What’s on your Outer Banks Vacation Bucket List this Spring?

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Welcome back to our third installment of the ‘What’s on your Outer Banks Bucket List’ and in this post we will be covering Spring. While it may seem like it’s a little too early to even think about your Spring vacation, we promise you that it’s never too early. Spring is an excellent time of the year to visit the Outer Banks as the temperature has warmed up enough to enjoy many of the items on your list. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals will allow you and your family to get to explore the Outer Banks even more, this Spring.

OBX Taste of the Beach

Close up of raw, fried, and smoked gourmet oysters at a food festival

Seafood festivals on the coast of North Carolina are always a big hit year-round, but for the Outer Banks, we’re most excited about Taste of the Beach. This year the 4-day event will be happening from March 24 – March 26, 2023. Some of the things that you’ll experience are food, drinks, and live entertainment fun for the whole family. We can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed this event this spring!

The Lost Colony Wine, Beer & Culinary Festival

Hands toast with red wine - People having fun cheering at pic nic winetasting - Young friends enjoying harvest time together at countryside - Focus on woman with blurred glasses

Another great festival occurring this year for its 5th year is The Lost Colony Wine, Beer & Culinary Festival. This fun event is happening on Saturday, April 15, at The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island. You’ll be able to enjoy some good ole southern hospitality as you get to experience some local wines, local craft beers, and some local cuisine. Some of the other things that will be happening during this festival are a silent auction, taking in breathtaking views of Jockey’s Ridge Sand Dunes in the distance, and the Wright Brothers Memorial. Joe Lamb Jr. is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony here on the Outer Banks.  

A Crabbing We Will Go

Blue crab pulled from the sound of Corolla, N.C.

One of the best things about vacationing to the Outer Banks is the number of outdoor activities that you have to choose from. Crabbing is another excellent option that many anglers love to do here on the OBX. You can either crab in the morning or the afternoon, and best yet, you can take the crabs back to your OBX vacation rental and have a seafood boil. Before heading out to do a little crabbing with the family, you will need to make sure that you have a valid NC Fishing License. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids at night and you don’t feel like they’d enjoy the daytime crabbing, hunt for them. Be sure to bring a small shovel, pail, and flashlight as you let them chase ghost crabs by the water. See how many each can get in a small amount of time and just enjoy spending time with the family.

Spring on the Outer Banks is a great time to visit as you’ll be able to experience all the fun events that happen every year. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals, you’ll be closer to the fun each spring. We want to know what is on your #OBXBucketList this spring?  

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community

What’s on your Outer Banks Vacation Bucket List this Summer?

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Welcome back to our final installment of the ‘What’s on your Outer Banks Bucket List’ In this post, we will be covering Summer. While it may seem silly to be thinking about your Summer vacation now, we promise that it’s never too early. Summer is an excellent time to visit the Outer Banks as the weather is perfect with just a few afternoon summer showers. Staying in one of our OBX Vacation rentals will allow you and your family to explore the Outer Banks even more this Summer.

40th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival

The little girl in the t-shirt plays on the beach by the sea with a colorful kite. In the background many people are walking on the beach.

As summer vacation begins and the temperature rises, the 40th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival begins. The weekend of June 17th – 19th, 2022, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, is hosted by Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Some of the fun things that you can experience at this festival are taking part in a free stunt kite lesson, learning about the different kinds of kites, coloring activities for the kids, or flying your kite. For many families, going to the beach and getting to fly that kite can be the highlight of your trip! Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates are a proud sponsor of the Boardwalk & a Friend of Jockey’s Ridge State Park. 

The Lost Colony

Another great thing that happens every summer is enjoying The Lost Colony shows. This is a production put on by actors and performers sharing the story of the 117 English men, women, and children whose dream was to live in America. This outdoor drama has become a tradition for many families to not miss every summer. This year The Lost Colony is celebrating its 85th year, and we are proud to be sponsors of this incredible act. Be sure to get your tickets today for your next trip to the Outer Banks.

16th Annual Watermelon Festival

Friends having great time on the beach,eating watermelon.

