views of both the sound and the ocean. This time of year, there are fewer crowds on Jockey’s Ridge, which makes it an ideal spot to watch sunsets over the Roanoke Sound. During sunset, the sand dunes are unmatched.

Romantic Dinner

There are a number of different culinary experiences that you can enjoy on the Outer Banks. A wide range of dining options are available on the island, so you can choose the one that suits you best. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, many restaurants offer special dinner menus for their customers. We recommend making reservations (if possible) for your favorite local restaurant in advance.

Take a Stroll in the Gardens

The Elizabethan Gardens are located in Fort Raleigh National Park.  This garden has become one of America’s most beautiful and unique gardens since the first attempts to colonize America by England under Queen Elizabeth I. The Roanoke Sound’s tranquil setting makes this scenic year-round garden a perfect spot for a Valentine’s Day stroll. Find out more about the fascinating beauty of camellias as one of the featured flowers in February.

Star Gazing

outer banks stars

Observe the Milky Way and shooting stars! Among the most popular things to do on the Outer Banks is stargazing. The Outer Banks have dark skies and limited light pollution, and are a romantic place to stargaze with your loved one. Valentine’s Day beneath the stars.

Outer Banks New Year Resolution

Now that we are in 2023, people are starting to make changes. Spending time with family, learning new skills, relaxing more, or creating new memories might be on your list of resolutions. An Outer Banks vacation allows you to accomplish all of these things. Contact us today to reserve your 2023 vacation!

Learn to Surf

Besides its picturesque beaches, the Outer Banks is an ideal destination for surfers. World-class surfing spots are found around the Outer Banks, attracting surfers from all over the globe. However, these waves are not just for professionals but vacationers looking for water fun. Various surf schools offer lessons for vacationers of all ages. Try dancing on the water this year as a new year’s resolution.

Visit all 5 Lighthouse

There are five lighthouses on the Outer Banks, which protect its shores. Driving along the barrier island coast will allow you to see these lighthouses. Reach the top to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the island. Take an Outer Banks lighthouse road trip this year and visit them all!

Try a New Local Spot

Local restaurants, shops, and attractions are plentiful along the Outer Banks. This year try something new that you have never experienced before. Embrace a first experience this year!

Buy your Own Vacation Home

Buying a beach house has always been a dream of yours. Find that perfect beach home with the help of one of our real estate agents. Get in touch with an agent by clicking this link.

Reel One In

A favorite fishing spot has always been the Outer Banks. Known as “The Billfish Capital of the World,” fishermen travel far and wide to catch a bite. Perhaps you can fish deep sea, from the pier, or even from the beach. If fishing piques your interest, make this your destination. There may be a record catch this year.

Spending time with family

A vacation on the Outer Banks is the perfect way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Aside from the beach, there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s an enjoyable way to spend time together, experience new things, and create new memories.

Go somewhere new

There is always room for new adventures. This year, why not spend some time on the Outer Banks beaches? Vacations are a great way to relax, have fun, and appreciate nature. Relax at the beach as you deserve it.



What’s on your Outer Banks Vacation Bucket List this Spring?

Handdrawn bucket list, spring bucket list, crabbing, The Lost Colony Festival, OBX Taste of the Beach

Welcome back to our third installment of the ‘What’s on your Outer Banks Bucket List’ and in this post we will be covering Spring. While it may seem like it’s a little too early to even think about your Spring vacation, we promise you that it’s never too early. Spring is an excellent time of the year to visit the Outer Banks as the temperature has warmed up enough to enjoy many of the items on your list. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals will allow you and your family to get to explore the Outer Banks even more, this Spring.

OBX Taste of the Beach

Close up of raw, fried, and smoked gourmet oysters at a food festival

Seafood festivals on the coast of North Carolina are always a big hit year-round, but for the Outer Banks, we’re most excited about Taste of the Beach. This year the 4-day event will be happening from March 24 – March 26, 2023. Some of the things that you’ll experience are food, drinks, and live entertainment fun for the whole family. We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed this event this spring!

