Kill Devil Hills 4th of July Fireworks Friday Night

Extending the 4th of July celebration. Fireworks on the beach at Kill Devil Hills this Friday.
Extending the 4th of July celebration. Fireworks on the beach at Kill Devil Hills this Friday.
The Celebrations

We had a spectacular 4th of July for most of the Outer Banks. The Duck Parade was every bit as whacky and wonderful as ever, and the watermelon at the end of it was perfect.

Manteo really came through this year with a wonderful outdoor concert from the 208th Army Band at Roanoke Island Festival Park followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

And Nags Head…there is something beautiful and powerful about celebrating the birth of our nation with fireworks on the edge of a continent. Looking east, there is only the vast darkness of the sea, and the lights of the fireworks are like a beacon of freedom in the darkness.

Kill Devil Hills Fireworks

There’s still a chance to catch some Independence Day fireworks, even if the event isn’s quite on Independence Day.

Kill Devil Hills will be holding their pyrotechnics show tomorrow night—that’s Friday June 7. Evidently the demand for fireworks was so great this year that it could not be scheduled earlier.

But in this case it seems to have worked out well.

Tuesday, which was July 4th this year, was an iffy day for weather;  there were threats of rain and rain showers all day. At RIFP there was a light occasional rain throughout the performance of the Army Band, but that didn’t keep what looked like 1500 people away.

But the weather did put the Whalehead Club plans on hold and at last check we didn’t see anything about rescheduling, so it looks as though Corolla may not have fireworks this year.

Admittedly it’s a bit of a trek from Corolla Kill Devil Hills—about 25-30 miles. In the winter it’s about a 45 minute trip. In the summer? Figure an hour to an hour and ten minutes. But if fireworks are part of the July 4th week itinerary, there is an option for visitors staying in Corolla.

Grab a beach towel and maybe a beach chair and put some time aside to enjoy fireworks on the beach in Kill Devil Hills.