Greg Hahn Comes to Lost Colony

Greg Hahn brings his comedic mayhem to the Lost Colony stage April 7.
Greg Hahn brings his comedic mayhem to the Lost Colony stage April 7.
Comedian Greg Hahn Brings His Special Madness to Roanoke Island

A little bit of mayhem, a little bit of madness and a lot of laughter comes to the Outer Banks this Friday when Greg Hahn takes the stage at the Soundstage Theater at The Lost Colony on April 7.

Think of an energizer bunny making jokes about his love life, or lack of one. His time in the Marines that was served exclusively during peace time—and how people still expect war stories.Working out at a gym and dreaming of shoulders so broad his head would look like a pea.

It is a show that is pure mayhem. Hahn is loud and his jokes come rapid fire. A classic example of if you didn’t laugh at that joke wait ten seconds because another one is coming.

As part of their fundraising efforts The Lost Colony brings national acts to the Outer Banks. During the summer the shows perform outdoors at the Waterside Theatre, which is where The Lost Colony.

At this time of the year it’s best to be inside. The Soundstage Theater was at one time the storage and dressing rooms for the play.

Last year’s summer performances included the Michael Jackson tribute band Who’s Bad, World Turning-a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and the indie rock band Dawes.

This year’s schedule has not been announced yet.

This is the 80th anniversary of The Lost Colony. First performed in 1937 as a way to bring tourists to the Outer Banks, the enduring legacy of the play includes a number of well-known stars of stage and screen who walked the Waterside Stage early in their careers.

Opening night is May 21 with performances Monday through Saturday through August 19.

Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony.