Larry Sabato and His Crystal Ball Comes to the Outer Banks

Larry Sabato at First flight High School.
Larry Sabato at First flight High School.

Larry Sabato is a pretty interesting guy. At least on stage he is when he’s talking about elections, the electorate and all things political

The Bryan Cultural Series brought Larry Sabato and his Crystal Ball to the Outer Banks on Wednesday night and what he said was a welcomed relief from some of the discourse that happens at times.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball Project

Sabato’s Crystal Ball is a University of Virginia political science effort that has been around for almost 20 years. Over that time he and his students have built a remarkable reputation for predicting what is happening in the political world.

He was very careful with his predictions on Wednesday, pointing out that some of the trends favor one party, but other trends favor the other.

Beyond the predictions, though, he brought a refreshing perspective. He pointed out, as an example, that yes, the Democrats made huge gains, but it was not by any means a tsunami. He also had a graphic of a tsunami to make his point.

Humorous in his presentation, his hour long lecture seemed to fly by. Much of his humor was tied into the presentation, so it’s difficult to take it out of context. Too bad too, because he did have the audience laughing.

His lecture contained cautionary as well as hopeful notes. He noted that even in districts that were considered safe because of gerrymandering, the other party one. It was proof, he felt, that the will of the people will find a way to be expressed.

He expressed concern about what he felt was polarized electorate. His solution seemed so simple—we just have to talk and listen to one another.

It was a very interesting night on the Outer Banks. Held at First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills, the Bryan Cultural Series did not charge local students admission. A fair number of kids took advantage of that. Good to see.

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Larry Sabato Is Coming to the Outer Banks

Dr. Larry Sabato, founder of the UVA Crystal Ball political report, is coming to the Outer Banks.
Dr. Larry Sabato, founder of the UVA Crystal Ball political report, is coming to the Outer Banks.

Larry Sabato and his Sabato’s Crystal Ball is coming to the Outer Banks. Political junkies take note. The place to be on Wednesday Feb. 6 at 7:00 p,m. is First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills.

Dr. Larry Sabato is the founder and director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and holds visiting appointments in England’s Oxford and Cambridge universities. 

His Crystal Ball looks into the future seeking political trends and analyzing how those trends affect elections. He and his UVA team have been remarkably accurate in their analysis and his Crystal Ball prediction are considered among the best in foretelling election results.

In addition to his 40 year teaching career at UVA, Sabato has written a number of books on American politics and appears regularly on television. 

Dr. Sabato is being brought to the Outer Banks by the Bryan Cultural Series

The Bryan Cultural Series seems to be at the center of some of the most exciting events happening on the Outer Banks. Although not the primary sponsor of the upcoming February performance of La Traviata, the organization was instrumental is securing the funds necessary to bring the opera the local stage.

Next up for the Bryan Cultural Series will be Clay Jenkinson appearing March 25-27. 

Jenkinson is best known for his Thomas Jefferson performances, but his repertoire is much broader than that. For his March appearance he will be performing as Meriwether Lewis, Sir Walter Raleigh and for his final performance of the series he will be presenting “Shakespeare, the Magic of Words.”

Tickets for all Bryan Cultural Series events are available online at Brownpaper tickets or on the Outer Banks at Duck’s Cottage Coffee & Books in Duck, Downtown Books in Manteo, Grays Department, Store in Kitty Hawk and Sea Green Gallery in Nags Head.

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