The Lost Colony Wine, Beer & Culinary Festival

Hands toast with red wine - People having fun cheering at pic nic winetasting - Young friends enjoying harvest time together at countryside - Focus on woman with blurred glasses

Another great festival occurring this year for its 5th year is The Lost Colony Wine, Beer & Culinary Festival. This fun event is happening on Saturday, April 15, at The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island. You’ll be able to enjoy some good ole southern hospitality as you get to experience some local wines, local craft beers, and some local cuisine. Some of the other things that will be happening during this festival are a silent auction, taking in breathtaking views of Jockey’s Ridge Sand Dunes in the distance, and the Wright Brothers Memorial. Joe Lamb Jr. is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony here on the Outer Banks.  

A Crabbing We Will Go

Blue crab pulled from the sound of Corolla, N.C.

One of the best things about vacationing to the Outer Banks is the number of outdoor activities that you have to choose from. Crabbing is another excellent option that many anglers love to do here on the OBX. You can either crab in the morning or the afternoon, and best yet, you can take the crabs back to your OBX vacation rental and have a seafood boil. Before heading out to do a little crabbing with the family, you will need to make sure that you have a valid NC Fishing License. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids at night and you don’t feel like they’d enjoy the daytime crabbing, hunt for them. Be sure to bring a small shovel, pail, and flashlight as you let them chase ghost crabs by the water. See how many each can get in a small amount of time and just enjoy spending time with the family.

Spring on the Outer Banks is a great time to visit as you’ll be able to experience all the fun events that happen every year. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals, you’ll be closer to the fun each spring. We want to know what is on your #OBXBucketList this spring?  

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community

Thanksgiving Gatherings on The Outer Banks

Exciting food and family gatherings are waiting for you. It is time to celebrate everything with friends and family by consuming more turkey, and pumpkin pie than anyone thought was humanly possible. It’s the time of the year to be thankful. 

An Outer Banks Thanksgiving may be the perfect beginning for a brand new family tradition if you’d like to find a great way to spend a holiday this year. Read below for further information about the OBX area and what the holiday season in the Outer Banks brings to the table. 

Before you plan your trip, don’t forget to check out our “Area Guide” section of our website.  The Things To Do page is filled with ideas and suggestions from a few different OBX areas, making it the ideal tool to plan your Thanksgiving family getaway!

OBX Vacation Rental Thanksgivings

The Outer Banks have been a holiday destination year after year for families and large groups of friends to gather at the beach. It’s a great way to reserve a vacation rental for a celebration surrounded by those you love for a long weekend away from work.

Thanksgiving with the family on the Outer Banks is an excellent way to start the holiday season. The weather in November is usually in the mid-60s is generally mild, and the night falls to a little cooler mid-50s. You may have a warm enough sunny Thanksgiving Day to relax on the beach most of the day. In this case, we advise planning your Thanksgiving meal ahead of time. 

Grocery Store Shopping or Restaurant Take Out

Complete Thanksgiving meals are sometimes available for ordering and pick up.

Take the guessing game out of your feast by ordering a full Thanksgiving dinner from a local OBX restaurant or grocery store. You can simply pick it up. Some foods have to be cooked and others are fresh. Full meals should be pre-ordered and advanced time limits are generally available before ordering. 

This is an excellent option if you do not have a lot of experience making a huge feast or want to make things simple for the family but still want to eat in private. Make sure to see the November 2022 hours of every restaurant or grocery store for additional information and ordering policy.

What To Expect At The Rental

Visiting our quiet and peaceful beaches to enjoy a holiday home in Outer Banks this turkey day? Our rentals are ideal for families, friends, and some even welcome the family dog!

Many of our rentals have kitchens that are large enough to make the whole family’s food; several turkey accommodating ovens and stoves, larger fridges for drinks and pies, and even an extra burner or two to create your own signature sides for all the family chefs and foodie travelers. 

With most homes having multiple levels, there’s also plenty of room for children to stay clear of the kitchen until the meal is ready.

Where To Find Thanksgiving Dinner In The Outer Banks

thanksgiving buffet in the obx (1)

For Thanksgiving on the OBX, we have suggested our dining recommendations below. We have covered you whether you are looking for a buffet dinner close to your vacation rental or a full-blown feast at a local restaurant this November.


