Great Outer Banks Weather At Last

EZ and the Heat performing outside Longboards in Kitty Hawk.

The Outer Banks weekend weather was . . . well to use a description straight from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas . . . it âåÛåÏstink, stank, stunk.âåÛå

Cold, wet, windy. But then the weekend passed, the new week began, the sun came out, and since itâåÛåªs Bike Week the bikers are coming out and things are definitely looking up.

The weather couldnâåÛåªt get much better for rest of Bike Week. Taking the Stink Stank Stunk weekend out of the mix, things are as close to perfect as it could get–moderate temperatures, light breeze, bright sunshine. And it looks as though it will be that way for the rest of the week.

Bike Week has really become an important part of the Outer Banks spring entertainment mix. It actually started last weekend–although we didnâåÛåªt see too many bikers in the driving rain and 45-50 degree temperatures. But they're back now, the roads filled with three or four dozen Harleys going by, restaurants with parking lots filled with bikes and booths and shows set up for the riders.

One of the nice things about it, is the event has managed to retain much of the family feel associated with the Outer Banks. There is no doubt this is husband and wife time, or family time. Lots of kids everywhere, lots of couples riding together.

For anyone coming down this weekend, we should mention An Evening with Heywood Banks at the Lost Colony. It looks like a great evening with a unique comedy talent.