Two Great Bands Coming to Festival Park

Government Mule will be playing Roanoke Island Festival Park July 7.
Government Mule will be playing Roanoke Island Festival Park July 7.

The live music scene on the Outer Banks is pretty amazing, but this summer it looks like it just went to another level.

There are two bands that will be performing at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo in the next few weeks that, for good reason, are nationally recognized talent.

It would be hard to imagine a better outdoor venue to see live music than RIFP. Perched on a peninsula in Roanoke Sound, the setting is beautiful and the sound system does a great job of getting the music to all corners.

In some ways the bands are completely. Crowder is a Christian rock artist; Government Mule is one of the best rock and roll bands anywhere. What they have in common, though, are great musicians and a great show.

Crowder, Wednesday, June 19

This is Crowder’s second visit to the Outer Banks. Three years ago he wowed the audience with an amazing show that featured great theatrics as well as amazing music.

The lyrics and theme of the music is certainly Christian, but what makes Crowder standout is how innovative his arrangements are, great stage effects, but mostly his sound is great rock and roll.

Government Mule, Sunday, July 7

The easy way to describe Government Mule is a rock and roll band, but then listen to their amazing version of the Etta James classic “I’d Rather Go Blind” and they become one of the finest blues bands ever. 

Or check out how they sound covering Pink Floyd, and maybe they’re taking a trip back into psychedelia.

The point is, these guys are amazing.

The show is on a Sunday, which for a lot of our guests is a getaway day. Delay if you can. For guests coming on Saturday or Sunday of that week…don’t miss this one.

Summer is here and the Outer Banks is the perfect summer vacation spot. Be sure to stay in a Joe Lamb, Jr & Associates home to enjoy the best of the Outer Banks.

David Crowder Comes to OBX

David Crowder (long beard and guitar) with group performing "Old Time Religion."
David Crowder (long beard and guitar) with group performing “Old Time Religion.”

David Crowder—sort of a superstar of Christian rock music—has never been to the Outer Banks before. That came out in the concert he gave at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo on Wednesday evening.

Crowder, who’s music is tends toward rock with an interesting dose of bluegrass and country thrown in, looks like something from the backwoods of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His music though, is as modern and well-performed as anything out there.

Since his lyrics are heavily Christian and religion based, it would be easy to dismiss him as just another Christian musician—and there are a lot of them. But Crowder writes arrangements for his music that transcends any one genre and is really worth a listen.

His songs seem to start with a bluegrass feel, often featuring banjo or mandolin—but they build to a full throated rock sound featuring electric guitars, classic rock bass played on a synthesizer and two drummers—although one of the drummers plays a marching band bass and a kerosene tin can.

Different, fun to listen to and a fun show and worth checking out if he comes back to the Outer Banks.

Oh . . . about not being on the Outer Banks before. He felt it would be great if all 2000 people or so at the concert could get together on the beach. Since that didn’t seem practical, he gathered his band together, brought out one microphone and did a great but simple version of “Give Me That Old Time Religion.”

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