Thanksgiving annual buffets are sure to ease every pallet. Some seafood buffets in addition to favorites like crab legs, steamed shrimp, and more, offer traditional Thanksgiving food like turkey and ham! You’ve also often got homemade desserts, greens, sides, soups, and salads at some buffets!

We recommend calling your favorite seafood buffet to see if they have a Thanksgiving buffet this year!

Thanksgiving Menus

Would you like to visit a Thanksgiving 2022 OBX restaurant? Several restaurants of Outer Banks are open at Thanksgiving for lunch or dinner. Some of them will offer special Thanksgiving menus, of which many are well known for their foods and treats among visitors and locals on the Outer Banks. 

For details on menus, reservations, and availability, visit each restaurant’s website. You may be able to have Thanksgiving dinner during another day if your favorite OBX restaurant is not open on Thanksgiving Day. 

Call or check this list compiled by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau for more turkey day restaurant openings.

Book Your Thanksgiving Rental Today!

Year after year, the Outer Banks have been a holiday destination for families and big groups of friends on the shore. It’s the ideal chance to book a holiday rental for a celebration that you love for that long weekend away from work!

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades. 

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

The Best Ice Cream in the Outer Banks

Nothing says “summer vacation” better than enjoying an ice cream cone while walking on the beach. A calm breeze and a sweet taste go great together! There are plenty of places in the Outer Banks to grab ice cream, frozen yogurt or even shaved ice. From Corolla to Nags Head, you’ll find no shortage of places to try your favorite kind of ice cream. To enjoy your next North Carolina vacation to the fullest, here are our top 5 best places to grab the best ice cream in the Outer Banks.

The Best Ice Cream in the Outer Banks – Our Top Picks

A bowl containing 3 scoops of strawberry ice cream and mint in the background as a garnish
A bowl containing 3 scoops of strawberry ice cream and mint in the background as a garnish

Big Bucks Ice Cream

Close to Kitty Hawk’s public beach access point, Big Bucks Ice Cream is a popular hot spot for ice cream in the Outer Banks. Here, you can pick up your favorite ice cream and walk right over to the beach, all within the span of a few minutes. Don’t just get ice cream here. Big Bucks has a great selection of coffee, homemade cakes, smoothies and chocolate treats as well to enjoy.

Donutz On a Stick and Ice Cream

A plate filled with freshly made donuts topped with powdered sugar and served with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream.
A plate filled with freshly made donuts topped with powdered sugar and served with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Just as the name implies, Donutz on a Stick and Ice Cream is the perfect place to grab a sweet tasting dessert creation. This family-friendly shop is run by members of the Williams family and caters to people of all ages. Find ice cream and a full lunch or dinner menu. Grab the family and head on over to enjoy classics such as Avalanches, homemade milkshakes, donut sandwiches and homemade ice cream in a cup or a cone.

Winks Ice Cream

This is an ideal place for those who want to grab ice cream, especially if you are a fan of Blue Bunny ice cream. With friendly staff ready to help, at Winks Ice Cream you will find delicious ice cream creations and plenty of milkshake options to choose from. It is a great place to sit down, enjoy a cone or a shake and talk amongst the locals.

Higher Grounds – Coffee & Ice Cream

There is nothing that beats freshly brewed coffee and a scoop of ice cream. Higher Grounds is a shop that specializes in both. It is a dog-friendly establishment that offers hot and iced caffeinated drinks, fresh tea and baked goods such as bagels, muffins and various breads. You will also find popular dishes such as the vanilla and espresso milkshake that locals rave about.

Scoops Homemade Ice Cream

Three people holding ice cream cones together with different flavors of ice cream.
Three people holding ice cream cones together with different flavors of ice cream.

If you want traditional ice cream from a classic parlor, then this is the place for you! Scoops specializes in custom birthday cakes, specialty dessert dishes and of course, delicious ice cream cones. Each type of ice cream is made from unique and homemade recipes. Every scoop is made in small batches to make the flavor unforgettable. You’ll find fresh ingredients used such as real vanilla, fresh nuts and freshly chopped fruit.

