Take Two Weeks for OBX Independence Day

With the 4th of July falling on a Saturday this year, there is sure to be some concern about missing the celebration of our nations birth for a lot of our guests coming to the Outer Banks. Saturday, after all, is the most popular changeover day, so it’s a reasonable concern that the family may miss something.

In our earlier Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates blogs we have mentioned that the Town of Duck Independence Day Parade is on Friday, July 3rd this year and the Whalehead Club will be setting off their birthday celebration later that evening.

Also the fireworks that Nags Head and Manteo have scheduled will not start until around 9:00 o’clock in the evening, giving travelers plenty of time to check-in and get a bite to eat before heading back out again.

Another suggestion, though, is come to the Outer Banks for two weeks. Of course, that’s not possible for everyone, but in some cases that may make the most sense. Especially with the way that the Whalehead Club and Nags Head and Manteo have scheduled their fireworks, if painting the Independence Day sky is something the family enjoys, there are two days of celebrations to be had.

We still do have some availability, those two weeks from June 27 or 28 to July 11 or 12 are wonderful times on the Outer Banks and with two weeks to settle in, there’s a lot more time to do the things that your family feels are important,