Surfing for Autism on the Outer Banks

It’s been five years for the annual Surfing for Autism at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head and the event has gained in popularity every year. This year, organizers, said 80 families and maybe a little more than that were in the surf.

It is a free event, as it has always been, and it’s all about giving the kids an experience they could never have otherwise. Yet in watching the families . . . the parents and siblings-and even the spectators-what becomes apparent tis that this event is something that touches everyone.

Great weather this year. A warm day, but certainly not hot, a little bit of chop in the surf but some nice small waves were popping up all day.

Surfing for Autism is a homegrown affair, started by two parents, Mark Slagle and Eileen Lowery, who had children who were autistic.

The event, which couples experienced surfers-a couple of them are ranked pros-with children living with autism began as a free event and there has never been a charge for it. There never will be either, as the literature put out by Surfing for Autism makes clear: “Because raising a child with autism today has been shown to cost $3.2 million, we also wanted our event to be offered at no cost to participating families.”

Just a good homegrown Outer Banks event and a great day on the beach.