Look forward to your OBX vacation with our top picks of the best ice cream in the Outer Banks. With plenty of ice cream options to choose from and even unique creations you simply won’t believe until you see it, the Outer Banks is a place to find the best ice cream in the country. Grab the family and enjoy a cone today.


Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

Guide to Shelling in the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks’ is a treasure trove for avid seashell hunters. Out of all of the things to do in the Outer Banks, shelling is perhaps one of our most popular pastimes. How could it not be with miles of shoreline to explore and plenty of beaches left untouched? There are piles of shells just waiting to be found. Shelling in the Outer Banks is just a matter of being at the right place at the right time and just a little bit of luck.

OBX Shelling: Common Shells on North Carolina Beaches

You will find a variety of different shells washed up on our North Caroline beaches. Some are more common than others. Here are some of the common seashells on the OBX you will want to keep an eye out for.

  • Scotch Bonnet
  • Whelks
  • Olive Shell
  • Clam
  • Scallops
  • Moon Snails
  • Auger Shells
  • Keyhole Sand Dollars
  • Shark Teeth (bonus find)
Seashells washed ashore on a beach in the Outer Banks.
Seashells washed ashore on a beach in the Outer Banks.

Best Time to Go Shelling in the Outer Banks

Virtually any stretch of beach you visit can have an abundance of seashells. However, to give yourself a competitive edge, there are specific times you will want to take advantage of. This will help increase the likelihood of finding the rarest shells.

  • Early Morning. The earlier you can get to the beach, the higher probability you have of finding shells. This will give you the best chance to find rare shells before everybody else.
  • Low Tide. Perhaps the best time to find shells is just before and right after low tide. During high tide, a variety of shells are brought inland. This leaves these beautiful finds once the tide recedes. Be sure to check tide charts to ensure you visit a beach at the right time.
  • After a storm. A great time to find shells is after a storm. Typically, we recommend visiting the beach a day or so after a storm has passed. Furthermore, try to visit once the incoming waves have calmed down. Just a few steps in and you’ll notice a plethora of shells just waiting to be picked up!
  • Off-season. If you are worried about not having the opportunity to find shells while other tourists are in the area, come visit us during the off-season. Typically, the best times are between the months of October through April. There are better opportunities to find different shell varieties without having to compete with other people on the beach.

 Best Shelling on the OBX: How to Find Shells

woman walking on the beach shelling at low tide
A woman walking on the beach. shelling at low tide.

One of the best things about beaches on the OBX is that you can find plenty of shells practically anywhere. You just need to look under the right conditions.

  • Sift through the seaweed Another great way to find shells is to get your hands dirty and dig through some seaweed. Typically, when shells wash up on shore, they do not come alone. They tend to be mixed in with piles of seagrass and seaweed. Sift through these grasses and you may stumble upon a great shell find.
  • Explore shallow water. Just off the shoreline in approximately 1 to 2 inches of water or just a little past ankle deep is another potential trove for seashells. Use a small net to scoop out sections of sand and catch shells before they are scattered by other incoming waves. Using a net, you may come across periwinkles, scallops, clams and olive shelves if you are lucky.
  • Scour the inlets. Known for being close to the sound and ocean currents, inlets can be a great place to find a variety of shell varieties. Shelling can be very good by the Oregon Inlet beaches, and especially near the 4WD accessible beaches on the northern side of the inlet. Shelling is also good at the dredge spoil islands in the middle of the inlet, which can be reached by a boat or kayak. Typically, the best inlets to check for shells include:
    • Oregon Inlet-near the southern end next to the original Coast Guard Station to reach the beach on foot
    • Hatteras Inlet
    • Ocracoke Inlet

Best Shelling Beaches on the OBX

A Scotch Bonnet seashell on the outer banks
A Scotch Bonnet seashell on the outer banks.

