Daniel Pullen Named 2018 People’s Choice Artist

A Daniel Pullen image showing surfers at sunrise.
A Daniel Pullen image showing surfers at sunrise.
Pullen’s Creativity Takes Top Award for the Year

Daniel Pullen was just named the Outer Banks 2018 People’s Choice artist and it feels good to know that sometimes the good guys really do win.

Daniel, who’s a Hatteras native, is an extraordinarily talented photographer. In a place that with considerable justification, views its wedding photographers as some of the best anywhere, Daniel, working with his wife, Kate, really stands out.

But for the real genius of his photography, check out Daniel Pullen Photography.

The scope of images he captures is astonishing. Yet beyond that it is the style and artistry of his work that makes him so compelling.

Before he was a wedding photographer, Daniel was fascinated by capturing the essence of surfing and it was in his surfing images that the Outer Banks community first became aware of his talent.

His surf photography alone could not support him, which is why he turned to wedding photography. When he did, though, he refused to compromise on creativity or artistry.

However, even as he as built his reputation as a wedding photographer, his ability to isolate a moment in time to tell the story of a surfer on an ideal break, or at that perfect moment as the sunrises and the waves are crisp and even has grown.

As he has gained confidence in what he wants to do with photography, his creativity has expanded and become profound at times. The photographs he published following a full moon over Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are iconic and may be the best that have been done.

He has not limited himself to just capturing images of moments in time, whether on the water or during a full moon. Pullen’s images of the power of hurricane’s that have wreaked havoc on Hatteras Island perfectly recreate the power and destruction of the storms.

Here’s the topper to the story—Daniel is a heck of a nice guy. A little bit shy, soft-spoken, but certainly confident when the has a camera in his hand.

Outer Banks Wedding Expo Opens This Weekend

Outer Banks Wedding Expo coming Saturday and Sunday January 13, 14.
Outer Banks Wedding Expo coming Saturday and Sunday January 13, 14.

The Outer Banks—beautiful and romantic—has become one of the most popular wedding destinations on the East Coast.

As its popularity has grown so has a wide variety of professionals have found a home on the Outer Banks specializing in making that special day a dream come true.

The 19th Annual Wedding Expo is this weekend at First Flight High School and First Flight Middle School in Kill Devil Hills. The events may be held in the local schools, but the pros on hand have become masters at transforming the space into something magical.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort and with so many vendors and services gathered together at one time, there is a great opportunity to get to see the most Outer Banks wedding professionals gathered together in a single location.

There are over 200 vendors on hand and tours of wedding venues are also offered. However, with so much to do and so many people to see some pre-planning is helpful.

Things to Know


Saturday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Shuttle busses run between the schools and they run very frequently

Some Advice

Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking involved. The high school area extends through what would be a cafeteria to a large gym. The middle school is not quite as extensive, but it does cover a lot of area.

Take a good appetite. There are a lot of restaurants, food and drink vendors and caterers on hand. All of them are handing out samples and the sample are very good.

Take notes. This is really important. With 200 vendors on hand, it is simply not possible to remember every conversation and every impression.

Have fun. This is all about planning an event that will begin what will hopefully be a happy life together. Have some fun with it and remember to laugh.