Summertime is a great time to spend with friends and family while enjoying some freshly cut watermelon as you sit on the deck of your OBX vacation rental together. We had to share with you the 16th Annual Watermelon Festival on Thursday, August 4th, 2022, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. This year it will be at Kitty Hawk Kites located in Nags Head and featuring many fun things. Some of the things you can enjoy are Watermelon Themed Competitions, Watermelon Bowling, Face Painting, and more. Plus, there will be plenty of vendors that will have some delicious food to try out. Admission to the festival is free, but you will need to purchase tickets to enjoy the activities. Don’t miss out on this fun adventure this summer with the family.

Honorable Mentions

We know that the possibilities are endless when you vacation to the Outer Banks during the summer, but we wanted to share a few more things on the list.

  • Have a picnic on the beach with the family – pack a lunch with the kids, bring the cooler filled with drinks & enjoy spending time together on the beach.
  • Explore Historic Corolla and visit the Whalehead Club
  • Go Deep Sea Fishing or do a little Surf Fishing with the family
  • Create new memories with the family

The Outer Banks is always a different experience for many during the summer months, and we promise that you’ll enjoy every moment you have. Staying in one of our OBX vacation rentals, you’ll be close to the fun each summer. We’d like to know what is on your #OBXBucketList this summer?

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is one of the most trusted vacation rental managers in the local area by growing into a market leader in the Vacation Rental and Sales Industry. Joe Lamb Jr. and his family have played a vital and intricate role in the Outer Banks Community for decades.

Over the past 50+ years, Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates have worked diligently to help promote the Outer Banks for the amazing beach and family vacation destination that it is, helping to increase tourism in the area and grow our beautiful community.

The Lost Colony-Great Theater for the Whole Family

The Lost Colony. Pageantry and a great night of theater on Roanoke Island.
The Lost Colony. Pageantry and a great night of theater on Roanoke Island.

The Lost Colony is now into its 82nd year, making it by a considerable margin, the longest running outdoor drama in North America.

There’s a good reason for that.

The play has everything. Pageantry and wonderful costumes making it a feast for the eyes. But even more important, it’s a great story.

The play, The Lost Colony tells the story of the first attempt by the British to colonize the New World—the failed City of Raleigh on Roanoke Island. 

To this day, no one knows what happened to the 117 colonists who journeyed to the north end of Roanoke Island. We are discovering, though, more and more historic fact, and one of the remarkable things about Paul Green’s 1936 script is that it is still relevant and fact-based.

The play makes it clear that incompetence of Governor Ralph Lane contributed to the failure of the colony. And history leaves little doubt that his violent confrontations with the Native American villages created hatred, mistrust and eventually warfare.

Taking place at a time when when the might of Spain sought to quash the upstart navy of Great Britain—an undertaking the failed when the English navy crushed the Spanish Armada in 1587.

The play brings all of this to life.

The fears of Queen Elizabeth I as the Spanish Armada sails for England, and her desperate plan to save her nation that forbids any ship to leave port. All British ships were to be part of the fleet that would assail the Spanish.

The pleas of Sir Walter Raleigh and Joh White, who returned to England to gather supplies, know what the fate will be without resupply, but their words fall on deaf ears.

At the City of Raleigh, it’s winter and with no help from the local Indian nation the colony is dying.  Finally they make the choice leave, carving the word Croatoan into a tree.

The play is suitable for all ages. It is an outdoor performance at night. Bug spray is probably a good idea and it may be a good idea to have a light jacket or sweater handy. Waterside Theater is on Roanoke Sound and it can get a bit chilly at times.

Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates is a proud sponsor of the play.

Lost Colony Weekend-Vintners Dinner and Grand Tasting Make It Special

The Lost Colony Weekend kicked off with the spectacular Vintner's Dinner on Friday night.
The Lost Colony Weekend kicked off with the spectacular Vintner’s Dinner on Friday night.

A Spectacular Beginning to an Important Weekend

This is a big weekend for The Lost Colony.

Now that the shows are wrapped up for the summer, the longest running outdoor drama in North America can move on to some other things, and one of the most important of those things is raising the money needed to keep Waterside Theater open, the staff employed and the actors paid.

This weekend is the largest fundraiser the organization does all year, and there are two events with something for everyone.