On the OBX, there are some beaches that are better than others when it comes to shelling. Of course, these beaches can change on a whim, especially with the changes in ocean currents and sandbars constantly forming and dissipating. As a rule of thumb, try to stick with beaches without a known drop off. In addition, keep to south facing beaches where the ocean brings in more tropical shell species.

In general, we recommend staying away from beaches such as the northern Currituck beaches and the southern Outer Banks beaches. You will want to make sure you visit beaches such as the 4WD beaches of Carova, Coquina Beach, Irene’s Inlet, South Beach, Frisco Beach, Hatteras beach, Ocracoke Island, and the Outer Banks piers. Be sure to check out our Beach Access Map for a full list of accessible beaches. 

  • Coquina Beach-If you can’t resist a splash of color, then take a visit to Coquina Beach, located just along NC Highway 12. Approximately 8 miles south of Nags Head town borders and part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, shellers will find plenty of coquina clams along the sand of this beach. The best time to visit this beach is between late May to early September, where you can watch as thousands of coquinas shimmy their way to the surface before scurrying back beneath the sand.
  • Irene’s Inlet-This is another great beach to visit to find shells along the oceanside and soundside beaches. Here, shellers are likely to find Quahogs and scallops in heaps. These shells are perfect to find for those who want to make shell ornaments or containers full of previously found shells.
  • South Beach-This southern facing beach is the best place for shelling, hands down. Even though it is only open seasonally, South Beach  resides in the perfect area between Labrador and Gulf Stream currents. Typically, this beach is deserted so you will have plenty of chances to find those rarer shells such as conchs, whelks and even Scotch Bonnets.
  • Frisco Beach & Hatteras Beach-these beaches are classified by their shallow ocean floor, which allows shells from the ocean to wash up on shore without any scratches or abrasions upon their surfaces. Visit these beaches right after low tide to find some truly incredible finds such as augers, olive shells and whelks.
  • The Outer Banks Piersdue to the structure of the pier, small clusters of smaller shells can wash up on the shore. Keep in mind, virtually any pier along the Outer Banks will do. However, because of their accessibility, be prepared to look for shells through piles of shells that have already been picked through.

There is no better adventure to take with the family than shelling on the Outer Banks. Regardless of what kind of shells you find, we know you will have fun finding them. Shells can be great for home décor, showcasing a special memento from your vacation or to use for crafts. We know you’ll love it!

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

What To Pack In Your Beach Tote When Visiting The OBX

Do you have a family vacation planned to The Outer Banks of NC this year? If the answer is yes, then we here at Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates understand that spending a week or more sitting on the beach soaking up the rays is just what you need.  Staying in one of our oceanfront vacation rentals will keep the beach at your backdoor, but having the right things in your beach tote will allow you to enjoy your vacation even more. Let’s look at what we recommend you pack in your beach bag so you can have a fun family vacation when visiting the Outer Banks . 

Beach Tote Items:

Beach Towels

OBX beach accessories

When you are on vacation making sure you have packed everything before you leave home is essential. So be sure to pack a towel for everyone in your family whether you are going to sit in the sun or swim in the ocean. Bringing an extra towel with you is always a good idea especially if you have little ones. Having a beach towel with a different design for each family member can help keep track of whose towel is who’s. This can help keep you organized not only on the beach but in the laundry room to avoid any misunderstandings between siblings or cousins. For a more detailed search on rental properties offering in-home washer and dryers you use our amenities detail search feature.


The sun in North Carolina is hot along the coast, so making sure sunscreen is in your beach bag is a must. Use a sunscreen that is designed for your beach activities such as waterproof, sport, high SPF, etc.). Dermatologists suggest that you use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF while you are enjoying the sunshine. Be sure to reapply throughout your day as we don’t want you to ruin your vacation the very first day you’re here with a sunburn. If you happen to get a little more sun than you expected be sure to pack a bottle of Aloe Vera. To help cool the sunburn a little more, place the bottle of Aloe in the fridge and it will help soothe the burn a little better.

Mesh Bag For The Sand Toys

Summer in OBX

Anytime you go on vacation with kids, you have to bring a ton of sand toys with you. We understand bringing sand back with you into your vacation rental is not necessary and can be quite a hassle. Packing a mesh bag such as a laundry bag or a bag specifically for beach toys can help eliminate the mess. Just throw the sandy toys into the bag, give it a good shake or two and leave the sand behind at the beach.

