Music & Conversation-Relaxing on the Outer Banks

Jesse and Michelle Fernandez--Hello Robot, on the Hula Deck at Rundown Cafe. A perfect evening for music and conversation.
Jesse and Michelle Fernandez–Hello Robot, on the Hula Deck at Rundown Cafe. A perfect evening for music and conversation.
Missing the Forest for the Trees

I was sitting at an outdoor bar, listening to some friends play music last night. It was a wonderful way to be reminded that often when we write about what’s happening, we miss the forest for the trees.

There is a tendency when talking or writing about the Outer Banks to focus on the big events—the touring band that plays rock ’n’ roll. Or the the surf completion at Jennette’s Pier. The list goes on and on because there is a lot of that happening on the Outer Banks.

The problem, though, is it misses something that is very special about this place often called “life on a sandbar.”

Restoring the Spirit

There is a restorative power to those moments when we do nothing other than relax. Sipping a drink at the outdoor bar above the Rundown Cafe in Kitty Hawk, with a gentle breeze keeping the temperature comfortable is magic. Listening to friends play music, talking to someone from Washington, DC about why they’re visiting and what do they think of the Outer Banks. Those are the things that make life worth living.

The power of large events seem to compel us to pay attention—whether it’s entertainment, world affairs, even sports. And that’s to be expected, but what seems to get lost when that happens are the small things that we share in common.

A relaxing drink with friends, perhaps a conversation with someone we’ve never met before, and some music. It is a universal tonic for many of the woes of the world.

It is, we would like to think here at Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates., why people like to come to the Outer Banks. To relax, to get away from all those big events that compel our attention and to sit outside on a pleasant evening and enjoy conversation, a drink and song.