After Dark at All Saints Offers Something for Everyone

If it’s late January, almost February, on the Outer Banks, it must After Dark at All Saints Episcopal Church.

Every February for at least the past 10 years All Saints Episcopal Church in  Southern Shores has been offering its classes on everything from food to music to art.

There is something for everyone in the After Dark classes.

Want to learn about home brewing? Check this out:


Did you know that over 1.2 million people in the U.S. brew their own beer athome? This introductory course covers the steps, equipment, and ingredients to make your first batch of home brew. BLAKE BUCHERT is president of OBX Homebrewers Club and has been brewing for over 8 years. He recently had a American Pale Ale at the National Homebrew Competition finals in 2019. Blake started brewing with the exact process That is going to be covered in this course and you will make beer!  Home course instruction. Attendees will also be offered the chance to assist later in the bottling process and nally in the tasting of your rst batch of Homebrew. Some come on out and join us for an evening of fun! Class size is limited to 20. Friday, Feb 7.

Want to learn how to play ukulele? Check out Ashley Dickerson’s introduction to the instrument.


Have you always wanted to learn ukulele, but not known where to start? Do you have a ukulele you’ve bought but rarely use? This class is perfect for you. Designed for absolute beginners, this class will review how to tune your ukulele, how to read ukulele tabs and how to play your rst few chords. ASHLEY DICKERSON is a self-taught ukulele player. It was love at first strum when she first started to play. Now Ashley loves helping rst-time ukulele players discover the joy of learning to play the happiest instrument on earth. A class handbook is provided. Please bring your own ukulele. If you need help finding a ukulele, visit your local music store to see if they have one to rent. Class size is limited to 12 students. Class is held for two nights, class cost is $33.00 and there is an additional fee of $5.00 for supplies. Monday, Jan 27 and Monday Feb 3.

This is just a small sampling of the more than 50 evening classes that are being offered through February 28. Don’t wait to register. Quite a number of classes are already filled.

Make your reservations today with Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates and discover even more about the Outer Banks.

After Dark at All Saints-A Sure Cure for Winter Blues

Creating a stained glass sailboat at After Dark at All Saints.
Creating a stained glass sailboat at After Dark at All Saints.

The wind is blowing cold from the north on the Outer Banks, the days are shorter, but with After Dark at All Saints there is plenty to do in the upcoming weeks.

A wonderful community service from All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores, After Dark is a one month plus celebration of the joy of learning. Not the learning in dry textbooks from school days. No this is the real stuff, the things people really care about.

A Small Sample of Classes

Want to know how to create stained glass? There are two classes offered.

Curious about beekeeping? There’s a class. And a class on the history of beer, surf fishing, yoga, mahjong. With almost 90 classes scheduled between the end of January and the first week of March there are plenty of choices.

After Dark began as a community outreach effort n 2010. A few years earlier an annex had been added and church members felt it needed to highlight the congregation’s commitment to the community.

That first year there were 32 classes. That quickly doubled and in 2018 it has almost tripled.

What is perhaps most remarkable is the fees collected from the classes have all gone to Outer Banks organizations—fulfilling the original vision off giving back to the community.

Generally the class size is limited to 20, and unfortunately the more popular classes fill up very quickly. Some of the cooking classes are already filled, but there are still some great opportunities learn a skill or gain some knowledge.

All Saints Episcopal Church Registration Information.

Each class registration costs $23 per student.  For young people under 18, the cost is $12 per student.  Some classes may have additional, per-student fees to cover necessary supplies.  All class details are listed on this site.  No refunds will be offered unless the class is canceled by the instructor. 

Registration Now in Progress

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday

Call – 252-261–6674 

or come to the All Saints Church Office at 40 Pintail Trail

Southern Shores, NC  27949


After Dark at All Saints-A Month of Learning

Wes Stepp, executive chef at Red Sky in Duck and creator of Tastefully Fit at an After Dark class in 2016.
Wes Stepp, executive chef at Red Sky in Duck and creator of Tastefully Fit at an After Dark class in 2016.

For anyone thinking there is nothing to do on the Outer Banks in the winter, may we present After Dark at All Saints—that’s All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores.

This is the ninth year for the month long event and what is offers are evening classes on everything from gourmet cooking to planning for retirement. The After Dark classes are a great opportunity to learn a little something that there never seems to be time to study.

Some classes have already filled up, so check out what’s available and spend an evening in education.

For a full list of classes, click here. There’s also registration information on the website.

Here’s a small sampling of classes that are offered.



Friday, Feb 3

Enjoy the kitchen creativity of Executive Chef MATT PAYNE as he prepares the Bad Bean Baja Grill’s Pork Belly Taco! Students will learn how this popular pork cut is prepared, and then savor its taste with flavorful accompaniments. Space is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $5.


Thursday, Feb 9

Are you ready to make a New Orleans treat with just the right touch of spiciness that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner? How about an appetizer that your family and friends will rave about? Join ARLINE ARNOLD for a fun and tasty evening in the kitchen. Class size is limited to 10 with an additional fee of $10.

Friday, Feb 24

WES STEPP, owner and Executive Chef of the Red Sky restaurant in Duck, believes gourmet food can be not only delicious, but healthy as well! Join Chef Wes for a special evening and learn from this experienced Outer Banks restaurateur how to create gourmet food in a healthy style.  Space is limited to 20 with an additional fee of $10.


CLASS 829 and CLASS 830 – SURF FISHING – Two Separate Classes

Tuesday Feb 7 & Class 830, Tuesday, Feb 14

STU BALDWIN, Past President of the OBX Anglers Club, will share his experience and know-how learned over 40 years, with over 30 years in competitive surf fishing! There are two classes to choose from.  Surf Fishing 101 (#829) is made easy for the family and will cover equipment, knot tying, bait and equipment choices, and how to read a beach.  Surf Fishing 202 (#830) is for the experienced angler and will cover advanced techniques in fishing for Reds, Specs, and Flounder plus equipment, rigging and bait choices. Class size is limited to 18 in each.


Tuesday, Feb 14

Join renowned local artist E.M. CORSA for an evening of drawing birds and feathers! Corsa is known for her paintings of Air Angels, birds with halos. Attendees at this class should bring a sketchpad and drawing tools of their choosing – pencils, pens, and/or markers – as well as one or more pictures of birds. Class size is limited to 8.


CLASS 878 – WINE 101

Thursday, Feb 3

Join Chef and Certified Level II Sommelier DAN LEWIS of Coastal Provisions for a crash course on wine. The class will be packed with information from how wine is made, regional characteristics, and food pairings, to deciphering labels and restaurant wine lists.  Best of all, you will taste while you discover.  Plan on having dinner before class –it’s a “big agenda!” Class size is limited to 24 students with an additional fee of $10 for supplies.


Wednesday, Feb 8

JAMIE ANDERSON, bookseller at Duck’s Cottage and Downtown Books in Manteo, eats, lives and breathes books and loves introducing readers to books they otherwise might never have discovered. The $10 fee covers the cost of the book, which will be delivered to All Saints for pick-up. This could be the best (and least stressful!) blind date you ever had! There is an additional fee of $10.