Outer Banks Trashion Show-Fun & a Good Cause

Note the new date on the Trashion Show. High winds and threat of rain forced postponement.
Note the new date on the Trashion Show. High winds and threat of rain forced postponement.

A Trashion Show, now there’s a different idea—and that is what the First Annual Outer Banks Trashion Show at the Outer Banks Brewing Station coming up tomorrow, Friday all be.

It’s a pretty simple concept—teams get together, go to the beach and gather up as much trash as they can find. Take that trash and make a fashion statement. 

And then, of course, someone has to walk the runway and be judged.

This should be a very interesting event. 

At last count there were eight teams vying for the Outer Banks Trashion crown, but there may have been another one or two added that we’re not aware of.

We have not seen any printed criteria for the judges to follow, but our understanding is judges will be awarding points for creativity, how different the look is and how much quantity of trash collected.

Cleaning up our Outer Banks beaches is always a priority, but the Trashion Show has got to be the most original idea we’ve heard.

Adding icing to the cake and taking the whole thing to another level—all proceeds will be donated to the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

The NCCF is one of the most successful groups working to improve the coastal environment. They have been around for over 20 years and during that time have created a remarkable legacy of working with fishermen, environmental groups, and local politicians.

That’s a pretty good combination…a lot of fun, beach cleanup and a donation to a very good cause.

The fun begins at 5:00 p.m.

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