OBX Weekend Music Highlights Spring Festivals

Southern Culture on the Skids performing at Shred Fest.
Southern Culture on the Skids performing at Shred Fest.

Hot music but cool temperatures…that sums up the weekend music scene on the Outer Banks.

Last fall we lost out on one of the best music weekends anywhere when Hurricane Matthew caused the cancellation of the Mustang Music Festival and the Duck Jazz Festival. This past weekend may have made up for that with Shred Fest on Saturday and the Mustang Spring Jam on Sunday.

Saturday-Shred Fest

It looks as though Shred Fest is here to stay and if so, that is great news for the Outer Banks music scene. And for the shredders out there on skateboards, BMX bikes, roller blades and yes even a scooter.

Saturday started with temperatures near 80 and it was all downhill for the chill factor after that, but the rain held off, and with headliners Southern Culture on the Skids and Los Angeles based Pharcyde, the sounds were varied, innovate and great.

S.C.O.T.U.S. never disappoints. A great show with their send up of Southern culture including throwing fried chicken in to the audience. But the show only works because they are so good musically that the audience keeps coming back for more.

It would be hard to imagine any two groups being any more different that S.C.O.T.U.S. and Pharcyde.

Hiphop and rap based rhythm and vocals, seem to have nothing in common with the tight musical chords of S.C.O.T.U.S., but talent always wins out, and the Pharcyde is talented and creative and worth seeing.

Shred Fest does benefit local charities, including the Mustang Music Outreach Program, veterans groups and the special need population.

Sunday-Mustang Spring Jam

Mike Dianna has been putting on the Mustang Spring Jam up in Corolla for the past six years. It looks as though this is going to be the only Mustang music festival this year as Mike recovers from the Hurricane Matthew forcing him to cancel his fall Mustang Music Festival.

One thing’s for sure—Mike has the magic touch when it comes to music promotion.

The head liners, Big Something and London Souls were fantastic.

Big Something’s music is a complex weaving of different styles with band members playing a variety of instruments.

London Souls is in your face, loud, head banging rock; but take a step back from how cranked up the volume was this is a duo that’s almost redefining what two musicians can do with music.

What Mike always does at his Mustang festivals is bring out some of the best of local talent and this year was no exception with Zack Mexico and the debut of The Ramble.

The Ramble was really good, playing a wide variety of arrangements and playing it really well. They’ll be playing around the Outer Banks this summer, so they are definitely worth checking out.

The shows always begin with the kids from Ruth Wyand’s Mustang Music Program. They never disappoint.

Music, Fun & Food Highlight May OBX Weekend

Music, Music, Music

There is so much happening on the Outer Banks this weekend that the only way to get to everything may be to strap on a jet pack and fly from event to event.

Saturday is the day a tough decision may have to be made…or split time between two the two events.

Sanctuary Vineyards kicks things off at noon on Saturday with their first ever Buns N Rosés – Grand Crü, BBQ and Brü 80’s Rock Party in Jarvisburg, A couple of wines will be coming out of the barrels, live music and local pit masters will be vying to see who makes the best barbecue around.

Shred Fest

Just two hours later, at 2:00 p.m., Shred Fest gets rolling at the Nags Head Event Site.

Shred Fest is a fund raiser for Dare 2 Care and a couple of local causes including area veterans, the special needs community and the Ruth Wyands Mustang Outreach Program that gives area kids a chance to learn how to perform on stage.

The headliner? Southern Culture on the Skids.

For anyone who has never seen S.C.O.T.S.—well, you’re in for a treat. Incredibly talented musicians performing an eclectic blend of country, rock and jazz, they never lose sight of how much fun it is to be on stage.

Mustang Spring Jam

For music lovers, Sunday brings the Mustang Music Spring Jam. Mike Dianna always does an outstanding job of bringing some of the best music around to the Outer Banks and it looks as though this year is no exceptions.

Big Soul is headlining, bringing to the stage a jazzy kind of a funk style. Hard to call London Soul a warmup act but they’re getting second billing. Expect a hard rock wall of sound done with talent and skill.

Ruth Wyand’s Mustang Music Outreach kids will start things off and they make it worth while to get there early. Some local talent on hand as well— Zack Mexico, and Graham Outten and Myles Wood’s new band The Ramble.

A nice touch for any Mike Dianna show—two stages…never a break in the music.

The weather is looking great for the weekend, so plan on being there.