Water Resistant Phone Pouch or Plastic Bag

Between the water, sun and sand, the beach is filled with many things that can damage your phone. Bringing a water-resistant pouch to the beach can be a lifesaver for many. If you come on vacation and realize you don’t have one, a sandwich bag or resealable bag will do the same as the phone pouch. They will keep your phone protected from the elements at the beach and you can even use it while it’s in the bag or pouch.  This way you can keep in touch with family members, coordinate meeting times, and order pick-up or delivery meals while sitting in your beach chair without having to worry about your phone being damaged.

Books & E-Books

Enjoying a Book on OBX

Be sure to pack a book or two when preparing to visit the Outer Banks this summer.  If digital books are more your thing then take a moment and download a few new book releases to your favorite e-reader before you arrive and be certain to bring your power cord. You don’t want to be stuck without being able to power-up your e-reader halfway through.

Beach Spike for Drinks

One thing that is often missed when packing items to go inside their beach bag is something to keep your drink sand-free. You can purchase a beach spike from any local beachwear store on the Outer Banks. With a beach spike, you can rest assured that your drink will be safe from the sand. You may often find them that include a place for your cell phone or sunglasses and your drink.

A Little First Aid Kit

When you are on vacation, having kids means that someone will get hurt or injured even on the beach. Having a little first aid kit with shells that can be broken along the shoreline or kids just being kids is a must. You can use a waterproof reusable cosmetic bag and add band-aids, Neosporin, aloe, burn cream, ace bandage, Benadryl, Motrin, or Tylenol. Just be sure to have enough for a quick dosage before heading back to your vacation rental for the day.

Sand-Free Hack

This is one item that you may not have thought about, but it is a must whenever you visit the Outer Banks. Whether you are staying in a vacation rental or you decided to drive your car to the beach access, sand will be all over you when you leave the beach. So, bringing baby powder in your beach bag will magically get the sand off of your body without irritation and leave a nice scent too. This is perfect for everyone in the family and not just the kids. 

Vacationing With Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates

There are many other things that you can pack into your beach tote, but these are the must have items for your next vacation. For a full list of all the items we suggest to bring on your next visit please check out the vacation packing section of our website. Out of an abundance of caution we also direct you to stay informed about health and safety updates due to COVID-19 before you visit. Please take a moment to review the latest area travel status for the Outer Banks.

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates, a trusted name in Outer Banks rentals for over 50 years with the largest selection of quality vacation homes to choose from. If you haven’t made your reservations for your vacation, then check out all of our outer banks vacation rentals today. We can’t wait for your family to come and vacation with us! 


What’s on your Outer Banks Vacation Bucket List this Summer?

Hand drawn illustration on blue background.

Welcome back to our final installment of the ‘What’s on your Outer Banks Bucket List’ In this post, we will be covering Summer. While it may seem silly to be thinking about your Summer vacation now, we promise that it’s never too early. Summer is an excellent time to visit the Outer Banks as the weather is perfect with just a few afternoon summer showers. Staying in one of our OBX Vacation rentals will allow you and your family to explore the Outer Banks even more this Summer.

40th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival

The little girl in the t-shirt plays on the beach by the sea with a colorful kite. In the background many people are walking on the beach.

As summer vacation begins and the temperature rises, the 40th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival begins. The weekend of June 17th – 19th, 2022, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, is hosted by Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Some of the fun things that you can experience at this festival are taking part in a free stunt kite lesson, learning about the different kinds of kites, coloring activities for the kids, or flying your kite. For many families, going to the beach and getting to fly that kite can be the highlight of your trip! Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates are a proud sponsor of the Boardwalk & a Friend of Jockey’s Ridge State Park. 

The Lost Colony

Another great thing that happens every summer is enjoying The Lost Colony shows. This is a production put on by actors and performers sharing the story of the 117 English men, women, and children whose dream was to live in America. This outdoor drama has become a tradition for many families to not miss every summer. This year The Lost Colony is celebrating its 85th year, and we are proud to be sponsors of this incredible act. Be sure to get your tickets today for your next trip to the Outer Banks.