Today, Saturday, it’s  the Grand Tasting with over 100 wines to sample, local microbreweries on hand and some great finger food from area restaurants. Anchored by the Sound Stage Theater—which used to be the dressing rooms and costume shop for the production—the setting for the event is beautiful. Bordering Roanoke Sound the exquisite views of the sound make a great time even better.

We were there last year and had a great time.

This year, though, we had a chance to go to the Vintner Dinner featuring the wines of Virginia Dare Winery paired with some amazing dishes.

At one time Virginia Dare Winery, created in the 19th century in North Carolina, produced more wines than anyone else in the United States. Prohibition and changing tastes though doomed the label, but, as the story goes, a young Francis Ford Coppola fell in love with the jingle he heard as a young child and the beautiful young girl on the label.

After making his fortune in movies, Coppola turned to wines and with his Coppola Winery well established, he created  the Virginia Dare Winery and as tribute to the first English child born in the New World, has helped The Lost Colony with the wine dinners.

Held in downtown Manteo this year, the kitchen and menu was organized by Sam McCann of Blue Point Restaurant in Duck.

Sam brought in two outstanding chefs from Durham to help with the evening— Phil Bey of Saint James Seafood and Josh DeCarolis of Mother & Sons.

The wines, coupled with the food made for a very, very special evening. What really seemed to help was having Rick Toyota, director of hospitality for  Coppola Wines on hand to tell the story behind the various wines.

All the wines were themed around the tales of the Lost Colony, including a chardonnay, the 1587, that had not even been officially released yet. The wine was excellent.

There is no way to pick out one dish, or even wine that stood out over others—they were all that good.

And as a fundraiser and a way to help a great organization—well, it all went to a good cause.

Fall is festival time on the Outer Banks. Don’t miss out. Book with Joe Lamb, Jr. & Associates today.

The Secret Token-An Amazing Look at What Happened to The Lost Colony

Andrew Lawler's The Secret Token.
Andrew Lawler’s The Secret Token.

There is a new book out on the Lost Colony and it may be the most comprehensive study of the fate of the 115 colonists that has been published.

Andrew Lawler’s The Secret Token, Myth, Obsession and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke, is an amazing book that manages to incorporate elements of a a mystery or spy novel into a book filled with a detailed study of the history of the Lost Colony and why—and how—it has to hold such a dominant place in the American psyche.

Lawler is a journalist and science writer, and his style reflects that. There is very little opinion about conclusions, rather fact upon fact is layered in dizzying quantity.

History Comes to Life

The Secret Token is divided into three sections—the story of the Lost Colony, the geo-political situation in Europe in 1585-1590, and the efforts to discover the fate of the colonists

Lawlers ability to take an astonishing quantity of factual information and create a well-written—even compelling—book is remarkable.

He remarks, at one point, that the Lost Colony had to be lost and not a failed attempt at colonizing the new world. And, as Lawler writes, that did not happen until until the 1830s when George Bancroft a Harvard trained historian wrote A History of the United States.

Bancroft had visited Germany before writing his book and he was swept up in the romantic philosophy that seemed to grip Germany at that time.

Virginia Dare became the first white child born in the New World, a symbol of purity and innocence surrounded by savages.

Lawler goes into considerable detail about Simon Fernandes, the ship’s pilot who directed the operation of the ships. It was Ferandes who insisted upon leaving the colonists on Roanoke Island when the original plan called for the colony to be in what is now Hampton Roads.

Although The Secret Token does not answer why they were left at a poor second location, Lawler’s research demonstrates that Fernandes was firmly in the English camp.

The modern day gathering of archeologists, historians, and quasi-scientists is remarkable, and Lawler describes many of them with an eye for physical description and personality quirks.

It all makes for some great reading and here at Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates we have no problem recommending Andrew Lawler’s The Lost Token.

First Friday in Downtown Manteo-A Great Celebration

Mojo Collins performs at a First Friday on the DCAC Gallery steps.
Mojo Collins performs at a First Friday on the DCAC Gallery steps.

First Friday Wraps Up a Great Outer Banks Week

We have a great week coming up on the Outer Banks. There’s the 4th of July, of course, which is always a good time. But close on the heels of Independence Day it’s First Friday in downtown Manteo.

