Lost Colony–Great Production, Plan for Next Year

TonightâåÛåªs the last night for the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island for the season, and I finally got to go last night. I try to go every year, and IâåÛåªve got to say, the 2013 production seemed a little better than last yearâåÛåªs edition.

Last year they threw in a lot of stuff that just didnâåÛåªt seem true to the original Paul Green production. You have to keep reinventing yourself to move forward, but bits and pieces of Shakespeare appearing at random in the dialogue just didnâåÛåªt seem to help the narrative.

Lot of dancing and a lot of visuals in this yearâåÛåªs production.

The choral work has always been outstanding and this year was no exception. The production also features some stunning choreography and one dancer in particular just blew us away.

Gary Gatling as Upowac, the medicine man with Chief Wanchese, took his dance to a level very, very rarely seen. Acrobatic leaps with amazing grace, all done in rhythm to the music.

The performances were excellent as well, Christopher Manns as Wanchese and Abby SheridanâåÛåªs Eleanor Dare were particularly strong.

CanâåÛåªt wait for next yearâåÛåªs production. If youâåÛåªve never seen the play, put it on your schedule for next summer. ItâåÛåªs a great way to spend an evening outdoors. The setting is beautiful, the production values amazing.