16th Annual Watermelon Festival

Friends having great time on the beach,eating watermelon.

Summertime is a great time to spend with friends and family while enjoying some freshly cut watermelon as you sit on the deck of your OBX vacation rental together. We had to share with you the 16th Annual Watermelon Festival on Thursday, August 4th, 2022, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. This year it will be at Kitty Hawk Kites located in Nags Head and featuring many fun things. Some of the things you can enjoy are Watermelon Themed Competitions, Watermelon Bowling, Face Painting, and more. Plus, there will be plenty of vendors that will have some delicious food to try out. Admission to the festival is free, but you will need to purchase tickets to enjoy the activities. Don’t miss out on this fun adventure this summer with the family.

Honorable Mentions

We know that the possibilities are endless when you vacation to the Outer Banks during the summer, but we wanted to share a few more things on the list.

  • Have a picnic on the beach with the family – pack a lunch with the kids, bring the cooler filled with drinks & enjoy spending time together on the beach.
  • Explore Historic Corolla and visit the Whalehead Club
  • Go Deep Sea Fishing or do a little Surf Fishing with the family
  • Create new memories with the family

The Outer Banks is always a different experience for many during the summer months, and we promise that you’ll enjoy every moment you have. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals, you’ll be close to the fun each summer. We’d like to know what is on your #OBXBucketList this summer?

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

Reasons Why Staying in a Small Vacation Rental is Perfect for Families

Colorful beach houses in Nags Head on the North Carolina Outer Banks, showing different sized homes on the Outer Banks, NC

Have you ever wanted to sneak away to the Outer Banks for your family vacation, but you’d like to stay in a smaller vacation rental? We understand that while many families love to stay in some of the larger homes we offer, many want to have a comfy & cozy  home feeling too. We at Joe Lamb Jr & Associates have plenty of small to mid-sized vacation rentals that you can allow your family to enjoy. Let’s look below at three reasons why staying in a small vacation rental is perfect for all families of all sizes.


female hands puts a coin in a pink piggy bank. The concept of saving money.

We know that going on vacation with your family can be expensive, especially if you stay in a hotel and must get more than one room. Between paying for individual rooms and daily food, most aren’t left with much money to spend on the extras. When you stay in a smaller vacation home, you’re not only saving money in the long run, but you’ll also have the extra space for everyone. We also have several specials that we run on our small vacation homes, so sneaking away from life at home for a weekend is doable and affordable.

Always More Space

Another great reason staying in a small to mid sized vacation rental is perfect is that you’ll still have more room to be comfortable than inside a hotel room. Depending on how many are in your family, we have vacation rentals that will fit your entire family for a short getaway year-round. You will also have a full-sized kitchen which can help save money as you can cook your meals right there at the rental. Plus, there should be zero arguments from the kids on how long one may be taking in the bathroom, as you’ll have more than one. Some of our homes also have rec rooms or outdoor space for you to enjoy together. We can’t forget about mentioning that many of our small to mid-sized homes are also pet-friendly, so don’t forget those four-legged friends too!

Relaxation is Key

Shell decoration on the hot tub

Going on vacation with the family can seem overwhelming, especially if you have small kids. But when you stay with us in one of our 2-4 bedroom OBX Vacation Rentals, you’ll be able to enjoy some relaxation too. Several smaller vacation homes have great amenities to help the parents relax with a hot tub, pool, or even that soaking tub in the primary bedroom. Everyone in the family can take a deep breath and breathe a little easier when you stay on the Outer Banks. With the light breeze that comes off the ocean to the smell of the salt air, you know that once you are over that bridge, you’re on island time. Sit back and relax with the family on your little getaway.

There are so many other reasons why staying in a small vacation home on your next trip to the Outer Banks; we wanted to share these few. If you’re still looking for a great last minute special, always check our Facebook page or want to head out of town just for the weekend, call us today at 800-552-6257. We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed your stay with us!

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.