First Friday is a great way to get out, stretch the legs and enjoy a great small town atmosphere.

There is no official start time to the event, although generally 6:00 p.m. is when things seem to get rolling. There will be live music on the street—there is always something happening on the steps of the Dare County Arts Gallery. (DCAC). That’s the old County Courthouse for the history buffs.

The DCAC always uses First Friday to introduce their artist of the month. This month it’s Dawn Gray Moraga and Ben Morris, local artists who are remarkably talented. They are cooperating on a show titled “In Living Color Art Show.”

There are always a couple of restaurants that offer some street food, and there are sidewalk cafes.

What truly seems to make First Friday worth going to, though, is the general festival-like atmosphere that seems to settle over the downtown waterfront of Manteo.

An event that is occurring in conjunction with First Friday this month—Andrew Lawler, the author of The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke will be at Downtown Books in Manteo on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Lawler is the bestselling author of Why Did the Chicken Cross the World, a book that examines the impact chicken has had on world civilizations.

The Secret Token is his newest novel, a book that takes a hard factual look at the beliefs and theories that have grown up around the disappearance of The Lost Colony.

He will be making a second appearance at the DCAC Gallery on Sunday at 4:30.

There’s always a reason to spend some time on the Outer Banks. Check out our Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates. listings to see what’s available.

80th Anniversary for The Lost Colony

Tony Award Winning Play Gears Up for 2017 Season

Native Americans dance a welcome as the first English colonists of the Lost Colony arrive.
Native Americans dance a welcome as the first English colonists of the Lost Colony arrive.

When Paul Green wrote the script for The Lost Colony in 1937 he probably didn’t expect the play to run for 80 years. But that is what has happened.

Last night, Friday, Many 26 when the lights went up at the Waterside Theatre on Roanoke Island it marked the 80th year for the play—a remarkable achievement by any standard.

Paul Green’s Script

Paul Green, was a North Carolina resident and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright when he was approached by a group of Manteo business men hoping to bring some measure of economic activity to the Outer Banks in the depths of the Great Depression.

The play succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest hopes and in August of the first year’s run, President Roosevelt made a trip to Manteo to see the play.

The play tells the story of Roanoke Colony…the Lost Colony. Attempting to establish a permanent English settlement in North America in 1585, the 120 colonists disappeared without a trace. The mystery of their fate endures until today.

A fairly accurate depiction of the forces at work that doomed the colony is contained in the play. The competing factions of the Native Americans living in the area are part of the plot; the wanton cruelty of some of the English decisions about the Indians is touched upon if not emphasized.

Perhaps most importantly the role the Spanish played in the New World and the Spanish Armada that attempted to invade England are important facets of the tale.

The 2017 Performance

The play has remained remarkably true to Green’s original script, although there have been some adjustments over the years.

The pacing of the play has been has been improved so that it moves a bit faster than the original.

William Ivey Long, who has won multiple theater awards is the production designer, and the staging of the play reflects his Broadway and movie experience.

An outdoor experience, the play, though has endured because of the power of its message and the beauty of its setting.

The play runs through the summer with the last performance Saturday, August 19.

Greg Hahn Starts Lost Colony Season with Laughter

Greg Hahn performing at the Sound Stage at The Lost Colony.
Greg Hahn performing at the Sound Stage at The Lost Colony.

Greg Hahn is a funny, funny man.

Taking the stage at the 4th Annual Comedy Tonight fundraiser for The Lost Colony, Hahn started off telling the sold out audience that when he asked his agent how to jump start his career, he was told, “You’re going to Manteo on the Outer Banks.”

Greg Hahn-The Act

The words of his act are funny…very funny. But what really sets Hahn apart is his energy. He never stops moving.

His hands wave in the air, he marches across the stage, changing his gait to match a joke, his shoulders slump, his facial expression changes. And all the time, it’s one joke after another after another.

His self-described style? “I go with pure panic.”

His jokes are rapid fire, one right after the other. It’s a lot like the classic line about the weather, “If you don’t like the weather now, wait five minutes.” Except in this case it’s wait five seconds because that’s how fast the jokes are coming.

