Fall on the Outer Banks – An Event for Everyone

Scene from Crabdady Festival, Sanctuary Vineyards, Jarvisburg.
Scene from Crabdady Festival, Sanctuary Vineyards, Jarvisburg.

Fall is the best time to be on the Outer Banks. Summer is wonderful, but when fall arrives the magic happens. The days are still warm but the summer heat has backed off a bit; ocean water temperature is very manageable and there aren’t quite as many people here as the summer, but still enough that all the businesses are open.

But what really makes fall so special was that’s when the event calendar explodes.

We’ve compiled a list of events through October and included some remarks about three of them.

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11th Annual Surfalorus Film Festival

surfalorus film festival logo 2022

September 18-21, 2022

Sponsored by the Dare County Arts Council, this three day film festival includes some great surf films from five minute shorts to feature length movies.


At various locations. Don’t forget to purchase your passes today. 

*Face masks are required for access to all Surfalorus venues due to the continue threat of COVID-19 and its variants.

CrabDaddy Wine/Beer Festival

picture showing 2022 crabdaddy wine and beer festivalSanctuary Vineyards, Jarvisburg

October 8, 2022

Wine, crabs and music. We probably don’t have to say much more than that. But just to make a visit even more enticing, the setting is beautiful undertone tall trees on the north end of the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg and the event is very family friendly.

Grab your tickets today for general admission into this fun & exciting event. You can also get a VIP Table that includes: seating for 8, table service, 3 bottles of wine & a charcuterie board.


WRV Outer Banks Pro Surf Contest

Jennette’s Pier

Nags Head

August 31- September 5, 2022

Outer Banks Stunt Kite Competition

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Nags Head

September 9 – 11, 2022

Outer Banks Triathlon

Old Swimming Hole


September 16-17, 2022

ESA-Eastern Surf Finals

Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head

Sept 18 – 24, 2022


Nags Head

September 16-18, 2022

Dare County Motorcycle Toy Run

September 24, 2022

Outer Banks Jeep Jam

Soundside Event Site

Nags Head

October 7 – 9, 2022

Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival

Roanoke Island Festival Park

October 20-22, 2022

Outer Banks Parade of Homes

October 6-9, 2022

First Friday

September 2, 2022


Duck Jazz Festival

Town of Duck

October 8-9, 2022

Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival

October 18-23, 2022

Fall Restaurant Week

Outer Banks

October 10-16, 2022

Outer Banks Seafood Festival

Soundside Event Site

Nags Head

October 15, 2022

The NC VIP Fishing Tournament

Jennette’s Pier

Nags Head

October 17-19, 2022


Soundside Event Site

Nags Head

October 22, 2022

Roanoke Island Maritime Museum Boat Show

Roanoke Island Maritime Museum


October 29, 2022

Harvest HayDay

Island Farm

Roanoke island

October 29, 2022

As you can see the Outer Banks is full of events this fall and we can’t wait to hear which event or events you went to. If you’re still searching for an Outer Banks vacation rental to stay in this fall, give us a call today!

Water Water Everywhere Exhibit at Dare County Arts Council

Admiring the artistry of Water Water Everywhere.
Admiring the artistry of Water Water Everywhere.

Sometimes we luck into something special. That was certainly the feeling when we checked out the Water Water Everywhere exhibit at the Dare County Arts Council in Manteo this evening.

Curated by artist Carol Willett, the  show featured art from a wide variety of Outer Banks artists. All of the works were themed around water and the sea.

The range of ideas and concepts was astonishing.

Carol had a some of her priced in the show—typically whimsical statuary from everyday materials.

There were photographs, oils, mixed media, acrylics—just about every way an artist can express themselves could be found on the walls of the upstairs gallery.

Local artist and author Linda Lauby was on hand to sign her latest book, “A Boat Named Zeus.”

 The book feature Banks the Dog, who was on hand for the signing, but is based on a real incident that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Zeus was the boat that when touring the area after the hurricane, the President saw the boat in someone’s backyard and remarked that they seem to have gotten a boat out of the flooding.

But the boat, Zeus, had a remarkable history behind it and it was actually someone’s home, a home that had been evacuated before the flood waters came.

Linda tells the story in her book of the Zeus, tracking it back to its days sailing the Caribbean.

Water, Water Everywhere will be on display through the end of the month. It is a wonderful exhibit, and per Curator Carol Willett’s instructions, nothing is priced over $150.

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41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show Celebrates Local Artists

Poster for the 41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show. Painting by Frank Stick.
Poster for the 41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show. Painting by Frank Stick.

Opening this weekend at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in Manteo, the Frank Stick Memorial Art Show is worth a special trip just to check it out.

The show runs from January 26-February 26. The opening reception will be this Saturday.

