Family, Fireworks & Fun at Manteo New Year’s Eve Celebration

Spectacular fireworks welcomed in the New Year in Manteo.
Spectacular fireworks welcomed in the New Year in Manteo.

Manteo, New Year’s Eve Celebration and oh, what a difference a year makes!

With temperatures hovering in the low sixties and a gentle breeze off Shallowbag Bay, the celebration bringing in 2019 could not have been much more different that 2018.

Last year…that gentle breeze was was a 12 mile an hour wind with occasional gusts, the temperatures never did quite get to 20 degrees and there were snow flurries.

There was a brief light shower last night, but the rain arrived late in the evening and it came and went very quickly.

When Cory Hemilright of Bluegrass Island and Tod Clissold owner of Poor Richard’s came up with the idea last year, this is what they had in mind. The evening was a wonderful celebration of many of the things that are best about the Outer Banks.

A very nice touch, though, that was fun and funny was dropping a lighted ball from the old Dare County Courthouse at 8:30 so the kids could get in on the fun. OK, the timing might have been just a bit off and there might have been a brief technical delay, but hearing all those little voiced counting down from ten and the squeals of joy when the ball lit was a true joy.

The Original Rhondels provided the sound track fo the evening and their blend of classic beach music with a couple of modern songs that matched their stye was perfect. They began playing soon after the ball dropped and kept playing right up to midnight.

Many of the parents opted to keep their children with them waiting for the fireworks that had been billed as the largest New Year’s Eve pyrotechnics in the state. Maybe they were the largest…maybe not…but they were spectacular and were the perfect way to welcome in the New Year.

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A Great Celebration to 2018 on a OBX Night

Queen Elizabeth II lit up to welcome in the New Year at the Manteo New Year's Eve celebration.
Queen Elizabeth II lit up to welcome in the New Year at the Manteo New Year’s Eve celebration.

Frigid Temperatures but Great Welcome to 2018

As the first ever New Year’s Eve Celebration on the Manteo waterfront proved, you can plan for everything but the weather. And wow did the weather throw us a curve last night.

It’s not as though the Outer Banks wasn’t in the same deep freeze the rest of the East Coast was experiencing, but this was the first time anything like this had been tried in Manteo.

Cory Hemilright, who has been bringing the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival to Roanoke Island Festival Park for the past few years and Todd Clissold, owner of Poor Richard’s, got together with the town and came up with a great plan.

There was live music—and Sassagrass and the Original Rhondels were excellent. Street vendors were read to go with hot soup, pizza and dinners. There was even an 8:30 ball drop so kids would have a chance to countdown to the New Year.

And it all went of without a hitch.

Except for the 26 degree temperatures, wind from the north at 16 mph and the wind chill approaching 11 degrees. Oh, and did we mention the snow flurries. It was cold…brutally cold.

But kudos to everyone involved and the small crowd that did make it out.

Yes it was very cold, but two roaring fires helped. A local church was there with hot chocolate. They were also selling cold drinks but that just seemed like it would piling in temperatures like we experienced last night.

A couple of businesses did stay open.

Poor Richards was doing a booming business. And on the corer of Budleigh and Queen Elizabeth Island Perks was so busy they finally ran out of milk for hot chocolate and lattes.

Cold or not, it was a great evening and a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year, and we hope this will be the first of many more New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Manteo waterfront.

Great Time but Cold Temps for New Year in New World Celebration

A Cold Night for a Great Celebration

We have some good news and some bad news about the upcoming New Year in the New World New Year’s Eve Celebration in Manteo.

The good news—it’s looking amazing!

The bad news—bundle up…

Looking at things on the bright side, it’s not going to be anything at all like the forecast for Times Square in NYC. Sure, they get all the press, but this is our first time doing a New Year’s celebration in Manteo so we’re still building our good will.

It does look like a great way to welcome the New Year.

The music and fun begins at 5:00 p.m with DJ Mike followed by bluegrass jazz band Sassafras at 7:00.

A really nice touch, there will be an 8:30 ball drop for the kids so they don’t have to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop.

The musical headliner for the evening will be the Rhondels. Hailing from Virginia Beach, the Rhondels had a series of hits in the 1960s and their sound is smooth as silk.

At midnight…the official ball drop with what is being billed as the largest fireworks display in North Carolina.

Definitely break out the down parka and wear some layers for this one though. The Manteo midnight forecast temperature is 28 degrees. Of course, it could be worse—Times Square forecast calls for 11 degrees.

Announced Schedule for the Town of Manteo

5:00 PM DJ Mike

7:00PM   Sassagrass

Sassagrass is an eclectic group of multi-instrumentalists who wow crowds with hard-hitting bluegrass and jam fused music.

8:30pm   Children’s Early Ball Drop

Following an evening of family-friendly events, the early ball drop at 8:30p.m. allows little ones to ring in the new year before the late hours. 

9:00PM   The Rhondels

From Virginia Beach, VA, the Original Rhondels are a music tradition who have performed their hit recordings in almost every major city in the United States.  In 1969, Bill Deal and The Rhondels began a recording career that would take them to Madison Square Garden and across the country.  With three top 10 hits, ‘May I”,  I’ve Been Hurt”,  and “What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am”, the band toured the country delighting audiences with outstanding vocals, powerful brass, and exciting showmanship.  The band continues that honored tradition today, playing the music that made them famous as well as current favorites for all ages.


Join us on the docks of Downtown Manteo for theLARGEST NEW YEARS EVE FIREWORK SHOW in the state, all choreographed to music!