Manteo New Year Celebration Perfectly Outer Banks

The New Year ball drops and confetti flies at 8:00 p.m. in Manteo so the younger set can join in the festivities.
The New Year ball drops and confetti flies at 8:00 p.m. in Manteo so the younger set can join in the festivities.

There is something so perfectly small town life about the Manteo New Year’s Eve Celebration that once it is experienced it almost always becomes an annual tradition.

Maybe it’s the 8:00 countdown and ball drop for the kids; maybe it’s the street fair atmosphere with food trucks and local charities serving hotdogs, hamburgers, Reuben sandwiches and funnel cakes. 

Perhaps it’s the music that was outstanding this year with local band Formula starting things off at 8:00 followed by Urban Soil and their hard driving combination of urban blues, jazz and hiphop that played until it was time for the New Year.

Maybe it was the fireworks that were really spectacular this year.

Or the lighting of the new year, blazoned in luminescent blue number, “2020” from the deck of the Elizabeth II.

It’s hard to say, but the combination is irresistible.

Starting things off with the kids and the 8:00 o’clock ball drop is magical though. 

OK…it’s not fancy. In fact, it’s kind of quaint and Rube Goldberg, with the ball that lights up a ten seconds minus 8:00 p.m. It’s attached to a rope on the balcony of Dare County Arts Council Gallery. That’s the building that was once the County Courthouse. 

The rope descends in one second increments with the kids, and some parents, counting down “…ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…”

It doesn’t matter if it’s unsophisticated and low tech. It works and the kids love it.

Who know exactly what it is about the New Year’s Celebration, but whatever it is, it is so perfectly Outer Banks that it is perfect.

It’s a New Year so new plans are being made. Be sure to include Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates in your vacation plans for 2020.

Manteo New Year in New World Place to Be on New Year’s Eve

There are a lot of ways to bring in the New Year. Some people sit at home contemplating the year gone by. Sometimes friends gather to spend a special evening with the people who mean the most to each other. Others head out to a favorite nightspot, especially if there is entertainment and sparkling wine involved.

We have to admit, though that the New Year’s Eve celebration that has taken a special place in our hearts is Manteo’s annual New Year in the New World celebration.

When Manteo puts on a celebration it is very much all about family and the NYNW evening is no exception.

Think back to childhood and how long the wait was for the ball to drop on TV at Time’s Square. When you’re seven or eight, midnight can be a long time coming. 

Manteo has solved that. They drop a ball at the old County Courthouse—now the Dare County Arts Council Gallery, at 8:00 p.m. OK, it’s not Time’s Square, but the ball drops and in the past the kids have loved it.

The entire event takes place on the Manteo Waterfront, in a street fair atmosphere with music right up to the stroke of midnight.

And then the fireworks light the sky, welcoming 2020 with with a burst of light over the Elizabeth II, the replica ship of the boat that brought the English settlers to the Lost Colony in 1585.

The weather is looking like it’s going to cooperate this year. Last year it was great but two years ago, it was bitterly…very bitterly…cold. Not this year at all. Perhaps a bit chilly but the low temperatures are forecast to be well above freezing with any rain falling earlier in the day.

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