BrewTag Asks-Can Beer Kegs Fly?

Proving that maybe a beer keg can fly, a glider attempts flight at the 2016 Brewtag.
Proving that maybe a beer keg can fly, a glider attempts flight at the 2016 BrewTag.
If Humans Can Fly, Why Not Beer?

One of the questions that has plagued humanity since the Wright Brothers proved mankind can fly is, if humans, why not beer kegs?

This Saturday at the Nags Head Event Site, Kitty Hawk Kites and the organizers of BrewTag will attempt to answer that question.

This will be the third attempt at answering that question and it is possible that third time will be the charm as the past two years have shown steady improvement.

After the first year, reasonable people answered the question, “Can beer kegs fly?” with a resounding, “No!.”

Last year, after evidence of sustained flight, the crowd responded with a heartfelt, “Maybe.”

This year? Who knows? The only way to be sure is to be at Event Site at noon when gates open.

Because this is a Kitty Hawk Kites sponsored events, there will be plenty of things for kids to do—it’s something the company has specialized in since they opened their doors in 1974. There will be face painting, rock climbing…Stanley the Rideable Shark will be there. Plenty to do for kids, or adults if they want to try their hand at Stanley.

For the adults? If you’re trying to prove that beer kegs can fly, then certainly beer should be available. And it is. There is a special ticket that will have to be purchased, but it does provide for plenty of libation.

There is also some great live music with rockabilly band par excellence Cha Cha’s Cadilac and local reggae band Sense Trails.

The whole day is a benefit for the Rogallo Foundation, telling the story of Francis Rogallo, a truly remarkable man. One of the unsung heroes of the space race, Mr. Rogallo is best remembered for his Rogallo Wing. A flexible, steerable wind, it is the bases for hang gliders, stunt kites, paraglider and modern parachutes.

There is no parking at the event. Here’s some parking information to help:


Nags Head Elementary School
3100 S. Wrightsville Avenue, Nags Head

Whalebone Park
7300 S. Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head (across from Jennette’s Pier)

The following beach access parking lots in Nags Head are within close proximity to The Soundside Event Site. We encourage you to walk to the event from these beach access parking locations locations.

Nags Head Beach Access:

– Grey Eagle Beach Access
– Gull Street Beach Access
– Glidden Beach Access

– Forrest Beach Access
– Epstein Beach Access