But in that pure panic of his act, among the jokes fired out like rounds from a machine gun, themes emerge.

He takes on the obsession on fitness many people have.

“What kind of a man takes yoga?” he wonders. “Hey. Back off or I’ll stretch.”

A minute later he’s talking about his personal workout regimen.

“I do four hours on the treadmill. Just don’t turn it on. It’s easier on the knees.”

He also tells stories. His website, mentions that he was a captain in the Marines and that becomes a tale of its own.

It seems the same week he got out of boot camp his sister was getting married and he was asked to seat the guests. “Fired up” after basic training “I accepted this challenge.”

The result was  200 people being told that “I am not your friend” and all 200 sitting in the same row.“

Great stuff, lots of laughs and a good way to begin the season. Opening night for The Lost Colony isMay 21 with performances through August 19.

Greg Hahn Comes to Lost Colony

Greg Hahn brings his comedic mayhem to the Lost Colony stage April 7.
Greg Hahn brings his comedic mayhem to the Lost Colony stage April 7.

Comedian Greg Hahn Brings His Special Madness to Roanoke Island

A little bit of mayhem, a little bit of madness and a lot of laughter comes to the Outer Banks this Friday when Greg Hahn takes the stage at the Soundstage Theater at The Lost Colony on April 7.

Think of an energizer bunny making jokes about his love life, or lack of one. His time in the Marines that was served exclusively during peace time—and how people still expect war stories.Working out at a gym and dreaming of shoulders so broad his head would look like a pea.

It is a show that is pure mayhem. Hahn is loud and his jokes come rapid fire. A classic example of if you didn’t laugh at that joke wait ten seconds because another one is coming.

As part of their fundraising efforts The Lost Colony brings national acts to the Outer Banks. During the summer the shows perform outdoors at the Waterside Theatre, which is where The Lost Colony.

At this time of the year it’s best to be inside. The Soundstage Theater was at one time the storage and dressing rooms for the play.

Last year’s summer performances included the Michael Jackson tribute band Who’s Bad, World Turning-a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and the indie rock band Dawes.

This year’s schedule has not been announced yet.

This is the 80th anniversary of The Lost Colony. First performed in 1937 as a way to bring tourists to the Outer Banks, the enduring legacy of the play includes a number of well-known stars of stage and screen who walked the Waterside Stage early in their careers.

Opening night is May 21 with performances Monday through Saturday through August 19.

Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony.

Lost Colony to Celebrate 80 Years

Scene from The Lost Colony opening night 2016.
Scene from The Lost Colony opening night 2016.

A Play Worth the Memories

It’s never too early to celebrate success and with the 80 anniversary of The Lost Colony coming this summer, it seems like a good time to call attention to America’s longest running outdoor drama.

Written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paul Green, the play tells the story of the first attempt by the English to colonize the New World. The story itself is exciting and Green did an outstanding job of telling the tale, but the play has remained successful because it’s production values and special effects.

The list of outstanding actors who have been a part of the cast is too long to list here, but just a short sampling gives some idea of what to expect for an evening of entertainment.

Andy Griffith was part of the cast for three years; Carl Kassel of NPR fame was Chief Wanchese in 1952; Tony Award winning designer William Ivey Long has been associated with the play for years.

Seeing a play outdoors is a different experience. Located on the north end of Roanoke Island there is usually a breeze coming off Roanoke Sound in the evening, although it does get warm sometimes.

However, the setting itself is magnificent. Bordering on Fort Raleigh National Historic Site—the theatre is actually on park grounds—the walk to Waterside Theatre is beautiful. Lined with trees, with the scent of a forest part of the experience, it feels almost as though a walk to the past is occuring.

Upcoming Show to Benefit The Lost Colony

There is a benefit show for the Lost Colony coming up Friday, April 7.

Greg Hahn will be bringing his insanely energetic humor to the Soundstage Theater. The Soundstage Theater used to be the dressing rooms and storage for The Lost Colony production, but improved facilities closer to the stage allowed the building to be converted to an indoor theater.

Hahn is a master a poking fun at the every day foibles of our lives. He seems to be a comedian who knows how to get some laughs with jokes that are safe for almost everyone in the family.