Zeppelin Tribute Band ZoSo Rocks RIFP

ZoSo, Led Zeppelin tribute band in performance at Roanoke Island Festival Park.
ZoSo, Led Zeppelin tribute band in performance at Roanoke Island Festival Park.

There is a reason why Led Zeppelin is considered one of the best, and usually the best, rock ’n’ roll band ever. Four incredibly talented musicians who understood what they wanted to do with their music and they did it well…better than anyone.

Who is ZoSo?

Matching that style, matching that sound isn’t easy, but ZoSo, a Zeppelin tribute band does it as well as anyone.

Matt Jernigan’s voice is as close to Robert Plant’s as it could be; John McDaniel on lead guitar really seems to understand what Page was doing. Bassist Adam Sandling sounds like John Paul Jones and Bevan Davies on drums matches Bonham beat for beat.

And that’s not an easy task.

For all that almost every Zepplin song has a melody that is memorable…catchy, at times…this is not easy music to perform.

What really seems to set ZoSo apart from other tribute bands is how meticulous they are in matching the original look and feel. The band dresses like Led Zeppelin did; they use the same instruments and best of all, the same arrangements, and they nailed it last night at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo.

This was the second time the band has played RIFP, but the third attempt. Labor Day last year, they were supposed to be on the Outer Banks but Tropical Storm Hermine had a different idea and the concert had to be cancelled.

Honestly, it did look a bit iffy yesterday—Saturday, with a nor’easter threatening, but there was nice break in the weather that ran from 7-10 p.m. The wind was picking up from the north by the end of the show, and there was a light drizzle, but shows this good don’t come along too often. It was worth the slight misery, if that’s what it was.

ZoSo Comes to Roanoke Island Festival Park Stage

ZoSo will perform at the Roanoke Island Festival Park Pavillion this Saturday.
ZoSo will perform at the Roanoke Island Festival Park Pavillion this Saturday.

After ZoSo had to cancel their Labor Day show at Roanoke Island Festival last year courtesy of Tropical Storm Hermine it left fans dazed and confused.

Who Is ZoSo

It’s been so long that’s been true, but ZoSo, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, is coming back to the Outer Banks this Saturday, July 29. The show will be at RIFP. The forecast for early in the day looks a bit damp, but by the time they take the stage, it should be a very pleasant summer evening.

The outdoor stage at RIFP may be the perfect place to see them. With the Roanoke Sound as a backdrop and an excellent sound system, this could be a musical highlight for the summer.

We haven’t had a chance to see them in person, but looking over the reviews, ZoSo may be the best of the tribute bands out there. Made up of four very talented musicians, the band has been together for a number of years and by all accounts they look and sound a lot like the original.

Saturday should be an interesting evening of music. According to the information ZoSo puts out, the band focuses their show around better known Zeppelin pieces, but like to through in a few lesser know songs.  With well over 100 songs recorded by the group over their time together, there is plenty to choose from.

Gates open at 6:00 p.m. with a 7:30 showtime.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate because there’s still a whole lot of love through good times and bad times for Led Zeppelin.