Unlike most art shows, the Frank Stick Show is not a juried event, meaning all art submitted is shown. Because of that, there are always some example from young, local artist that let the world know they need to be taken seriously.

The 2019 show is the 41st annual showing of local art for the show. It is a joyous and wonderful event, but it will be tinged with sadness this year.

One of the greatest advocates for the arts in Dare County and the founder of the Frank Stick show, Glenn Eure, passed away in September of last year.

There is no way to adequately describe the impact Glenn had on the Dare County arts community…and the community in general. Generous to a fault with his time and patient with young artists as he helped them nurture their careers his passing leaves void in the local art scene that will be hard to fill.

Because of Glenn’s role in the Frank Stick Show and the arts in general, the best in show ribbon is titled “Eure Best in Show.”

The Frank Stick Memorial Show was first conceived by Glenn and Outer Banks author and developer David Stick as a way for David to commemorate his father Frank.

Frank Stick was the preeminent magazine illustrator of outdoor magazines of the early 20th century, before walking away from his success and moving to the Outer Banks in 1929. 

Along with being an outstanding artist, Stick was an ardent conservationist, and it was largely through his efforts that Cape Hatteras National Seashore was established.

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41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show a Tribute to Outer Banks Community

This year's Frank Stick Memorial Art Show will celebrate the legacy of Glenn Eure.
This year’s Frank Stick Memorial Art Show will celebrate the legacy of Glenn Eure.

The Outer Banks has one of the most dynamic art communities to be found anywhere. It is one of the parts of life for those of us who live here that make this such a wonderful place to live.

During the summer, the examples of art are everywhere—it is, after all, how so many of our painter, jewelry makers and sculptures earn a living.

But, during the winter, it’s time to bring out some of the works that take a bit longer to create and may not have quite the appeal to our visitors that other works would have. Those are the pieces that end up in the art shows.

At the end of the month, the longest continually running show will be open at the Dare County Arts Council on Sunday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. in Manteo.

The 41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show was a way for Stick’s son David, in collaboration with gallery owner and artist Glenn Eure, to commemorate the remarkable artistic achievements of his father.

For about 20 years during the early years of the 20th century, Frank Stick was the most sought after illustrator of hunting, camping and outdoor magazines. To this day, his artwork is still highly collectable.

Stick eventually soured on the world of illustrations and magazines. He was always a passionate advocate for conservation and the out of doors and it was largely through his efforts that Cape Hatteras National Seashore was created.

Always a celebration of the talent of local artists, this year’s show will be missing an important ingredient—Glenn Eure, who passed away in September of last year.

Glenn’s wife, Pat, however, will be on hand this year as the artistic judge. Glenn and Pat believed in giving back to the community—both the art community and the overall Outer Banks community. 

That the Frank Stick Memorial Art Show is still an important part of local culture is a wonderful testament to their vision.

The show will run through February 26.

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Bryan Cultural Series Brings Quintet to Outer Banks for Free Concert

The Surf and Sound Quintet in performance at All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores.
The Surf and Sound Quintet in performance at All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores.

World-Renowned Musicians Will Perform Four Free Concerts

The Bryan Cultural Series is one of the local organizations that helps to make the Outer Banks such a special place to live and visit. This is the week for the Fourth Annual Surf and Sounds Chamber Music Series.

Bringing five musicians with well-deserved international reputations to the Outer Banks, the Cultural Series is sponsoring four free concerts beginning Tuesday, August 21 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Southern Shores at 7:30 p.m.

The music is classical music and in past years the performances have been breathtaking—wonderful interpretations of the music.

The Wednesday performance will be at the Town of Duck Amphitheater, at 6:30. The performance in Duck will be a string quartet—the fifth instrument in the quintet is a piano, an instrument that does not travel well.

The last two performances will be at Cape Hatteras Secondary School on Thursday, and a Friday evening performance at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in Manteo at 7 p.m.

A playbill for the performances has not yet been made available, but in the past the musicians have presented a wonderful collection of compositions, ranging across centuries to include Haydn and Mozart then venturing into the late 20th century a contemporary sound.

By all means, check out the outdoor performance at the Duck Amphitheater. There is something magical about listening to great musicians perform some of the most remarkable music ever composed in an outdoor setting.

The Bryan Cultural Series has truly come to the fore in brining great performances to the Outer Banks and their next performance may be their most ambitious and genoursy yet. In cooperation with Elizabeth R and Company, a free performance of La Traviata will be presented on September 15 at First Flight High School.

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30 Years and 39 Books for Melvin and Tate

Artist signing for an artist. That's Suzanne Tate signing one of her books for mystery author Joseph Terrell. Artists James Melvin is on the left side of the photo.
Artist signing for an artist. That’s Suzanne Tate signing one of her books for mystery author Joseph Terrell. Artists James Melvin is on the left side of the photo.

