Outer Banks Generosity-Joe & Ann Lamb

Joe and Ann Lamb presenting COA scholarship fund check to Ann Hoffman, COA Foundation Executive Director.

Sometimes you just want to tell the whole world how proud you are of the company you work for and this is one those times.

Ann and Joe Lamb, who started Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. who started our company in 1968 have always believed in education and giving back, and they just did that in a big way donating more than $25,000 to the College of the Albemarle for a scholarship fund for Dare County students.

This is just one of the many ways that Joe and Ann have been giving back to the community that has given them so much.

COA is a two year school awarding associates degrees in a wide range of subjects. The school is part of the North Carolina university system and many of their students go on to earn four year degrees.

Ann and Joe have also created scholarships for Dare County students attending four year schools as well.

We also take pride in working with so many local organizations. We’ve written in the past about how generous the Outer Banks community is-well, when thinking of the Outer Banks community, think of Ann and Joe Lamb; they are very much a part of it.