Outer Banks Community Celebrates Grand Opening of Jubilee Music Store

Some great hard driving rock outside and bluegrass inside at the Jubilee Music Store Grand Opening and Fundraiser.
Some great hard driving rock outside and bluegrass inside at the Jubilee Music Store Grand Opening and Fundraiser.

Here’s what makes for a great day on the Outer Banks—some music, a great cause to support and helping a friend. Oh…and some free food is always nice.

That pretty much sums up what Jubilee Music Store’s Grand Opening and Fundraiser was all about on Sunday.

About a month or so ago, Ronnie Swaim, the owner of Jubilee Music, moved his store about 20 yards from his cramped quarters on the tip end of Seagate North in Kill Devil Hills to his new digs in the middle of the plaza.

The new space is more than twice as big, so he finally has all his instruments on display, although a rumor is floating around that there are still some he doesn’t have out. The new store also has a small stage where he’s planning on having an occasional acoustic group play and some open mics.

So a Grand Opening was certainly called for.

But it ended up being more than a grand opening. During the move, Ronnie and his wife Nancy found out she was in stage four cancer, and in typical Outer Banks fashion, what was just a grand opening became a Grand Opening and Fundraiser.

Ronnie is a heck of a musician, plays bluegrass guitar about as well as it can be played. But like musicians the world over, it’s about the music, not one style. 

Because of that, he is genuinely respected and liked by Outer Banks musicians. So the day had bluegrass and acoustic music inside and some great hard driving rock n’ roll outside. 

And hotdogs and sodas too.

Which made it a fantastic day and real tribute to the affection the community feels toward Ronnie and Nancy.

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Dowdy Park Grand Opening Worth the Wait

Three Hour Weather Delay Creates a Great Day

Painting a wall at Dowdy Park during Artrageous on Saturday.
Painting a wall at Dowdy Park during Artrageous on Saturday.

That three hour weather delay for the Grand Opening of Dowdy Park in Nags Head sure came in handy. If the weather was overcast with a little wind, at least it didn’t rain.

And that was a good thing, because the Grand Opening was as advertised and maybe a bit more.

Combining forces with the Dare County Arts Council to hold a springtime Artrageous in conjunction with the Grand Opening, Dowdy Park, located next to Nags Head Elementary School, was packed with kids, parents and good number of people who just wanted to be where the fun was.

DCAC Artrageous

Artrageous is a wonderful celebration of kids, creativity and the arts and at every turn there were kids trying their hand at painting, jewelry making, blacksmithing and so many more activities.

There is a very nice little stage at Dowdy Park and the local talent that performed was outstanding. The older students of Ruth Wyands Mustang Music Outreach Program really rocked the house.

Of course, after Artrageous leaves—it is a one day event—there is still Dowdy Park. And this is one time when the town of Nags Head really got things right.

With major grants from Trillium Health Resources and the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, Dowdy Park seems to have something for just about the whole family.

There is a wonderful playground for kids featuring some really innovative designs. Plenty of parking, although the crowds certainly overwhelmed the parking on Saturday. There are lots of picnic tables, many of them a large pavilion; a nice walking/jogging trail…this is a shining star for the town of Nags Head.

Once upon a time this was the site of Dowdy’s Amusement Park, but after the park closed in 2005, it took a while to figure out what was going to happen with the property.

Luckily, after purchasing it in 2014, the town made the decision to try to create a public area that everyone could enjoy.

It looks as though they succeeded.