Dare Day a Perfect Outer Banks Celebration

Crafts and more awaited visitors to the 44th Annual Dare Dare in Manteo on Saturday.
Crafts and more awaited visitors to the 44th Annual Dare Dare in Manteo on Saturday.

Dare Dare is one of those all-American celebrations that helps to make the Outer Banks such wonderful place to live and visit.

We just had our 44th Annual Dare Dare on the waterfront in Manteo on Saturday, and this years event was as good as it ever was.

The weather certainly helped. A front passed through Friday night and the it cooled things down wonderfully. Dried it out to and left a nice breeze and bright sunshine.

But what makes Dare Day so special is how perfect it is for families. The music is very family friendly with the Original Rhondels headlining this year, bringing their blend of nostalgia, innocence and tight arrangements to the stage. There are all sorts of craft booths lining Queen Elizabeth Avenue. Food trucks and galore. It is very much a street fare.

For the past few years there has been a real emphasis on a pirate theme, and this year was no exception…and kids love it.

Captain Jim and his Magic Pirate Show was on hand. But the personal favorite were the Motley Tones, singing pirates who roamed the roamed the streets accosting fare goers with song.

There was also the blue-ribbon awards handed out to the best homemade pies, canned goods, cakes, jams and jellies. We haven’t seen the final list yet, but it all goes into what makes the day so special.

A nice and very well-deserved surprise from the Manteo. The town designated Jamie Anderson, the proprietor of Downtown Books as Town of the “Manteo 2019 Small Business of the Year:” This was the inaugural award and it would be hard to imagine anyone more deserving than Jamie who has worked tirelessly to make the town’s waterfront the place to be.

We’re really getting into summer time now, so we hope you’ve made your reservations with Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates so you can relax and enjoy your visit.

Dare Day Comes to Manteo This Saturday

A great day of family fun is on tap at the 44th Annual Dare Days.
A great day of family fun is on tap at the 44th Annual Dare Day.

Dare Day is about as much a family friendly, small town festival as there could be. There’s games, rides and entertainment for kids. There’s food. There’s live music. And even a blue ribbon food contest featuring homemade goodies from Outer Banks Residents.

That is what the 44th Annual Dare Days in on the waterfront in Manteo is all about. It’s all happening this coming Saturday, beginning at 9:30 in the morning. 

For families looking for something special to do, this is about as good as it gets.

It actually starts at 8:00 a.m. with a 5K race and fun run, but the real festivities start at 9:30.

Look of the Motley Tones, singing pirates who will wander through the crowd. Kids—and parents—will have a great time with Captain Jim and his Magic Pirate Show. there are also  a couple of groups on hand that specialize in music for kids.

There are also racing pigs, and maybe dense ducks and goats. 

The Blue Ribbon Contest is always a lot of fun where the best in locally created best pies, cakes, breads, cookies and canned goods are judged.

And then there’s the music.

Things kick off with local vocalist and guitarist Graham Outten. Then the sounds of the Caribbean come to the waterfront with Trinidad Ron and his steel drums. the headliner for the day is the Rhondels and their classic shag music sound.

The day is filled with pirate antics, games, food and just a really good time. Certainly not a day to miss on the Outer Banks.

Dare Days is just one of the many things happening this summer. Be sure to stay with Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates to experience the best of life on a sandbar.

Manteo’s Dare Day Highlights Welcomes Summer to OBX

Manteo Dare Day--street fair and county fair rolled up into one celebration.
Manteo Dare Day–street fair and county fair rolled up into one celebration.

Celebration Brings Food, Fun, Music to Manteo

If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he would travel to Manteo to paint the perfect picture of small town life.

Saturday’s 43rd Annual Dare Day was about as ideal a day to throw a part welcoming summer as there could be. The weather was wonderful—a little warm, but not too bad, bright sunshine and no rain at all until much later in the day.

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to go to Dare Days, imagine a small town that is also the county seat for the County deciding to though a County fair. Only it’s more of a street fair than anything else, with the downtown area closed off.

Filling sidewalks and spilling into the road are lots of food vendors, booths filled with crafts and art of all sorts, authors were on hand to sign their books, and live music all day.

And we can’t forget the Blue Ribbon Prizes awarded for the best homemade goodies in nine categories…everything from cookies and candy to pickles and salsa and relish.

Highlights of the day? That’s hard to say.

The Pirate demonstration put on by The Shadow Players Stage Combat Group was a lot of fun. They maintained a running dialogue with the audience, were funny, entertaining and informative. The whip demonstration was particularly good.

There are always plenty of kid’s rides and, of course cotton candy and funnel cakes

Special mention has to be made of the music—especially the Rhondels. Based out of Virginia Beach, back in the 1960s they were one of the hottest groups around. They’re still really good, although the original members aren’t in the group these days.

The reason they are getting a special call out is they braved what might have been the coldest Outer Banks New Year’s Eve on record to perform outdoors at the Manteo New Year celebration. They probably deserve the great weather they got this time around.

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First Weekend in June Brings Summer Celebration to Outer Banks

The calendar may say late spring, but it sure felt like summer today on the Outer Banks. And just in time for the summer feel, the weekend event calendar is filled with lots to do.

Two big events are must see and must do. On Saturday the 43rd Annual Dare Day takes over the Manteo Waterfront. And on Sunday the first ever Food Truck Showdown is happening at the Nags Head Event Site on Roanoke Sound.

Dare Day in Manteo

Dare Day is Manteo’s welcome to summer festival, and it’s all about family and fun. It’s a bit of a combination street fair with live music all day and singing pirates. There is also a bit of the country fair atmosphere as well with the Blue Ribbon Food Competition that hands out prizes for the best pie, cake, bread, cookies and canned goods.

In addition to music and food there will be a pirate reenactment—kids will love that—and lots of ride for children.

Dare Day is an all day celebration that goes into the night with live outdoor music. Look for the classic 1960s group the Rhondels to make an appearance as the sun goes down.

First Annual Food Truck Showdown

Save some energy for Sunday for the First Annual Food Truck Showdown.

An afternoon event, there are going to be 12 food trucks on hand, so bring a hefty appetite and a curious palate.

We can’t be sure just what will be served because this is the first go around for the event but looking over the trucks, there should be some pretty tasty offerings with Mulligans, The Outer Banks Brewing Station and Sugar Creek Restaurant on hand. And for dessert, OBX Sunset Slush and OBX Frozen Yogurt will be there.

Local beer and wine will also be available.

And live music all day.

The event is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. and it’s free.

It would be hard to picture a better way to welcome summer to the Outer Banks.

There’s always something happening on the Outer Banks. Check out our great selection of homes at Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. to see why the Outer Banks is a vacation paradise.