Travel Insurance

Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates offers the option of purchasing a travel insurance policy with each vacation rental. Most guests think vacation rental insurance is just for hurricane evacuations, but it really covers much more.

"Sun Trip Preserver" from Red Sky Travel Insurance provides valuable coverage, benefits and 24-hour emergency assistance services to take care of you while traveling to and from your vacation destination and protects your hard-earned vacation investment. The trip cancellation and trip interruption component includes coverage for sickness, injury and death; extension of school year; armed services leave revocation or reassignment; employer termination or layoff; hurricane evacuations and much more.  You can review the policy summary: Sun Trip Preserver Policy Summary

Payment for the insurance plan must be received prior to or with your final vacation rental payment, and there are terms and conditions that apply. For complete details you should reference the policy or contact Red Sky directly.   

Why Purchase Travel Insurance?

"It was very comforting to know that we had trip insurance for our OBX vacation. It gave us the peace of mind we needed to enjoy the trip with our family and friends."

T.S. stayed 7/21/18

"We are SO HAPPY we purchased the trip insurance! We usually don't but this time my mother in law insisted and we couldn't be more thankful, as our trip was affected by a mandatory hurricane evacuation."

J.R. stayed 9/15/18