OBX in the Winter

Now that winter is officially here on the Outer Banks does not mean there is nothing to do. We will agree that there is much (much) more to do in the summer, but although things are slower, they have not stopped.

So here’s a quick three item list of winter things to do:

Go Fishing – Ok. The surf and pier fishing have been a little bit slow, but there are a number of reports of good catches of tuna offshore. Some wahoo and king mackerel also. If things go as mother nature usually schedules things, rockfish (stripped bass) should be showing up in good numbers soon for the pier fishermen.

Visit the Wright Brothers Memorial – There are no crowds. There is no better time to go. For anyone who has not been to the Wright Brothers Memorial, it is fascinating and worth the trip.

Beach Combing – Bundle up, that wind from the north is cold, but what a great time to walk the beach. Just you and maybe another dozen or so hearty souls out there. It’s beautiful, seashells in every conceivable color and shape have washed ashore; there’s seaglass, driftwood, fresh air and exercise. There’s nothing to not like about it.

Yes there is much more to do in the summer-so don’t forget to call us here at Joe Lamb so we can help you find the right place for your vacation, but don’t write the Outer Banks off just because it’s winter.