New World Festival of the Arts This Week in Manteo

Stainglass creation. An example of the many creative ideas a the New World Festival of the Arts.
Stainglass creation. An example of the many creative ideas a the New World Festival of the Arts.
A Wonderful Reason to Check out a Picturesque Downtown

The 37th Annual New World Festival of the Arts is Wednesday and Thursday this week and if ever there was a great excuse to stroll along the Manteo waterfront this is it.

Featuring over 75 exhibitors from up and down the East Coast as well as quite a number of local talent, the Festival includes an amazing array of hand-crafted items, pottery, paintings, jewelry and more.

Now sponsored by the Dare County Arts Council, it began its life as the brainchild of the longtime owner of the Christmas Shop Edward Greene. Edward, with deep roots in Manteo, saw all the visitors on the beach and just wanted to get some of them to come to the town.

The idea worked and for the next 30 years he was the driving force behind the event. But when he decided he wanted to slow down—he was around 90 at the time—he asked the DCAC if they would take over.

They did and hit the ground running and the show has a great blend of crafts—hopefully the miniature handblown glass animals will be back this year, and world-class art. Look for Outer Banks artist James Melvin, an amazing artist who also happens to be the illustrator of Suzanne Tate’s Nature Series books.

The Festival has become one of the few regularly scheduled event during the peak summer season. Checking a couple of weather sites, it looks as though Wednesday and Thursday will be great days to visit the Festival. It will be warm but if the forecast holds not hot, with sunshine and a light breeze.

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