Fun Weekend on the Outer Banks

What an amazing weekend it has been on the Outer Banks, and itâåÛåªs tough to know what the highlight was. Saturday night the 4th Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant took place at Kelly Outer Banks Tavern in Nags Head and shattered the old record for fund raising and Thursday though Saturday the kids at First Flight High School put on Legally Blonde, The Musical.

Personally IâåÛåªm going for Legally Blonde, The Musical. It was so much fun and it showed what an amazing talent pool we have here on the beach that choosing against it just doesnâåÛåªt seem right.

Watching the quality of the performance, it was difficult to remember this was a high school production. The vocals probably werenâåÛåªt quite to Broadway standards, but their timing was impeccable, the dance numbers engaging and overall it was two hours of wonderful theatre.

ThatâåÛåªs not to denigrate Saturday nightâåÛåªs Womanless Beauty Pageant. A charity event, the only way to describe it is as fun, fun, fun. Really . . . how seriously can you take ten men galumphing across the stage in heels and dresses. If ever there was reason to celebrate the phrase, âåÛåÏVive la différence,âåÛå this was it.

However, itâåÛåªs all for charity, itâåÛåªs a great time and at last count the take was at $75,000 and still counting.