Our OBX version of the Northern Lights

Photo Taken by Jim Trotaman of J. Aaron Trotman Photography (link to page below)
Photo Taken by Jim Trotman of J. Aaron Trotman Photography




Alaska may have the Northern Lights and the popular book “Life of Pie” may have referenced a neon green, glowing carnivorous island. However, this weekends amazing light show on the OBX puts it in the running for one of Mother Nature’s best performances yet! A shout out to our friend Jim Trotman for capturing some of this weekends fascinating show while out strolling the beach himself.

A stunning parade of neon blue lights dancing across the ocean’s surface, flowing smoothly like an orchestra playing a grand aqua-blue symphony. The waves lighting up each time they rippled across the surface or crashed on the beach. This unique natural occurrence is referred to as bio-luminescence. A change in the oxygen level in the ocean took place this weekend causing a unique algae bloom. This bloom was extremely interesting as the algae were from the marine –dwelling species of dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans commonly known as Sea Sparkle. When this specific species of plankton is stressed by too much motion a chemical reaction occurs creating a bright neon light referred to as bio-luminescence. Some believe this is could be a defense mechanism to ward off predators others think it is mother natures way of showing us that magic still exist.


The glowing blue neon waves weren’t the only thing that made this weekend a fascinating spectacle.

The start of the New Moon occurred on Saturday .  Like a scene from Avatar, the moon rose over the sparkling neon water and enchanted the beach goers with its orange and reddish hue cascading light through-out the night sky. I have truly never witnessed anything more mesmerizing. It isn’t every day you have the chance to be transported to another world. A place where the sky’s glow red, the water glitters a neon blue and the moon takes over half the night sky.

The Outer Banks of NC has many spectacular things to offer but in my opinion one of its best qualities is something that can only be provided by Miss Mother Nature herself. If you missed it, don’t worry. The Sea Sparkles will one day return. You too will be able to witness the enchantment that mother nature has to offer.  Be sure to book your Outer Banks vacation early as Oceanfront properties are the first to book!


Grab Your Blanket, The new American Horror Story has arrived!

Photo Courtesy of J. Aaron Trotman photography


The moment we have all been anxiously awaiting is finally here!




“My Roanoke Nightmare” premiered yesterday on FX. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of scary or haunting TV series but this one mentions one of my absolute FAVORITE places, Roanoke Island. This FX series has been the main topic of discussion amongst my friends for roughly the entire last month. Fall on the Outer Banks is a bit slower and gives us locals a chance to catch up and relax. A group of my closest friends and I like to get together and binge-watch different series when the weather turns crisp and sweaters start to come out. This fall we picked “AHS” for its intriguing theme and not to mention the little bit of excitement that comes from living so close to Roanoke Island!

I haven’t watched the first episode yet but from what I’ve heard it’s a cinema minefield! Similar to Inception, the movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio, like a dream within a dream, it’s a documentary within a show that narrates specific (possibly real) events that took place on Roanoke Island during the 18th century… The name of the show is completely accurate, American Horror Stories and what better theme for a series of episodes than that of the 115 English Colonists that vanished in 1587 without a trace?

I may not normally be into spine-chilling, unnerving television series but I have my blanket ready, pillows fluffed, doors locked and am ready to see what all the AHS hype is about! Watch it with us and let us know what you think in the comments section below!!! If you’re really interested in the haunting truth about Roanoke Island and the Lost Colony but don’t want to stay to close to where the story takes place, check out our vacation rentals in Nags Head NC which is less than a 20-minute drive to Manteo NC, where the Lost Colony re-enactment is performed each summer.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella for the raining teeth though! Just kidding, that part of the series trailer definitely can’t be true… Can it?  I guess we will just have to watch the episode and see!!