Manteo’s First Friday

  One of the things that goes into creating a great community are the things that bring people out time and time again. In that sense the Outer Banks is a lot like every other small town in America–although stretched across 90 miles or so of shoreline. There’s this one event in particular that just … Continue reading Manteo’s First Friday

Peak Season (Almost) on the Outer Banks

Now that summer’s just about gone, it’s time to think about what there is to do on the Outer Banks in the coming months. And there is a lot–sort of a subset of the Peak Season. Actually there’s so much to do we’ll just hit a couple of highlights and then put a few links … Continue reading Peak Season (Almost) on the Outer Banks

Fine Dining Outer Banks Style

  Here’s some important information about the Outer Banks: there’s probably more really good restaurants per square mile than any other place anywhere. I realize this sounds like pure local boosterism, but I am continually amazed at both the quality of the cuisine and the diversity of what is offered. I took my daughter to … Continue reading Fine Dining Outer Banks Style

Family Time on the Outer Banks

  The Outer Banks is a great place to live, but here’s a little piece of information that everyone who lives and works here knows: we don’t really get much of a chance to do all those things tourists do. Especially in the summer . . . because honestly, we’re all working to hard to … Continue reading Family Time on the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Nightlife

Just about everybody has a favorite late night place to go and unwind. It doesnâåÛåªt mean that any one place is better than another, itâåÛåªs just that particular setting works well for the individual. One of the nice things about the Outer Banks is how many choices there are. For me, though, Trio, in Kitty … Continue reading Outer Banks Nightlife

South Nags Head Sea Turtle Nest

Joe Lamb Realty's Director of Sales, Tim Moore, took this photo of a loggerhead sea turtle track leading to a nest in South Nags Head this past week! Tim is one of about 35 N.E.S.T. (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles) ATV riders that daily ride on the oceanfront from Corolla to South Nags Head looking … Continue reading South Nags Head Sea Turtle Nest

Independence Day Outer Banks Style

  The 4th of July on the Outer Banks is about as all-American as it gets . . . at least one great parade, all day celebrations and lots of fireworks. The parade? The Duck Independence Day Parade, one of the wackiest, most fun parades ever seen. About a mile long, it starts at 9 … Continue reading Independence Day Outer Banks Style

The Tranquil Coquina Beach

Just south of Nags Head's southern most border and barely north of Oregon Inlet sits Coquina Beach. The short drive south of “town” can offer a great deal of tranquility and relaxation. Coquina Beach's beauty and tranquility is derived from the fact that it often remains uncrowded on even the most crowded Outer Banks summer … Continue reading The Tranquil Coquina Beach