With much of the Outer Banks being surrounded by active ecosystems, pests and insects are a reality in the area.  Constantly shifting winds also make potential influxes of certain insects nearly impossible to predict or prevent. Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates is not licensed to spray for insects or to remove pests, however we do coordinate with several pest control companies in the area. If the information below does not help to resolve your issue, feel free to fill out a maintenance request form so that we can assist you.  


Keep all doors and windows shut as much as possible.

Keep as many lights off as possible at night (especially outside lights).

Avoid creating trash build up outside- especially containing left over food. Follow trash schedules closely for prevention.

Avoid leaving standing buckets of water and/or puddles around the outside of the home. (Usually from washing off after the beach, pool or hot tub.)

Common Pest Scenarios in the Area:


Midges are small insects that resemble mosquitoes but are not related and do not bite. Often, they come in swarms and occupy porch areas and car ports. Please turn as many outside lights off as possible at night-time for prevention. Note that the pest control companies in the area have deemed it ineffective to treat for these insects and this service will not be available. The area has seen such an influx in these pests that an article by The Outer Banks Voice was written about them. See article here.

Palmetto Bugs vs. Traditional Cockroaches:

Palmetto Bugs are a type of roach that naturally live outside at the base of trees and bushes.  Often, humidity and rain can drive them indoors. Palmetto bugs are usually found in areas close in proximity to the exterior of the home rather than areas such as the kitchen.  Please note that this is unpreventable and not caused by unsanitary conditions.  Regardless, a pest service can be coordinated for Palmetto bugs, therefore if you experience them, please fill out a maintenance request form.

Biting Flies:

When the wind blows from the west for an extended period, horse and deer flies are carried over from wooded areas and farm fields.  These flies will usually be noticed while sitting on the beach. While they do bite, there is little that can be done to prevent the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience.