The Fresh Market Opens in Nags Head

The Fresh Market is now officially part of the Outer Banks shopping scene with their grand opening this morning in Nags Head. The store is in where Seamark Foods once was, but thatâåÛåªs something only folks who have a ten year or longer history of the area would recall.

The store is great. Very focused–it is not a supermarket in the sense of a Food Lion or Harris Teeter. ThereâåÛåªs no paper towels, dish detergent or toothpaste. What there is, is an amazing selection of produces, huge choices of organically produced product, including meats, eggs and fruits and vegetable.

The wine selection is excellent; there is a wall of snacks sold in bulk and a bakery onsite.

And we canâåÛåªt forget to mention the deli, which includes an outstanding selection of cheese.

Interesting at the grand opening this morning. Most places have a ribbon cutting. Since The Fresh Market is all about food, they have a Parmigiano-Reggiano cutting. They bring out a huge wheel of the king of the Parmesan family and slice it open.

âåÛåÏYou canâåÛåªt eat the ribbon after youâåÛåªve cut it,âåÛå Marc Jones, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising, pointed out.