Karaoke Covers the Outer Banks

Singing karaoke on the deck at Hurricane Mo's with the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

It seems like karaoke has taken over the Outer Banks. Oh, there’s still lots of places for live music, but karaoke has definitely become a popular way to spend an evening during the summer.

It’s a 7-day-a-week phenomenon with bars hosting karaoke night from Duck to Nags Head, and there is probably a style for just about everyone.

Personal favorite? Probably the Friday evening karaoke on the deck at Hurricane Mo’s in Kitty Hawk. The setting is beautiful, with the ocean as a backdrop, there’s usually a nice breeze to keep thing comfortable, the drinks are reasonably priced and the energy is so positive and so fun that it’s tough to not smile at the end of it.

DJ McKay with T-MEE Productions gets the crowd going. A gifted performer and singer herself, her enthusiasm for the music is infectious. Her data base of songs is huge-one of the largest if not the largest on the Outer Banks, which is important; there are very few arrangements she can’t find for the performers.

Admittedly the performances are uneven-and that’s true no matter where the karaoke is happening, but this is one of those place where it may not even matter. There are usually 25 or 30 people singing along with every song.

Also making Hurricane Mo’s just a little different, there are Sam and Dana, the singing bartenders who can really sing.

Of course there are a number of other places for karaoke-a couple of the piers host DJs from time to time; Kelly’s on Tuesday nights is good; the Jolly Roger has karaoke seven days a week.

So, for the singers, would be singers and drive time rock and roll stars, there it is-Karaoke, a chance to shine.

Karaoke Schedule (It's a good idea to confirm times and availability)

Jolly Roger Sunday-Saturday


Mulligan’s Wed/Friday

Poor Richard’s Wednesday

Longboards Wednesday/Friday

Hurricane Mo’s Friday

Nags Head Pier (Fish Heads) every other Saturday

Ramada Inn (Peppercorns) Saturday