A Happy Thanksgiving Wish from Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates

happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, we have decided, has a very good case for being our favorite holiday. The requirements are simple—spend time with the people we care about the most and eat a lot of food, and be thankful that those people are in our lives.

As a requirement for a successful holiday, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

For those of us lucky enough to live on the Outer Banks, well, we generally feel as though there are some additional reasons to be thankful.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature and living in communities that seem to naturally care about our friends and neighbors, is one of those things we agree makes the Outer Banks special.

As a celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Outer Banks is much like the rest of our country—for the most part it’s day to relax and reflect on those things we are most grateful for—and, of course, to eat a lot of food.

Turkey is, naturally, the number one item on the menu with ham a very close second, but there are a couple of southern twists to the other dishes.

Collard greens are really popular. Although it’s been chilly, we haven’t had a freeze yet, so they’re not quite at full flavor yet, but what we’ve sampled has been awfully good. It takes a while to to cook them right, and every kitchen has their own recipe, but when done the way they should be, they are wonderful.

Sweet potatoes are an important part of the sides as well—makes sense since North Carolina grows more of them than any other state and the Outer Banks borders where they’re grown.

Biscuits take the place of bread a lot of times—and sometimes sweet potato biscuits, which are a true southern treat.

Overall, though, someone from any part of our country could sit in at an Outer Banks Thanksgiving table and feel right at home. And it wouldn’t be just the food that made them feel that way—it’s the Outer Banks welcome that would make it special.

From Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates to all the friends we’ve made over the years, may your Thanksgiving be all you wish for.