DCAC Reopens with Spectacular Daniel Pullen Photo Show

Looking almost brand new, the DCAC Gallery in downtown Manteo reopened just three weeks after flood waters got inside the building.
Looking almost brand new, the DCAC Gallery in downtown Manteo reopened just three weeks after flood waters got inside the building.
Centerpiece of downtown Manteo Looks Great after Repairs

It was great to see the Dare County Arts Council (DCAC) reopened just three weeks after flood waters from Tropical Storm Michael got inside the building.

By the time Michael got to the Outer Banks it was a day of wind and intermittent heavy rain showers. It was the tail end of the storm that packed a wallop though, pushing flood waters into a number of soundside areas…including Manteo.

The waters receded almost as fast they come in, but water in a building is still water in a building and the DCAC Gallery and offices had to close while they made repairs and dried out.

Reopening on First Friday in November, the old Dare County Courthouse where it’s located, looked as good as it has. The word must have gotten out because the Gallery was packed.

The featured artist this month is really worth a trip to the DCAC. Daniel Pullen is a true artist with a camera. A native of Hatteras Island, he’s been capturing images that tell the story of life on the Outer Banks is a way very few manage.

The photographs are a delight to look at individually, but taken as a whole, what emerges is a picture of the collage of life on the Outer Banks. There is beautiful imagery of lighthouses and full moons; Daniel has captures some remarkable images of surfing and the pictures he has taken of local fishermen seem to tell in a single picture what words often cannot describe.

The Daniel Pullen Photography Exhibit will be on display through the month.

Next First Friday brings Santa Claus to Manteo—a must see event on the Outer Banks.

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Daniel Pullen Named 2018 People’s Choice Artist

A Daniel Pullen image showing surfers at sunrise.
A Daniel Pullen image showing surfers at sunrise.
Pullen’s Creativity Takes Top Award for the Year

Daniel Pullen was just named the Outer Banks 2018 People’s Choice artist and it feels good to know that sometimes the good guys really do win.

Daniel, who’s a Hatteras native, is an extraordinarily talented photographer. In a place that with considerable justification, views its wedding photographers as some of the best anywhere, Daniel, working with his wife, Kate, really stands out.

But for the real genius of his photography, check out Daniel Pullen Photography.

The scope of images he captures is astonishing. Yet beyond that it is the style and artistry of his work that makes him so compelling.

Before he was a wedding photographer, Daniel was fascinated by capturing the essence of surfing and it was in his surfing images that the Outer Banks community first became aware of his talent.

His surf photography alone could not support him, which is why he turned to wedding photography. When he did, though, he refused to compromise on creativity or artistry.

However, even as he as built his reputation as a wedding photographer, his ability to isolate a moment in time to tell the story of a surfer on an ideal break, or at that perfect moment as the sunrises and the waves are crisp and even has grown.

As he has gained confidence in what he wants to do with photography, his creativity has expanded and become profound at times. The photographs he published following a full moon over Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are iconic and may be the best that have been done.

He has not limited himself to just capturing images of moments in time, whether on the water or during a full moon. Pullen’s images of the power of hurricane’s that have wreaked havoc on Hatteras Island perfectly recreate the power and destruction of the storms.

Here’s the topper to the story—Daniel is a heck of a nice guy. A little bit shy, soft-spoken, but certainly confident when the has a camera in his hand.