Bike Trails In The OBX

Summer is almost here on the OBX

bike propped up at the beach

Since the Outer Banks are so varied, bike trails in the OBX are a great way to experience them all in one trip. From the beaches to the historical sites, there are trails and paths for everyone in this region.

Because of its largely flat terrain, beautiful scenery, and near-constant supply of sea breezes, the Outer Banks are ideal for leisurely cycling. When you visit the Outer Banks, you’ll find miles of scenic bike trails just waiting to be discovered! There’s something for everyone, including recreational riders, serious cyclists, and the whole family, thanks to the numerous bike paths and big paved shoulders.

Listed below are a few of the best bike trails in various Outer Banks areas. Dream, explore, and discover culture & tourism on a bike this summer and start planning your trip and lodging right away!

Where are the best trails in the Outer Banks?

Couple Bike Riding In The OBX

The Outer Banks community has done an outstanding job of developing multi-use bike trails that are suitable for cycling, walking, and running in collaboration with the NCDOT, local governments, and the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau. CLICK HERE for a bike trails map.

While you’ll almost certainly have to travel on the shoulder of a major highway at some point during your travels, these distances are usually short and manageable for most riders.

Here are our top four recommendations for an unforgettable bike ride:


Lighthouse to Lighthouse – Corolla to Nags Head, NC

This ride is intended for those who are reasonably active and willing to take on a challenge. The most direct route, according to Google Maps, is 42.6 miles long and includes cycling along US 158 and the Bypass through the towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head.

To find the best route for you, go to the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau website and look at the Corolla to Nags Head charts. For more information about Lighthouses on the Outer Banks visit our page here.


The Monument Ride – Kill Devil Hills, NC

The Wright Brothers Monument in Kill Devil Hills is a perfect spot for a bike ride and one of the Outer Banks’ most recognizable symbols. The First Flight High School parking lot is the safest place to park during the summer months, but don’t park there while school is in session from mid-August to mid-June.

From FFHS, it’s hard to overlook the Monument. Turn left at the light onto Colington Road to head north toward the Monument. There is an access road to First Flight Airport, which is the park’s back entrance, in around a quarter-mile. The trail loops around the Monument and returns you to the entrance stage. There are no hills on this trip, so it’s reasonably simple.

Make sure to bring lots of water!


The Woods Trail – Kitty Hawk, NC

Our very own Memory Makers trail, planning for memories to last a lifetime? Then you have to try The Woods Trail that starts on The Woods Road, which is a perfectly shaded road in the heart of Kitty Hawk Woods. There are a couple of small hills on this multi-use road that any dedicated youth should be able to overcome.

The small parking lot adjacent to Paul Pruitt Park at the beginning of The Wood Road, next to the Dominion Power building, is likely the best place to park. The trail does come to a fork at some point, and either direction will be a fun trip.

Paths & Trails

Dirt Road – Nags Head, NC

There are many entrances to Nags Head Woods, so it is important to know which one is which. The best way to get to the Visitor Center is to park at the Ocean Acres Drive parking lot.

This ride is a great way to get around town and the beautiful view from the top of Roanoke Sound. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a challenging ride.

Bicycles – Share the Road

bike lane sign on a bike path

For drivers, sharing the road means accepting that bicyclists have the same rights as you. Bike riders and pedestrians, like drivers, have rights on the streets. When approaching a crosswalk, always slow down and be ready to yield to pedestrians and bike riders.

You will see yellow signs that tell you how to share the road. There are also official bicycle routes in and around the county. Many towns and areas have multi-use paths that can be used for leisure riding. These pathways are often used for different purposes such as walking or running.

For more experienced riders, there are wide paved shoulders that provide separation between motor vehicle traffic and fast cyclists. However, for those who are new to riding, it is important to use multi-purpose paths since these can be very dangerous for fast riders.

Some of our vacation rentals are within a short bike ride of town, and some are located close to biking paths. Riding bikes and seeing lighthouses are not the only fun activities while you are here, check out this post for more things to do in the OBX.

We have rentals varying in size from comfortable condos to luxurious family homes all over the Outer Banks. We have a wide range of choices for you to choose from, whether you want to stay on the beach or in a rental with a private pool. Before you book your Outer Banks trip, be sure to check out all of our beautiful properties!

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Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

How to Capture the Best Pictures on your Outer Banks Vacation

Taking a family vacation to the beach is always an exciting adventure, especially when you’re coming to the Outer Banks. But do you wish at times you could capture the memories a little better with your camera or smartphone? We here at Joe Lamb Jr & Associates have come up with a few tips on how you can capture some of the best pictures on your Outer Banks vacation. Let’s look at how your next trip can become a  memory maker by including photography to help you remember all the fun times and capture the best pictures of the island.

Golden Hour Fun

Have you ever wanted to capture a picture of the beach or your family with a warm light of the sun in the background? Many photographers know that the famous “golden hour” is one of the best times to get those fantastic pictures. If you are an early riser, then head on out of your oceanfront vacation rental about an hour after the sunrise. This is a great time to be able to grab some of those beautiful pictures of the sun overlooking the water as it rises and leaves a perfect glow for you. For the evening picture with the family, you’ll want to take the picture about an hour before sunset. Think of the fantastic images that you can take to get printed onto a canvas and hang in your home highlighting those golden hour moments. 

Bring a Tripod

You may see the professionals use a tripod but never thought that you too could, then you’re wrong. One of the best-kept secrets to capturing great pictures happens to be using a tripod. Tripods come in all sizes that are good for not only operating with a camera but also with your smartphone too. While they may add some extra weight to your beach bag, a small flexible / fold up leg style one will help keep your cameras still, and you’ll be able to capture some outstanding pictures.

Find a Focal Point

Another great thing that we wanted to mention was always to use a focal point. Many people often forget to use one, but a general rule is that anything can be a focal point. This includes someone in your family, a chair, a pair of sunglasses sitting on a book looking towards the ocean, or a shell. One of the reasons for using a focal point is to help tell the story of what you are trying to capture. This can be a great way to help share your vacation with others by what you choose to be your focal point. Another way to use as your focal point are the painted ponies statues located around the Outer Banks.  

Always Shoot in RAW

If you will be using a DSLR Camera or a Mirrorless Camera, a great tip that has been shared with many is to always shoot in RAW format. When you shoot in RAW, you will have more control over your photos when you edit them on your computer. We understand that beach photography can be a little tricky at times, and you may seem to get discouraged, but using this method can help with your picture you’re trying to capture. The RAW format may seem a little intimidating to many, but with a bit of practice at home, before you arrive on your vacation, you should have the hang of it. To see a little more on OBX Photography be sure to check out our Pinterest OBX Photography Board today. 

A Few Extra Tips

We know that capturing those magical memories when you’re on your OBX vacation can be everything. We wanted to share a few extra tips with you. Be sure that you have plenty of batteries and memory cards for your cameras. We know that when you’ve run out of juice in your battery on your camera just as you’re taking that exciting picture can be a bummer. Another fun tip we wanted to share is if you’re looking for some great places to take a shot at while on your vacation, you can head to the sound side of the island, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Sign, and just anywhere you think will turn out to be a great picture. Just have fun with your photos and capturing those precious memories on your next vacation to the Outer Banks!

While there are so many other fun tips, we could share with you about being the memory maker in your family, we wanted to share these. If you haven’t booked your vacation to stay in one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals, give us a call today. We can’t wait to see some of your pictures that you took while on vacation here on the island!

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades. 

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.