Tate’s Nature Series Celebrates 30 Years Between James Melvin and Suzanne Tate

Suzanne Tate and James Melvin have been working together on Suzanne Tate’s Nature Series of children’s books for 30 years. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, and tonight their collaboration was celebrated at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery

Part of the first First Friday Celebration of the year, Suzanne and James also included the release of their latest book, Merr-Lee Monarch, A Tale of a Big Trip in their evening.

James Melvin is an amazing artist in his own right—a man of remarkable talent and vision that seems comfortable working in a wide variety of medians. In this book that talent seems to leap off the pages in depictions of butterflies and gardens that are rich in color and captivating in their complexity.

The story itself is one of Suzanne’s more adventurous.

She remarked in an interview that a friend who lived in South Nags Head had monarch butterflies that returned every year. As she investigated she found that this particular swarm of butterflies migrates between the mountains of Mexico and the Outer Banks very year.

As is always the case with her books, it is scientifically accurate, although of course, written for children between the ages of 3-7/

Children will certainly enjoy the story and identify with Merri-Lee or her brother, Monty. Adults may very well find the pictures fascinating in their complexity and use of color.

As First Fridays go, this was a wonderful way to begin the annual celebration of downtown Manteo. The weather was beautifully spring-like. We’ll have a pretty strong front drop temperatures by 25 degrees or so on Saturday, but the evening celebration did manage to sneak some good weather in.

The next First Friday will be May 4. For anyone on the Outer Banks at that time, it should be on the to do list.

Spring Weather Welcomes Outer Banks Spring Events

Time to Get Outside and Enjoy the Outer Banks

Cover of one of the 36 books Suzanne Tate and James Melvin have created.
Cover of one of the 36 books Suzanne Tate and James Melvin have created.

It seems as though spring was never going to come to the Outer Banks. Sure the official first day of spring was 10 or 11 days ago, but there wasn’t much about it that suggested spring.

But the sun has been out for the past few days, daytime temperatures have climbed into the upper 60s and lower 70s and the breezes have been from the south. That’s spring on the Outer Banks.

Just in time for Easter, too.

For anyone thinking about sunrise services, it will be chilly but Easter Sunday is looking like a perfect spring day.

It looks as though all of the Easter Egg hunts are on Saturday this year. Check out Kitty Hawk Kites, the Elizabethan Gardens and the Roanoke Island Aquarium if there are young ones who want to see how many eggs they can find.

As the days get longer we start to get more happenings on the Outer Banks.

There are two event that are occurring in Manteo that we think are worth checking out.

The Bayard Wooten photography exhibit is on display now through May 31. We’re giving this one our strongest recommendation. It’s not a large exhibit but really worth checking out.

Bayard Wooten was a woman photographer capturing images between 1905 and the late 1930s. Her ability to capture the emotional content of the people she photographed is mesmerizing.

Born in New Bern, she was a true pioneer in her field—both as a woman when women were not accepted in what was seen as a man’s profession and artistically as an artist.

The other exhibit worth checking out will be at the Dare County Arts Council Gallery—the old Dare County Courthouse beginning Friday, April 6.

Author Suzanne Tate and Artist James Melvin have been cooperating on Tate’s nature Series of children’s books for 30 years. The Arts Council will have on display some of the original artwork that was used in the books as well as some commentary from the creative team.

Suzanne and James will be on hand for the April 6 Manteo First Friday celebration.

Surfalorus Weekend on the Outer Banks

It’s Surfalorus weekend on the Outer Banks. The 6th annual showing of all films surf related kicked off tonight at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

Typically when we talk about a film festival we hit the highlights…point to some film that looks outstanding, and make recommendations.


This year, however, we may already have had our highlight from a 16-year-old filmmaker who hails from Manteo.

Logan Marshall’s 20 minute film Limitless was a surprisingly well-made movie with some very nice photography and a good sound track. What really seemed to set it apart, though was how well Logan handled his theme.

Interviewing three surfers at different times in their careers, he had a 20, 39 and 62-year-old talk about what surfing means to them.

The result is a very diverse perspective yet a very consistent theme of love and repect for the sport.

Hopefully Limitless will be shown at other festivals—it’s that good. And it’s worth seeing.

Other Highlights

Limitless is not the only highlight of Surfalorus, though.

Friday night at the the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in downtown Manteo there’s a

Daniel Pullen mixed media tribute to Mickey McCarthey who passed away in December. A remarkably talented surf photographer, Mickey was one of the nicest people anyone had ever met.

Saturday the festival wraps up at the Outer Banks Brewing Station. Weather permitting—and it looks as though the weather will permit it, it’s an outdoor event.

Surfalorus Friday and Saturday Schedules

Friday, September 22 • Dare County Arts Council, Manteo

Doors open at 6:30pm ; Screening starts at 7pm

**Featuring a collaborative trailer for a 2018 documentary film honoring the late Mickey McCarthy, by Nic McClean**

Mixed Media Tribute Exhibit to Mickey McCarthy by Daniel Pullen, where part of the proceeds go to Betsy McCarthy

Book Signing of “Legends of the Sandbar by Chris Bickford

Longboard exhibit curated by Steve Wise

Food and local brew provided!

DJ Ninja will be spinning records!


Masonboro // Jake Hart // 2:29

Brotosynthesis // Russ Roe // 4:27

Maranasati // Chris Hannant // 4:07
Winter in Bloom // Russ Roe // 3:38
Protecting the Atlantic // Chris Hannant // 6:34
If I Can Surf… // Luke Williams // 22:04
Fish People // Keith Malloy // 48:41

Saturday, September 23 • Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills

Doors open at 6:30pm; Screening starts at 7pm

Nate Sacks and The Life Hacks plays the main stage inside the Brewing Station!

Fire spinning by Panda Daniels!


Sealone // Luca Merli // 6:41
Under an Arctic Sky // Chris Burkhard // 39:00
The Church of the Open Sky // Nathan Oldfield // 54:35

New World Festival of the Arts a Manteo Delight

David Graves plays one of his spiral flutes at the Manteo New World Festival of the Arts.
David Graves plays one of his spiral flutes at the Manteo New World Festival of the Arts.

The Origins of the New World Festival

Back in 1981, Edward Green, who owned the Christmas Shop in Manteo, was looking for a way to bring people to the town during the summer. By that time people had discovered the Outer Banks and were flocking to the beaches, but it didn’t seem as though all that many would drive over the causeway.

Over the years, he had gotten to know a lot of artists and crafters up and down the East Coast. So he came up with the idea of an outdoor arts festival along the Manteo waterfront.

Thirty-six years later the New World Festival of the Arts is still going strong.

Edward, who is approaching the century mark, turned the festival over to the Dare County Arts Council five years ago. When they took it on, they didn’t miss a beat.

What Was on Display

Wednesday and Thursday were the festival days this year and the range of art and creativity that was on display was wonderful

David Graves was back again from Florida with his Native American style flutes. Hand-crafted from reeds native to his home state, each flute is distinctive in sound and appearance.

James Melvin was on hand as well. Melvin does the illustrations for Suzanne Tate’s Nature Series books, but that only represents a small part of his talent. His beach and Outer Banks paintings are remarkable in the how well the depict the feel of being on the beach.

There were over 70 exhibitors on hand this year, and trying to see everything was a bit overwhelming, which is what the organizers hoped for—that the show would have something for everyone and a little bit extra as well.

The weather for the event was close to ideal this year. The mornings did start a bit still and muggy, but by the afternoon, there was a nice breeze off Roanoke Sound and the temperatures were warm but not too bad.

The festival always occurs during the third week in August. Plan on checking it out next year.

Manteo Is the Place to Be This Weekend

With Dare Days and First Friday on tap, Manteo is the place to be this weekend. Making it even better, the Outer Banks weather is looking great for Friday and Saturday.

First Friday

First Friday is the Manteo celebration of small town life the first Friday of the month from April through October. What makes the June First Friday special is it’s the first one of the summer.

Centered around the Dare County Arts Council Gallery, that used to be the County Courthouse, First Friday includes live music on the steps and inside a featured artist every month.

First Friday, though spreads out across the downtown waterfront area of the town, with live music from two or three other venues, food prepared from carts on the street and shops open late.

Dare Days

Dare Days, though, is certainly the highlight of the weekend.

This is the 42nd Annual Dare Days and it has become a wonderful celebration of Dare County and its culture.

A family oriented day, there are street vendors out serving food, lots of game and great live music.

The games are imaginative and look to be fun.

There is the Blue Ribbon Competition, a cooking contest with contestants in age groups 6-12, 13-17 and adults. And what are they preparing: Cookies, Breads, Pies, Candy, Cakes, Pickles, Jelly, Jam and Preserves, and Salsa and Relish. In other words, a little bit of everything.

There is also an “Everything That Floats but a Boat Race,” a Kid’s zone and, more.

There are two stages set up for live music, and looking over the lineup…it’s pretty impressive. The Original Rondells bring amazing vocals to the stage; Jonny Waters will be on hand with his tight rocking country rock arrangements. Also a new band that’s getting a lot of recognition, The Ramble will be playing.

Arts and craft booths will line the streets, music always playing, lots for kids to do…it should be a great day.