Things to Do on the Outer Banks to Complete Your Fall Bucket List

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Fall is an excellent time of the year to head to the Outer Banks as the weather is terrific and the crowds are low. Staying in one of our Outer Banks vacation rentals will keep you and your family close to the fun and even closer to a few of the items on your Fall bucket list. Let’s look below at three things you can add to your bucket list this fall here on the Outer Banks.

Fall Golfing

Portrait of sportive couple golfers playing golf at autumn day

Golfing during the fall months is often overlooked as many love to play golf during the spring and summer months. But did you know that golfing on the OBX during the fall is the perfect time to go? The weather is the ideal temperature as it’s not too hot yet not too cold to enjoy a day or two on the greens. Break out your seasonal golf gear complete with v-neck sweaters and fun golf pants to match. You also won’t feel rushed as you play a round of 18 holes this fall with the family or with a bunch of friends.

See the Wild Horses

Two wild horses running on the beach in Corolla on North Carolina Outer Banks

Another great thing that you can take advantage of this fall is heading up to the Corolla area for the day. You may be asking what is so important about Corolla, and we want to say it’s the wild horses. Not only will you get to witness the beautiful beaches, but you’ll get to see the Corolla Wild Horses in their habitat. And if you’re lucky, you may run into Raymond, the mule who lives with the horses along the beaches. Just remember not to feed any of the horses and take your trash back with you, so they don’t get ahold of any of it. It can be very harmful to them if they get a hold of it.

Sunsets & Stargazing 

cape hatteras lighthouse with stars in the background in sky

If you’re looking to relax and destress before heading back home from vacation, then look no further. The Outer Banks has many different things that you can do while you’re here to help you out. From sitting on the beach watching the sunset to looking up in the sky to see if you’re able to see the Milky Way. The OBX is a great place to catch a vivid sunset or stargaze during the crisp clear autumn evenings.  

Honorable Mentions 

For more Fall bucket list items there are a few other things that you can do to add to your list this fall, such as taking a fishing charter with the family, doing some surf fishing, collecting seashells, and much more 

If you’re still looking for that perfect Outer Banks vacation rental, give us a call today. We can’t wait to see what you’re adding to your bucket list this fall!