International Field at WRV Pro World

The pros came to town and showed the Outer Banks why they’re the pros.

The 2015 WRV Pro World Surf competition didn’t seem to have the greatest conditions but if that bothered the international cast of surfer gathered at Jennette’s Pier this week it didn’t show in their performances.

A steady northeast wind has been blowing all week and onshore winds like that tend to create choppy conditions and sometimes will flatten the waves. In fact, Thursday they didn’t even try to get on the water with 2′ waves and choppy seas.

But Friday and Saturday, even with the northeast wind at 15-20 and choppy conditions, waves were waist to chest high with a lot of power behind them and the competitors took full advantage of the conditions. It was not a beginner’s day to be on the water-red flags were flying so there was no swimming allowed, but for someone who knew what they were doing, the rides were spectacular.

The competition wraps up tomorrow, Sunday. Going into the final day of competition surfers from Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the US will be taking to the water.